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  1. That drive is a SATA drive so make sure your mobo has open SATA connections...or is even SATA capable. An alternative would be the Pioneer 116 which is PATA, same rule applies...make sure you have available space.
  2. Muster up a donation if you are suffering that much.
  3. There is also a firmware update available for your drive, update to SB03 ~ http://www.firmwarehq.com/Samsung/SH-S202J/files.html
  4. Another solution would be a new burner as yours is old as the hills.
  5. ....and not capable of playing backups as of yet either.
  6. You have to have a disc in the drive when you change the settings from 'DVD+R' to 'DVD-ROM', then if the change went through you should have a popup saying "success!"
  7. You have to burn something to the disc before you can booktype it and the result will be DVD-ROM not DVD-R. Have you changed the booktype in the settings for your drive?
  8. The log is there by default unless you've turned it off. All logs can be found at Help/Imgburn Logs. And yes, for now you should stick with the Nero ASPI driver...at least until the next version of Imgburn is released.
  9. It's not necessarily the discs as I've had no problems with the discs you are trying to use, but obviously they aren't working for you. We only suggest Verbatim DVD+R DL discs because the other brands are less reliable. You can see from your log what the supported speeds are for your drive/firmware/media combo, but Verbs may offer more flexibility on what you are wanting to do. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=8000
  10. The drive nor Imgburn will not bypass any type of copy protection, that would be down to another program which is outside the scope of Imgburn and this forum.
  11. The EZ picker mode was designed for people who really don't know where to start with a burning application, users who have an idea probably don't use it...Mine is set up to start in build mode every time.
  12. Save up about 20 more bucks and get yourself a burner, they are fairly cheap. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Productcompa...e=2&bop=And Determine if you need IDE or SATA before ordering.
  13. If you are dead set on burning slower try some Verbatims....they are all we suggest for DL projects.
  14. Try DVD Flick instead of SUPER next time around.
  15. Sounds like you secretly wish to simply use Nero.
  16. What are you hoping to read from the blank Maxell discs you just purchased?
  17. I found this Little Orphan Annie secret decoder ring which might come in handy...
  18. They are turned on by default and until only recently, when the most anal users have surfaced, has the option to even turn off the quotes even been possible...thank your lucky stars.
  19. How about using some proper English in your next post too
  20. This has nothing to do with Imgburn....use any program which shows you supported speeds as reported by the firmware/drive/media combo and you'll see exactly the same thing.
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