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    Well it's Microsoft's... http://www.processlibrary.com/directory/files/dotnetfx/
  2. Hi! Tried to reflash it with the Nec original 3.06 version (extracted the .bin from the .exe file as the original Nec installer with firmware wouldn't accept the flashing). That firmware gave the same problem. It gave also a lower quality in the burning according to the scanning. I'll try to flash it back to version 2.U3. To see if the problem is with that version also.
  3. Anyone heard of this problem before? Previusly I used the modified firmware 2.U3 on my Nec3520 and had no problems. Now with the latest modified firmware I have a problem. Using ImgBurn for the burnings. No problems during the burning or the verify stage (ejecting tray also). But when I after the burning try to read the burned disc - the Nec will not read it. Not even in Windows will it show up. Also tried to burn with Nero 7 - gave the same result (not really true - ImgBurn gave better result in the scanning with DVDInfoPro... ). I can read the burned disc in my other burner - a Pioneer and they also work in my stand alone player. Old burns on the same media but with the older firmware the Nec can still read. Also if I try to burn with other brands of media - then the burned disc will show up in the Nec. Burning the same MCC03 disc in the Pioneer - then the Nec can read it. Is it a problem with the firmware or my burner? #39;( The burned disc looks ok when I scan it: ** INFO : Drive = _NEC DVD_RW ND-3520AW - [FW 2.U4] - [ATAPI] ** INFO : Write Capabilities = DVD+R DVD+R-DL DVD+RW ** INFO : Write Capabilities = DVD-R DVD-R-DL DVD-RW ** INFO : Disc = [DVD-R:MCC 03RG20 ] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:MCC 03RG20 ] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disc & Book Type : [DVD-R] - [DVD-R] Manufacturer Name : [Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.] Manufacturer ID : [MCC 03RG20 ] Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4.71 GB (4.38 GiB)] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Curious me again... If I use the 'queue' function and I enable this setting during a burning - will it close the program after the current burning - even if there are more in the queue - or after the last one in the queue?
  5. Still not sure what's the purpose of this label... more than to cornfuse...
  6. Replaced my Nec 3520 with a Pioneer 110D - so I hope I don't have those problems in the future...
  7. Question/Suggestion. If you get a write error when you use the queue function and you abort the burning of that image - it jumps to the next image in the queue. Could it be possible that the images that where not sucessfully burned could stay in the queue and get selected as the one to burn again?
  8. Curious. In the burning window there is a label named time. What is the purpose of this and how is it calculated? MM:SS:FF MM = Minutes SS = Seconds FF = ?
  9. Not true. According to the 'User Guide for Nero Burning ROM 7' section 11.5.3.
  10. Another thing with the queue - if the program expects a new disc to be inserted and you by accident inserts the already burned again - could/should the program eject that one?
  11. Any chance to get a burn button in that queue window?
  12. Got it to work. Nice to only have to insert an empty disc - double click on the .iso file - done. /CLOSESUCCESS
  13. Seems that it's ImgBurn that restores that value to default value.
  14. Thanks for the latest version - looks very nice. Trying to apply this new command so when you double click on an .iso file (that today launches ImgBurn) to include this new option: Tried to change the value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\.iso\Shell\Burn using ImgBurn\Command with the string "C:\Program\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE ISOWRITE /SOURCE "%1" to "C:\Program\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE ISOWRITE /SOURCE "%1" /CLOSESUCCESS The problem is that it changes back to the old string value. Is this Windows or ImgBurn that restores it? Or I'm I just doing it wrong?
  15. Guess you used the remove crap part of the plugin =)) Regards Yes, it's a new function in the latest beta version. Very usefully. Hope the sharp version also will remove the commercials in the TV shows...
  16. The link above is closed due to this:
  17. Wish the danish exchange currency was that...
  18. Dear cornholio7 Here is everything you need to know: http://www.tv4.se/idol2005/default.aspx I must be lucky - never watched that crap...
  19. I'm lazy... When I want to burn an image file - I just double click on the file and let the program start. So more or less - if the burning went ok - that I don't have to close the program manually. The disc is just ejected and you're done. As the SCL switch don't report back on write/verify errors - I don't like to do it that way.
  20. In the Supported Command Line Switches there is the "/CLOSE" command that is used to close the program when the burn process has finished. From what I understand this will close down the program even if there is a verify error reported or another error (?). What I would like to see is a setting in the GUI that allows you to have the program closed automatically for you if there are no errors reported.
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