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  1. Muller media with MCC MID? Most likely fake media... probably made by Infosmart/Hong Kong. Try real Verbatims, or even better Taiyo Yuden, if you can. Q.
  2. How does the queue work in this situation? If you queue up say 5 isos and nr.3 fails verify?
  3. Is SolidBurn for known media set on or off? If it's on I'd try clearing the eeprom with QSuite, or if that doesn't work flash back to BSHB, reboot and flash to BSOB again (some people prefer BSLB over BSOB though). Or simply switch SolidBurn for known media off, though that'll disable overspeeding as well...
  4. No problem, I understand that it's not that easy to fix. I'd be happy to help out testing if needed. It's not really that big an issue either, so no rush.
  5. IIRC the log showed a max rate of 26-27x... so if anything the graph shows lower values than the log did. I think the graph would show the same 26ish value though if it would scale higher, but that's just speculation on my part...
  6. Problem still present with for me, the last burn had 4 speedups... made the graph too messy so I didn't save it with show verify enabled unfortunately. The graph is from the second to last burn.
  7. Sorry for the confusion, I was wrong. I'm getting a yellow...something (how descriptive), and it just says waiting for the drive to become available (IIRC, ugh). Doesn't really matter though, as I'm sure it's not a bug or problem at all. The verify finishes without any issues.
  8. I almost always get a time out warning of sorts, that it's waiting for the disc to be recogniced. I'm guessing that's what he's seeing. Sorry I can't remember the excact wording... in any case it's nothing to worry about. Of course if the verify fails for the OP it's a different problem.
  9. Perhaps he kept only the DTS track, or the DTS track is the default and the amp or player doesn't support DTS...
  10. The thing is that 2 years ago Ritek was decent to good media, but that was 2 years ago, it's gone downhill since. Just google Ritek degradation or deterioration. Gotta say though, I'm not recommending CMC either. TY or Verbatim, or anything Made in Japan (such as Maxells own MIDs) would be my choice. Cheaper discs, perhaps Ricoh, though I don't have any personal experience with their newer discs. But of course, use whatever works for you. Just my opinion, Q.
  11. Test the Shiteks after a couple of months, I'd take CMC any day (they've gotten a lot better lately. I suspect they learned a lot by manufacturing for Verbatim). Depends very much on the burner in question though, NEC and BenQ 1640 (with SolidBurn on) works fine... and I think the Pio 110 with latest firmware supports them pretty good also.
  12. Try changing the locale settings for non unicode programs to english us or uk. Or download and run apploc to set it for specific programs only. The Microsoft AppLocale Utility: http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/tools/apploc.mspx
  13. Well I was even slower to respond myself so no problem. Thanks for implementing it, makes organising the graphs much easier. Q.
  14. Please add more options, such as %V(olume Label). An option to save into same folder and/or with same name as the image would be very useful too. Same goes for the log. Q.
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