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  1. Post is to bloody long to read - unless is it in quick jokes. Regards
  2. blutach

    What's this???

    Bloody English! Regards
  3. blutach

    What's this???

    According to the Boss in this thread: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?s=&show...=findpost&p=972 Problem: The program gets suck on 'Seaching for SCSI/ATAPI Devices' Regards
  4. How did this thread get back on topic. This is not like us at all Regards
  5. You'd reckon he was a t clinks Regards
  6. @LUK! I have an LG and it's the one bugbear I have that it does not do PI/PIF/Jitter testing. Do you know of any tools that can make this drive do these tests? Or do I have to buy a Lite On (yecch) just for this? Regards
  7. And the ability to delete your post if you wake up after a bad night's drinking and find out you really shouldn't have written anything THAT incriminating! Regards
  8. @jack - not touching it, except I just gave you a whole lotta points - so stop yer fuckin whinging. Bloody Whingin Pommies. Glad to see everyone's here. @kev - Firey's been around but not much on the forums after she posted those funny pix. I don't think she'll be bothered to register here; she likes clinks. @LFC - Firey and I have lives too - having tunza fun Regards
  9. You need a new boss Shamus - workin on the weegend. Regards
  10. Over at clinks, it was hummin. ImgBurn comes along and not only is nothing happening at clinks but it's all quiet here, too? All the Betas out testing I guess? C'mon guys. Let's hear from you. Regards
  11. In Gerogia, I thought. Regards
  12. I could get INTO kylie too mate. As for Aussie (or any) soaps, no thanks. Gimme porn anyday. Regards
  13. blutach


    [edit] - can't delete!
  14. @Gents from the "New World" Tea meaning dinner. And it was nice too. But the wheels on the Porsche need redoing Regards
  15. And that's the great contribution from the Bloody English Students. Regards
  16. blutach


    Like LFC - he's coming Regards
  17. Don't spose you voted for the GOP spinner? Regards
  18. Hey guys! I meant that as a joke. Some folks took that too seriously. Regards
  19. blutach


    Why everyone knows that those are the things you pee on! What I want to know is what's a Setarip??? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A setarip is a: 1. Pirates spelled backwards or (my personal favourite) 2. An anagram of Rapes it Regards
  20. Well volvo, I'm dead set sorry you missed it mate. Pity - I understand you chaps are quite happy about beating us. And yes, aberrations happen from time to time. We move on. Regards
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