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  1. The actual image size is (as reported by ImgBurn write dialogue): Sectors: 125 312 Size: 256 638 976 Time: 27:52:62 So it goes, Nero writes zeroes at the end...
  2. I've prepared an image with ImgBurn and just of curiosity compared two burned discs, one of which was burnt with ImgBurn, and the other - with Nero 6.6. The media, the burner, the reader and the DAO mode - they all were the same. However, there is an exactly 2 seconds difference between two burnt discs. So I wonder if ImgBurn missed 2 seconds (leading gap?) or Nero wrote unnecessary data? "ImgBurn, DAO"
  3. Or maybe try to set lower speed manually (1x-2x).
  4. Seems to be a problem with DL media! http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=8000
  5. Try a different medium, obviously? E.g., Verbatim.
  6. Woohoo, I've just made it! Is anybody interested in the "EnhancedCD made easy" guide?
  7. Aha! That is in the Settings! I was looking only on the "frontal" settings Thanks, I'll try to make a mega-master image of EnhancedCD
  8. So can this be done with ImgBurn? I can't find the option to specify LBA offset while building an image. Is there other way to create EnhancedCD with ImgBurn?
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