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Don't suppose he could do a worse job


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Got caught here tho... :lol:


TV star Jeremy Clarkson has become the victim of his own brash confidence after someone set up a direct debit for a charity in his name after he printed his own bank account details in a newspaper column.


Last November, the nation was in uproar after the two discs containing the bank details of millions of Britons went missing in the Government benefit blunder.


In his column, the Top Gear presenter argued that there was nothing to worry about as all of our details were readily available to any would-be fraudsters whenever we handed out cheques.


To emphasise this point, he allowed his bank account number and sort code to be printed, in very large type, in his weekly column in the Sun.


However, in the newspaper today he revealed that someone has used his details to set up a direct debit with the British Diabetic Association to take £500 from his account every month.


Suitably chastened, Clarkson now concedes: "So there you are. I was wrong. I have been punished for my mistake."

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