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  1. Yes, that was me mixing up the bananas with apples... I gave you wrongly the "processor time %" value. It was that value that was 1.7. It's the default value that shows up in that graph in the M$ program. Sorry for that. But would it not be more appropriate to use the drives q value that you use as source for the burning as trigger for the "hard disk activity to reach threshold level"?
  2. These shots are not from the time when the installation took place. I guess you need to put the M$ on monitoring to get old values.
  3. Sorry, it was processortime I was looking at... Noticed you need to manually add the strings for average que time in that M$ program. So now it looks more like your image. The H: drive is a rather old (2-3 year) PATA 160 GB disk. Only one large partition and no compression. I guess my basic problem is that the average q value takes some time (around 10 minutes - based on the burning log) to get down under the limit you can set in the preferences of ImgBurn. Here is it when it's idle. Some disk activity. Senast = Latest Medel = Average Lägsta = Lowest Högsta = Highest Varaktighet = Duration
  4. Can my "high" average value be because of the disk was in "sleep" mode and the time to get it up and running again - creates a "to high" average value?
  5. Aha. It was that one. Looks as at idle it's 1.7 in average and the highest value is 18.9. Guess it's safer not to install anything while burning. Even if that disc burned and verified ok. Thanks for the help!
  6. Tried to search on the net to see what the range 0-5 stands for - but no luck. Also ran that program - but couldn't spot that value in any of those windows or reprorts. Moved it up to 5. @chewy: The update only took a few minutes - then ImgBurn waited another 10 minutes before it started again. During that time no installation in progress. Guess it's something about an average value that needs to get down - before it kicks of the burning again.
  7. Nice to see you. Only thing on that PATA disk was that .ISO file. Installed Java 6 update 3. I'll raise it. C: is a SATA and the H: is a PATA. The H: is also on another channel (RAID PATA - even if the harddisk is not set up as a true RAID (=mirroring)) than the burners. The burners are on the same PATA channel.
  8. Hi! Hijacking this old thread. Curious. Got one of these problems. Mostly due to installing another program at the same time as the burning went on. Not good... Even if it was another harddisk that was used for the programinstallation (C: ) as the burning went from H: (Internal PATA). My first reaction was to kill the burning - but I let it run. But even if the installation of that other program was done - it took long time (approx 8 -9 minutes) before it started to recover and continue to burn. Is there something that can be changed to get it up and burning faster again after this type of situation? There are some settings in the I/O tab; Main/Device/Avg. Disk. Q. But what on earth those these stand for and will changing these have changed the situation?
  9. Sorry for not being around here for a while.
  10. Hi! The link to Nero ASPI Driver v2.0.1.74 on the http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download is dead. This is the working link http://www.nero.com/nero7/enu/ASPI_Driver.html
  11. Cynthia


    I knew there was something tricky... Thanks for the birthday congratulation.
  12. Cynthia


    It was something about that you will donate all your assets to me.
  13. Cynthia


    Thanks all! Nice to see that Shamus has taken lessions in swedish.
  14. Used one of my Verbatim +RW 1X discs - that took nearly an hour in the last lead out. Not a problem as I don't use them anymore. You never stated what speed those discs used.
  15. Perhaps off topic - Is there some setting in windows you need to enable to get something saved in that folder? Mine folder was empty and during the years I have used Windows XP some other programs have crashed. Just curious to why that folder was empty. I had exptected it to be full of logs.
  16. Perhaps he wants to use the buttons to insert an empty disc for the first queue item before he presses the burn button.
  17. Atleast the link to "My Songs" is not working...
  18. Once it burned on a +R disc you can't use it again. Or do you mean on an rewritetable one +RW discs? If so Tools -> Erase disc -> Full
  19. Two more pictures. Scanned on the Pioneer 110D And a scan with DVDInfoPro with the Nec 4551
  20. Better to use DVDInfoPro? I'll do a new scan.
  21. I don't use the 12x speed burning with my Nec 4551 any longer. 8X works better. Two burns - the first with a smaller image and the other a full image. Both at 12X speed.
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