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  1. It wouldn't take much to compress that to fit onto a single layer disc. You'll save some money on media and won't be giving up much, if any, quality. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=1780
  2. You only need to choose the Root, which is 'Righteous Kill'...but if you are inclined the VIDEO_TS will do just fine as the AUDIO_TS should be empty. Get some decent media too...we suggest Verbatim. Choose a speed supported by your media/burner/firmware combo....8-12x would be a safe bet. The burn was successful, but.... The disc couldn't be read back correctly by your burner....see media choice. You might also want to look at the warnings.
  3. Most modern burner automatically booktype +R DL media. If you want to change the booktype for SL +R media simply reverse the process that you used to change it to DVD-ROM.
  4. Upate your firmware ~ http://www.pioneer.eu/files/support/DVR/DVR112_FW128EU.zip Current version is 1.28, you are using 1.16 and try again. If you still don't get any joy then use some decent discs such as Verbatim.
  5. You can get a DivX certified DVD player that will play those discs pretty cheap.

    ISO to DVD?

    Try DVD Flick to convert, well, just about any format to a DVD compliant file and then burn with Imgburn. If you already have an ISO simply open Imgburn in 'write' mode and browse to the file or drag it to the drop zone and burn it. Build mode will burn from VIDEO_TS files as well, so no need to convert to ISO first.
  7. Why wouldn't you want to update? It's not like there are new versions flying out every few weeks...
  8. Make sure that your DMA is turned on.
  9. You'll also want to avoid multitasking while you are burning as your HDD isn't able to keep up with the activity. Your firmware is also out of date, current version is SB07...available here ~ http://www.samsungodd.com/Eng/
  10. The burns are successful, but the verification is failing...do the discs play? They should still be viewable, but you won't be able to rerip them. I would recommend some nice Verbatim discs.
  11. The best really.. well the 'made in singapore' ones are the best I missed the India part Looks like you've got a good burn finally.....is that from the same India spindle or a new one?
  12. The last log is still showing 1.06 I 14:40:38 Destination Device: [2:0:0] PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-216D 1.06 (F:) (ATA)
  13. Try burning at 4X or 8X to see if there is any difference. You selected 10X, but your drive/firmware/media combo doesn't support that speed. You may also look for a firmware update if available.
  14. Verify your burns and you'll know that the bytes and bits are all like they are supposed to be.
  15. Start your own thread and supply us with a log please.
  16. I use ConvertXtoDVD for my x.264 mkv files, but I'm sure DVD Flick which is free would do the trick as well....speaking of which I need to try it. Why are you creating an ISO, to mount, or just 'cause? You can burn the VIDEO_TS folder straight to disc if you wish.
  17. Imgburn doesn't support multisession burning at this time.
  18. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=5555
  19. I'm afraid the build box won't allow you to pick and choose like the image queue as you've found out. LUK addressed the question in the thread you linked to and really the only solution is to select the multiple folders in Explorer and drop them in the build window or drop zone. You can then calculate and if you are over start removing until the project fits on your disc or if you have more room you can always add more. An explanation of command line usage can be found in the readme.txt...see attatchment. Anything more than that someone else will have to explain as I've yet to venture into command line hijinx. ReadMe.txt
  20. It looks like the laser is crapping out or can't write to the media at that point of the disc. Are all 10 that you found showing this flaw in the same spot on the disc? It would be nice to see a burn graph and/or a log of the burns if you can dig them up. Imgburn/Help/Imgburn logs Imgburn/Help/Imgburn Graph Data
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