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  1. Not to piddle on your parade angel, but you'd have some trouble with this size file. (It won't fit) I personaly would not go beyond 4.35GB and that's with good media. Is that the same thing as peeing on your party............... Think I know where PA got that from Ken, SL DVD = 4.7 GB. options in shrink also show that even then I choose custom and lower it more, Like staying away from edge burning............. just in case...... . Hello Lady PA. Good 2 c another familiar face. How may I help u.
  2. Hello Corny Now is this avatar going 2 b sufficient or should I keep looking. lol Anything 2 bring a smile 2 someone's face.
  3. Hello Everyone. Nice guess. Yes I'am female. lol. Sorry about quotes still trying 2 figure everything out here. Hope u all liked the illusion made me dizzy.
  4. Thanks mate, I feel much better now. Illegal is an understatement and they get a slap on the wrist and a fine. If it was us we would be under the prison instead of in it. lol
  5. Both.... =)) If you can't see the illusion...THIS....may be why.....
  6. That was a really cool illusion. Try this one. Optical illusion Rotating Snake, Rotating rays, a bulge. Circular snakes appear to rotate 'spontaneously'. In the image above the strong (and beautiful) rotation of the ?wheels? occurs in relation to eye movements. On steady fixation the effect vanishes.
  7. very much like this program. Good job Lightning
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