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  1. Yes, that is correct. In fact ImgBurn has been known as a peaceful program for many years now. It's very well respected at the United Nations and has participated in the major peace conferences that have been held , always with valid and much anticipated interventions. If I recall correctly it has also been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize. Alas it has not yet won this prestigious award although coming close. But it's just a matter of time until the recognition it so highly deserves is forthcoming as well as the Million Dollars in prize money which will help it to spread the word of peace to the furthest points of our planet.
  2. @LUK First off, I have no problem with the changes that are made. The burned DVD's pass my tests by working Nonetheless, just because I'm interested in all the aspects of DVD-Video, what is changed in the .IFO and .BUP files? Are the changes always made? Cheers Guzeppi
  3. I don't think Verbs discriminate. They should give them equal treatment just as if they were straight.
  4. Just kidding. But of course, they're going to certify their own discs and the guys who make them for them LOL!! Which goes to show...
  5. This is just for INFO purposes. You asked who is the real manufacturer. It's CMC Magnetics corporation (media ID is usually CMC XXX-XXX-XX) not usually considered very highly CMC is certified by Philips. Here is a link to the CMC/Philips discs: http://www.cmcdisc.com/DR8S8B25F-17.htm And here is a link to their older DVD+R specs: http://www.cmcdisc.com/dvdplus.htm#specification Strangely I can't find any info on their newer, DL specs
  6. Just being pedantic really. Does the container actually say "Burn" or "Write" at 1X - 16X? Because, if not they're not actually lying. It can be "read" at 1x after it's burned.
  7. New cases keep springing up every day now about this Soon this thread will start slipping down the thread list and as has been shown most newbies don't/can't search efficiently. Recommend stickying this thread, at least temporarily. Just my 1.6 cents worth (adjusting for economic downturn).
  8. If LUK! is 13 then I'm a pink tutu wearing dancing ballerina princess LOL!! Can't believe this thread has been resurrected. But Kudos to Rick and Neil for making lurking on this forum so entertaining. Keep it up guys, I have no life (except of course for the pink tutu wearing etc., etc.,) so I need this stuff.
  9. Bullheadedness? On an Internet Forum? Heaven forbid! @ MMALVES... I love that "Flogging a dead horse" pic. I'm nicking it ;)
  10. Not if you paid some scam artist instead of the author through a donation. ImgBurn is free.... You do not have to pay unless you want to give a donation. If you had to pay to get it.. YOU WERE SCAMMED, and the author got nothing. So both of you were cheated.
  11. 1. PS3 games are usually Blu-Ray Discs not DVD. Is the game you put in the drive a BD or a DVD? 2. ImgBurn cannot crack copy-protected games anyway. Edit: Sorry Shamus... you were too quick.
  12. Hmmm... checking out the software OJOSOFT TVC it seems that it does NOT produce DVD-VIDEO files in the required file structure but it just recodes them to VOB if that is what you request. In other words, it's a video convertor program not a DVD authoring program. When you say that IMGBURN produced the VIDEO_TS folder, did you check if it also has the .IFO files inside the VIDEO_TS folder which stand-alone DVD players REQUIRE to play DVD-VIDEO?
  13. Good for you! But there must be quite an ever growing queue... get back in line LOL!! FFS, how many more fish are going to be reeled in by these w*nkers?
  14. So now advisory web pages, reviews, and articles are cropping up. All hailing the benefits of "Copy Game Pro" or "Copy That Game". Pages that will be picked up by search engines. The scam has grown huge and is bound to catch more fish in the net. They just bundle the free software ImgBurn (which doesn't remove game protection) and let the poor buggers squirm. Very unfair, unethical and nasty. About time there is a huge sticky or banner stuck on the forum index page as well as the main Imgburn website page that: IMGBURN (FREE SOFTWARE) IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH SCAMS SUCH AS "COPY GAME PRO" or "COPY THAT GAME". IT DOES NOT REMOVE COPY PROTECTION.
  15. Boy, did you get scammed! You actually bought software that you didn't try first? And moreover, software that has ALWAYS been free. Wow, that's some trick they pulled on you and other "computer literate" folk. What a scam! Makes me almost feel sorry for the fish who swallow that line. The bait of copying copyrighted games was too tempting. However, to be honest, it can't be giving Imgburn any good publicity if it's being associated with these unscrupulous bas_ards who sell free software. Food for thought.
  16. 1. DVDShrink can output VOB files of more than 1 gb. But it's not recommended as LUK says. 2. DVDShrink --> Edit-->Preferences -->Output Files -->Tick the box "Split VOB files into 1 GB chunks (recommended)" . This should be on by default. if it's not TICK IT Press OK.
  17. Guzeppi

    Processor Problem

    If I remember correctly that is the Laptops way of saving battery power, by "stepping down" the CPU. If you then run a program which needs CPU power, then the step down controller will give back the processing power you need. Technically you see that behaviour when on battery power not AC mains. However, it can be something that can be set in the power settings of windows. So, in short, not only is it normal, but it's a good thing ;)
  18. Because a lot of brands aren't consistent, but change their manufacturer looking for cheaper options. Its worse if they fake the codes to try and fool firmwares into working with their discs: Best thing to do to help understand is take a look at this page: http://www.digitalfaq.com/media/dvdmedia.htm PS. As you can see in the chart on that page UME Discs of Hong Kong are considered 3rd class = Crap media. I'm sorry man, they may be big in Asia but they are very low in reputation.
  19. My mistake, hence my deleted post. Will need to take coffee first, blab later
  20. I think you have a problem with your caps lock key. Can't you fix it?
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