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  1. OMG volvo - how we have missed gems like that! Regards
  2. Still fuckin raining. Bloody hell. Regards
  3. blutach


    It don't matter - there's no sex after marriage anyway. :& Regards
  4. Sun's out! 50 to Haydos. Well played. Come on Aussie come on, come on! Regards
  5. Wouldn't be my bike I'd park there clink! Regards
  6. Oh yeah - play extended by an hour to make up partly for lost session yesterday. Ashes - come home to Melbourne. Regards
  7. Then it will be somewhat dark to bat you dumb pommie bastard. 30 minutes lost. I can live with that. Regards
  8. I like Lightning in UK! (pun intended ) but no rain please!!! Regards
  9. Pukes on screen (as before). Firey! Regards
  10. Woo hoo. Thanks LUK! and corny for helping me validate. I can even read volvo's post! Hope my sig is OK. PS Great to be a Newbie again. Regards
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