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  1. yep its back on, thanks
  2. dontasciime

    control panel

    Is the control panel undergoing maintainence ?
  3. Excellent, some of my favourites
  4. I can tell you for sure that this is not a hoax and that if you donated your donation went to LIGHTNING UK As i have just checked a previous donation in nochex to my recent donation using paypal and they match, as when i donated using no chex in april 2005 it was to a certain address. When i donated to LIGHTNING UK the other day it was to [removed], so i just checked details of the transaction(donation to dvddec) in april using nochex and that has also changed to @imgburn.com So unless someone other than luk has access to his paypal and nochex account this is def not a hoaxer etc.
  5. yet mine is ok fast enough, will keep an eye on it, then say for sure though clicking on edit was a bit slower, though i am downloading something at same time using practically all bandwidth using IE6
  6. Glad you found something else to do.
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