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  1. blutach

    Fly in my Coke!

    Good one clink Regards
  2. blutach

    Fly in my Coke!

    You tell me you never swallowed a bloody fly before? Gedouttahere! Regards
  3. Hiya Jacobina Take your original ripped files and run the title trough VobBlanker. It has a cut function which works right down to the group of pictures level. You will need to run it a number of times to edit out each sequence of ads. Then make your ISO (I use PgcEdit) and burn - PgcEdit calls ImgBurn directly from its interface. Regards
  4. What do they charge? Probably more than a PS2 Regards
  5. Thank you thank you. As if anyone could stop ppl modding their PS2s! Regards
  6. If you have 32k option checked in PgcEdit, this happens automatically when creating the image in every VTS that needs the padding. So, no need to worry. Regards
  7. Folks read up and in other threads here. At this date, this prog burns ISO images you have created. Use ITC or PgcEdit (which can call this prog to burn) to create your images. Easy. Regards
  8. There are lots of real good progs around for making images from IFOs, VOBs and BUPs - PgcEdit and Image Tools Classic (which are essentially the same thing with different front ends) are simply 2 that spring to mind. Regards
  9. Split your chapters up in something like DVD Remake Pro - guide on site. Split so L0 has max sectors of 2,295,104 sectors. Therefore, you need to split chapter 3 into 2 cells. http://www.dimadsoft.com/dvdremakepro/ Regards
  10. If I am not mistaken, the Great Scuba Pete is the one and only Quality's Proof, who was a shit stirrer par excellence at DD before he was run off. Regards
  11. You're saying that AFTERDAWN these DAYS is a NIGHTmare, huh? Regards
  12. blutach

    Fly in my Coke!

    You realise had you swallowed the little bugger, your stomach acids woulda had him in no time Regards
  13. If English is the only audio on the disk, it will be the one to play. But you can ensure it does anyway by using PgcEdit's Jump to PGC macro (guide on PgcEdit site). Just run through the DVD in PgcEdit's trace mode, selecting the audio menu, picking English and returning to the main menu. Then run the macro. Save and burn. Regards
  14. We know how you spent your youth db Regards
  15. Truth hurts old man.....? That yer a fat twat? Nah Regards
  16. PgcEdit will change to IB in version 6.1, for those who are interested. Regards
  17. Does it play? Does the flick continue after the LB or does the disk get hung up at the LB? PgcEdit should show a non-seamless joint at the cell where the LB is. Regards
  18. LBs must be at a cell boundary. If the disk is authored with correct padding, then the cell boundary will also co-incide with a 32k block. This is not a function of IB, which, AFAIK, burns images, and does not create them. So, continue to use PgcEdit to create your image and IB to burn it. Regards
  19. That'll be the day. I like my LG. @LUK! - Thanks for the NFO Regards
  20. Ignoring that fat twat LFC .... @LUK! - Do you plan to introduce PTP burning for DL disks - I'm sure this will be of great interest to PS2 backer-uppers. Regards
  21. I have an LG 4163 that supports bitsetting but doesn't remember it after a reboot. Is there a setting in IB to parse the fact that I want to set booktype to DVD-ROM with my ISO image? Regards
  22. What does it do other than generate a lot of talk? Regards
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