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  1. Thanks for the link. I find nothing is duller and more confusing than the regs of the Interntal Revenue Service (I believe the Brit equivalent is called Inland Revenue, the Candian, logically enough, Revenue Canada; have no idea what the name of the Australian government's official thugs are named).


    Unlike any private citizen, government collects at gun point and uses prison to punish refusal, or sometime sheer inability, to pay.


    My favorite IRS horror story: woman works for a guy for 25 years as secretary, assistant, right-hand, etc. During those 25 years the guy cheated on his taxes every year. The woman knew nothing about that. But during those 25 years, she signed two checks to pay vendors when the owner wasn't around.


    Well, after she'd retired, the IRS caught the guy. The guy couldn't pay because he'd either hidden or spent what he'd made. So they went after her. They took her house, her two cars, and every penny she'd saved for retirement. They also attached her Social Security (retirement pension although that's a =)) ).


    She was left penniless. To get her stuff back she needed a tax lawyer. To get a tax lawyer you need $20, 30K up front before they'll do anything for you. Of course, how do you pay that when the government's taken everything you own? The answer is, you don't. If you're lucky, they'll settle with you and leave some crumbs of what was yours--even tho' you did nothing wrong, like this lady.


    It's a true story and they're are endless one's like it.




    We have bastard stamp duty Pain_Man just another way to get fooked by the Government when buying your house.....


    Look here for info if you're really interested....



  2. Tried to use Nero to burn my collection of Renaissance & Baroque Lute music (yeah, my tastes are electic, ranging from John Dowland, Elizabeth's I's favorite lutenist, to Bach, to Sinatra, to Rush, to Johnny Mercer) to a -R DL (Verbatim).


    I have to use them for data because only one of my four set-top DVD players (the cheapest one with the least features which is my daugher's room) can read -R DLs when used to playback our home movies we burn to DVD. =))=))=))=)) (Ooops, how's those get there? :rolleyes: )


    I used Nero NBR, full regular version (si tu sais que je veux dire...).


    Used by DW1655 at 4x (the max speed for the burner with the -R DLs).


    First half burned with no issues.


    Then it ate shit when it got to the second layer.


    Wait, it get's weird...


    Nero's 3rd party tool CD/DVD Speed tells me both that the disk is empty and that it has 2 layers and gives the position of the layer break.




    DIP (4.64) also shows the disc as being blank despite the 3.96GB of data on it.


    I can't get any tool I've got to scan the disk, whether a "quality" scan or a surface scan. The tools all think the disk is empty. (I didn't think of trying to see if ImgBurn would finalize it. I'll try it.






    What the hell, exactly, is CDB?


    Here's the the Nero Log. If anyone can offer some analysis as to what went wrong, it would be greatly appreciated.



    Here's the error (msg) I think, although Nero Logs might as well be written in cuneiform julli-rasende.gif (I mean if a guy like Minty can't read 'em, what hopes does someone with zero programming experience have? :dunce: ) Maybe someone who understand hex can decipher it (which ain't me :huh: )


    15:57:02 #26 SPTI -1135 File SCSIPassThrough.cpp, Line 291

    F: CdRom0: SCSIStatus(x02) WinError(0) NeroError(-1135)

    Sense Key: 0x03 (KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR)

    Sense Code: 0x0C

    Sense Qual: 0x00

    CDB Data: 0x2A 00 00 20 66 60 00 00 20 00 00 00

    Sense Area: 0x70 00 03 00 00 00 00 12 00 00 00 00 0C

    Buffer x05440000: Len x10000

    0x4B AB 80 47 88 08 99 C5 EC F7 1C 4C 28 F7 CD 0E

    0x67 46 56 9E 5A 58 E9 65 BA 28 AD 90 58 2C 40 19

    0xFF 28 32 63 6F BF 10 C8 8E EF A3 A4 62 55 C8 91


    15:57:02 #27 CDR -1135 File Writer.cpp, Line 302

    Write error

    F: BENQ DVD LS DW1655



    I'm going to include the entire log (even tho' Ahead finally has put *'s for the last digits of the serial number, I'm wiping the whole thing, but points for les Boches for getting a clue.



    Windows XP 5.1


    WinAspi: File 'Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=4.71 (0002), size=45056 bytes, created 11/20/2005 22:48:21

    ahead WinASPI: File 'C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Core\Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=, size=164112 bytes, created 11/2/2004 13:54:32


    NT-SPTI used

    Nero Version:

    Internal Version: 7, 2, 7, 0


    Recorder: <BENQ DVD LS DW1655> Version: BCDB - HA 1 TA 0 -

    Adapter driver: <IDE> HA 1

    Drive buffer : 2048kB

    Bus Type : default (0) -> ATAPI, detected: ?

    CD-ROM: <DX2263C ENP911H >Version: 2.0B - HA 1 TA 2 -

    Adapter driver: <SCSI> HA 1


    === Scsi-Device-Map ===

    DiskPeripheral : ST3120022A atapi Port 0 ID 0 DMA: On

    DiskPeripheral : HDS722516VLAT80 atapi Port 0 ID 1 DMA: On

    CdRomPeripheral : BENQ DVD LS DW1655 atapi Port 1 ID 0 DMA: On

    CdRomPeripheral : PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-110D atapi Port 1 ID 1 DMA: On

    CdRomPeripheral : DX2263C ENP911H 2.0B vaxscsi Port 2 ID 0 DMA: Off

    CdRomPeripheral : DX2263C ENP911H 2.0B vaxscsi Port 2 ID 1 DMA: Off

    CdRomPeripheral : DX2263C ENP911H 2.0B vaxscsi Port 2 ID 2 DMA: Off

    CdRomPeripheral : DX2263C ENP911H 2.0B vaxscsi Port 2 ID 3 DMA: Off

    CdRomPeripheral : DX2263C ENP911H 2.0B vaxscsi Port 2 ID 4 DMA: Off

    CdRomPeripheral : DX2263C ENP911H 2.0B vaxscsi Port 2 ID 5 DMA: Off

    CdRomPeripheral : DX2263C ENP911H 2.0B vaxscsi Port 2 ID 6 DMA: Off

    CdRomPeripheral : DX2263C ENP911H 2.0B vaxscsi Port 2 ID 7 DMA: Off

    CdRomPeripheral : DX2263C ENP911H 2.0B vaxscsi Port 2 ID 8 DMA: Off

    CdRomPeripheral : DX2263C ENP911H 2.0B vaxscsi Port 2 ID 9 DMA: Off


    === CDRom-Device-Map ===

    BENQ DVD LS DW1655 F: CDRom0


    DX2263C ENP911H H: CDRom2

    DX2263C ENP911H I: CDRom3

    DX2263C ENP911H J: CDRom4

    DX2263C ENP911H K: CDRom5

    DX2263C ENP911H L: CDRom6

    DX2263C ENP911H M: CDRom7

    DX2263C ENP911H N: CDRom8

    DX2263C ENP911H O: CDRom9

    DX2263C ENP911H P: CDRom10

    DX2263C ENP911H Q: CDRom11



    AutoRun : 1

    Excluded drive IDs:

    WriteBufferSize: 83886080 (0) Byte

    BUFE : 0

    Physical memory : 1535MB (1572204kB)

    Free physical memory: 1063MB (1088732kB)

    Memory in use : 30 %

    Uncached PFiles: 0x0

    Use Inquiry : 1

    Global Bus Type: default (0)

    Check supported media : Disabled (0)



    ISO compilation

    15:40:15 #1 Text 0 File Isodoc.cpp, Line 6440

    Iso document burn settings


    Determine maximum speed : FALSE

    Simulate : FALSE

    Write : TRUE

    Finalize CD : TRUE

    Multisession : FALSE

    Burning mode : DAO

    Mode : 1

    ISO Level : 2 (Max. of 31 chars)

    Character set : ISO 9660

    Joliet : TRUE

    Allow pathdepth more than 8 directories : TRUE

    Allow more than 255 characters in path : TRUE

    Write ISO9660 ;1 file extensions : TRUE


    15:40:15 #2 Text 0 File ThreadedTransfer.cpp, Line 540

    ReadBuffer-Pipe got 81920KB of Memory


    15:40:15 #3 Text 0 File Reader.cpp, Line 124

    Reader running


    15:40:15 #4 Text 0 File Writer.cpp, Line 113

    Writer F: BENQ DVD LS DW1655 running


    15:40:15 #5 ISO9660GEN -11 File Geniso.cpp, Line 3312

    First writeable address = 0 (0x00000000)


    15:40:15 #6 Text 0 File Burncd.cpp, Line 3405

    Turn on Disc-At-Once, using DVD media


    15:40:15 #7 Text 0 File DlgWaitCD.cpp, Line 298

    Last possible write address on media: 4171711 (927:02.61, 8147MB)

    Last address to be written: 4146799 (921:30.49, 8099MB)


    15:40:15 #8 Text 0 File DlgWaitCD.cpp, Line 310

    Write in overburning mode: NO (enabled: CD)


    15:40:15 #9 Text 0 File DlgWaitCD.cpp, Line 2842

    Recorder: BENQ DVD LS DW1655, Media type: DVD-R Dual Layer

    Disc Manufacturer: MKM 01 - RD30

    Disc Application Code: 2, Disc Physical Code: 145


    15:40:15 #10 Text 0 File DlgWaitCD.cpp, Line 482

    >>> Protocol of DlgWaitCD activities: <<<



    15:40:15 #11 Text 0 File ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 848

    Setup items (after recorder preparation)

    0: TRM_DATA_MODE1 ()

    2 indices, index0 (150) not provided

    original disc pos #0 + 4146800 (4146800) = #4146800/921:30.50

    relocatable, disc pos for caching/writing not required/ required, no patch infos

    -> TRM_DATA_MODE1, 2048, config 0, wanted index0 0 blocks, length 4146800 blocks [F: BENQ DVD LS DW1655]



    15:40:15 #12 Text 0 File ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 1063

    Prepare recorder [F: BENQ DVD LS DW1655] for write in CUE-sheet-DAO

    DAO infos:


    MCN: ""

    TOCType: 0x00; Session Closed, disc fixated

    Tracks 1 to 1: Idx 0 Idx 1 Next Trk

    1: TRM_DATA_MODE1, 2048/0x00, FilePos 0 0 8492646400, ISRC ""

    DAO layout:



    0 | lead-in | 0 | 0x41 | 0 | 0 | 0x00

    0 | 1 | 0 | 0x41 | 4146800 | 0 | 0x00

    0 | 1 | 1 | 0x41 | 4146800 | 0 | 0x00

    4146800 | lead-out | 1 | 0x41 | 0 | 0 | 0x00


    15:40:15 #13 Text 0 File SCSIPassThrough.cpp, Line 39

    SPTILockVolume - completed successfully for FCTL_LOCK_VOLUME


    15:40:15 #14 Phase 36 File dlgbrnst.cpp, Line 1730

    Burn process started at 4x (5,540 KB/s)


    15:40:23 #15 Text 0 File ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 2722

    Verifying disc position of item 0 (relocatable, disc pos, no patch infos, orig at #0): write at #0


    15:40:23 #16 Text 0 File DVDPlusDualLayer.cpp, Line 470

    Disc finalized, LBA total Image size: 4146800 (8099MB), Last LBA L0: 2073407 (4049MB)


    15:40:23 #17 Text 0 File DVDPlusDualLayer.cpp, Line 646

    L0 Data Zone Capacity not set.

    Max LBA L0 2092895 (1FEF5Fh, 4087MB), next writable address 0 (0h, 0MB)


    15:40:23 #18 CDR -1205 File DVDPlusDualLayer.cpp, Line 662

    Burning Layer 1


    15:40:23 #19 Text 0 File DVDPlusDualLayer.cpp, Line 672

    Start writing layer 1 at address 0 (0h)

    Recording mode: unknown Recording Mode


    15:40:23 #20 Text 0 File DVDR.cpp, Line 2965

    Recording mode: Sequential Recording Mode


    15:40:23 #21 Text 0 File DVDR.cpp, Line 3121

    Start write address at LBA 0

    DVD high compatibility mode: Yes


    15:40:23 #22 Text 0 File Cdrdrv.cpp, Line 9096

    ---- DVD Structure: Physical Format Information (00h) ----

    Media Type: 0, Layer: 0, Address: 0 (0 h), AGID: 0; Length: 2050

    Book Type: DVD-R (2), Part Version: - (6), Extended Part Version: 0.0 (0)

    Disc Size: 120 mm, Maximum Rate: <not specified> (F h)

    Number of Layers: 2, Track Path: Opposite Track Path (OTP), Layer Type: recordable

    Linear Density: 0,293 um/bit, Track Density: 0,74 um/track

    Starting Physical Sector Number of Data Area: 30000 h (DVD-ROM, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW)

    End Physical Sector Number of Data Area: FCC8FF h

    End Sector Number in Layer 0: 22EF5F h (LBN: 1FEF5F h, 4087 MB)

    Data in Burst Cutting Area (BCA) does not exist

    Start sector number of the current Border-Out: 0 h

    Start sector number of the next Border-In: 0 h

    Media Specific [16..63]:

    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................

    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................

    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................


    15:40:23 #23 Text 0 File DVDR.cpp, Line 3256

    Reserved Track size: 4146800 (3F4670h, 8099MB) -> return code 0


    15:56:05 #24 CDR -1206 File DVDPlusDualLayer.cpp, Line 1947

    Burning Layer 2


    15:56:05 #25 Text 0 File DVDPlusDualLayer.cpp, Line 1958

    Perform layer 1 to 2 jump before writing at address 2092896 (1FEF60h)


    15:57:02 #26 SPTI -1135 File SCSIPassThrough.cpp, Line 291

    F: CdRom0: SCSIStatus(x02) WinError(0) NeroError(-1135)

    Sense Key: 0x03 (KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR)

    Sense Code: 0x0C

    Sense Qual: 0x00

    CDB Data: 0x2A 00 00 20 66 60 00 00 20 00 00 00

    Sense Area: 0x70 00 03 00 00 00 00 12 00 00 00 00 0C

    Buffer x05440000: Len x10000

    0x4B AB 80 47 88 08 99 C5 EC F7 1C 4C 28 F7 CD 0E

    0x67 46 56 9E 5A 58 E9 65 BA 28 AD 90 58 2C 40 19

    0xFF 28 32 63 6F BF 10 C8 8E EF A3 A4 62 55 C8 91


    15:57:02 #27 CDR -1135 File Writer.cpp, Line 302

    Write error

    F: BENQ DVD LS DW1655


    15:57:02 #28 Text 0 File ThreadedTransfer.cpp, Line 229

    all writers idle, stopping conversion


    15:57:02 #29 Text 0 File ThreadedTransfer.cpp, Line 223

    conversion idle, stopping reader


    15:57:02 #30 Text 0 File DVDR.cpp, Line 3337

    EndDAO: Last written address was 2123359


    15:57:02 #31 Phase 181 File dlgbrnst.cpp, Line 1730

    Writing lead-out...


    15:57:02 #32 Text 0 File DVDR.cpp, Line 3370

    Estimated time for completing DVD-R DL disc: 13min 19sec


    15:57:02 #33 Phase 38 File dlgbrnst.cpp, Line 1730

    Burn process failed at 4x (5,540 KB/s)



    Existing drivers:

    File 'Drivers\CDRALW2K.SYS': Ver= , size=2560 bytes, created 5/19/2006 14:16:24

    File 'Drivers\ASPI32.SYS': Ver=4.71 (0002) built by: WinDDK, size=16512 bytes, created 11/20/2005 22:48:21

    File 'Drivers\PXHELP20.SYS': Ver=3.00.11B, size=46080 bytes, created 5/16/2006 13:23:54 (Prassi/Veritas driver for win 2K)

    File 'Drivers\scsiport.sys': Ver=5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158), size=96256 bytes, created 8/4/2004 05:00:00 (Adapter driver for src)


    Registry Keys:

    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon\AllocateCDROMs : 0 (Security Option)

  3. Question for those of you burdened with the VAT tax...


    Do you have to pay it on a house/condo?


    What about capital gains when you sell a place?


    (In the US, it's 10% if you make less than $250K/yr and 20% if you make more; its more complicated than that, of course, they can't just make it one simple rate, or better yet, get rid of it).


    I assume everyone pays property tax. That's a legacy of our English origins. The land tax was the primary tax in England until an income tax was introduced during WWI (tho' I believe one was temporarily levied during the Napoleonic Wars by the Younger Pitt, just as Lincoln introduced one during our Civil War which lapsed with it's end).

  4. @blutach:


    Am interested the figguhs for Australia... julli-q1.gif


    Since y'all are, I've heard, the most urbanized First World nation (correct me if I'm wrong) with 1 out of 4 Aussies living in Sydney, my guess is that prices in Sydney are comparable to prices in NYC, Los Angeles, & San Diego, i.e. insane (my former home town; as an example: my grandmother's 120 yr old 1200s.f./110s.m. house sold for $450K little less than two years ago).


    And I had you pegged in the Council Flats LFC :D=))



  5. Thanks to every one who answered.


    I forgot to include my own neighborhood.


    State: Nevada

    County: Clark

    City: Henderson (20mi S.E. of the Vegas Strip)


    Avg price: $425K


    Avg size: various hugely but probably 2500 s.f./230 s.m.


    Clark Cnty avg price: $350K (8 yrs ago when I moved here, the avg price was $115K (!) ; the market has cooled a bit, but it's still one of, if not, the hottest in the nation).


    My place: $265K :D (bought for $145K 3 yrs ago)


    3Br, 2.5 Bath, 1550 s.f/145s.m not incl. garage; townhouse, tri-plex


    Property Tax: $1750 (JerseyGuy we had a huge tax increase two years ago, only your state's had a higher increase in taxes per household julli-rasende.gif; however we do not have an income tax)


    Utilities (Gas, Electric, Phone, Cable [incl. cable modem]): $300/month; summer: $450 [electric alone runs $250 in the summer given the avg summer temp is 103F/39.5C)


    Car insurance julli-cykkel.gif is nuts: we pay the same rates as Down Town Los Angeles: $1200/yr for two cars, one 9, the other 12 yrs old, tho' the latter's a 4X4 which is always more expensive.


    Sales Tax: 7.75% (we do not have VAT tax--thank God!) Had to pay $31 for my new iPod!

  6. If I might summon the IB Forum Executive Committee to order: julli-lol.gif



    I'm trying to get an idea of the difference in the cost of living between my country and the homelands of my friends here on the Forum.


    I realize that prices can and do vary enormously from place to place (city to city, county to county, province to province, state to state, etc), so pls note where you live.




    What is the avg size (metric's fine, I can convert the figguhs myself) of a home in your country?


    How many bedrooms?


    How many bathrooms?


    Are garages normally a part of the house?


    Are back yards (or front yards) typical?


    Is the typical home usually what we call "single family" (i.e. detached from any other building; stand-alone) or are they normally townhouses or apartments (flats)?




    What is the avg price where you live for the typical home?




    If one were to rent the "typical" home in your area, what would it go for?


    (And if you know, how what's the percentage of people who own their homes? In the US, for example, it's 70%.)


    Why am I asking? The price of a house is one of the best ways to determine the value of of the national currency (since they are floating) and what it takes to be "middle class".


    Thanks for answering. julli-cools.gif

  7. Don't really understand the under-appreciation with the second first triology.


    I like them (and I do have a thing for Natalie Portman that can't explain; not really my type at all, but something about her makes me want to introduce her to my saber).


    Especially Sith. Imo, the tragedy is well played. We finally got the Arthurian ending that Jedi should have had but didn't.


    I liked the fact that he at least made an attempt to show some complexity to his society. This is incredibly difficult to communicate on film (one of the reasons the Dune movie, the Lynch Disaster, was such a cluster fuck. It took a mini-series to really communicate it and some brilliant screenwriting to compact Herbert's multi-galactic vision to the screen).


    I think he did an admiral job. Could it have been better? Or they, rather? Yes. I think he should have followed the same formula he did for Empire and Jedi. Write the screen story, or collaborate on the script--as he did do in Ep II--and bring in an outside director--maybe Spielberg (who was supposed to direct Jedi until Lucas got into a pissing contest with the DGA--which he lost, but Marquand* did a good job;


    But the over idea was sound and was executed well in my--not even close to humble--opinion.


    The basic problem is this: the expectations for the "first" triology had built up over 22 years :faint: . Lucas himself put it best: "No one could have met those expectations." julli-rasende.gif And, it's just that simple.



    *anyone doubting his directorial skill should check out The Eye of the Needle based on a novel by Ken Follett (sp?). Donald Sutherland plays a master German spy/assassin in WWII whose trade mark is a very fine, narrow stilletto (hence his name "The Needle") and his method of killing. He punctures the solar plexus and jabs the knife upward. He doesn't pierce the heart, but the blade's sudden contact, causes the heart to go into cardiac arrest. Anymore would spoil. Seriously, if it ever comes on late night TV or you see it at the video store, watch it. If you like taut thrillers, watch it. The heroine's pretty hot too.


    Over rated ?? :faint: Eps 1-3 I agree but not the original trilogy......
  8. You're on.


    [Obi lays vicious Force Choke on Kirk. Camera zooms in at medium speed, cutting back and forth between Obi and Kirk as Kirk's face contorts and his hands go to his neck; camera cuts back to Obi as he slowly moves toward Kirk, slow zoom to Obi's eyes. Quick cut to Kirk's eye. Flash of light saber after cuts. Camera cuts back to close up on Obi's face as we hear a body and head tumble, separately, to the floor. Camera cuts to Tina turner who's adjusting her Shock Wig...]


    American cash, please. :thumbup:


    10 bucks says Kirk would kick Obi Wan's ass in the Thunder Dome....
  9. As always, minty, I respect your opinion even when I disagree with it--as I do in this case.


    Star Wars was my first real movie experience. Yes, my parent took me to see shit like Benji (and I cried when he got leg broke--think it was Benji & Jackie Chan II, hell I was three and the doggie was cute and I hated seeing animals hurt.




    OK, I'll never forget the image of that massive Star Destroyer filling the screen. The nervous guardsmen (?) lining up waiting for the attack. The door bursting in (funny how George anticipates, exactly, SWAT techniques) and the Stormtrooper suicidally storming Leia's ship (ok, Antilles' ship for the fastidious). Nothing wrong with their aim in that battle.


    Darth Vader's appearance. James Earl Jones booming, basso voice ('course I didn't know about reverb at six).


    Plus, it's fun. I know a lot of people have carried it too far a la Elvis. But so what?


    I love the movies. Even Jedi--much as I HATE Ewoks. (Even then I realized they were crass commercialism and I don't find his contention that because Chewie could fly the Falcon that all wookies were therefore technologically advanced; look at H. sapiens: some of us live in jungles, with loin clothes eating monkies and bugs, others are recombining DNA and building spaceships!!!)


    Empire's a masterpiece.


    They have a special place in my heart. And always will. Not even Lucas' arrogance can fuck that up or take it away from me.


    I freely admit, I never got the series on VHS. :D I've stated it before, will uselessly repeat myself. I don't CARE how much of a cultural milestone it has ingratiated itself into... it's OVERRATED! :wink:
  10. Pain_Man - you never got the original trilogy, remastered on VHS cassette ??



    Yes, as a true Child of the Force, I hang my head in shame. I don't even know why. I just never bought them. Not that it would matter much now. :dunce:



    Inadequate as this DVD is compared to "Final" version (till George changes his mind again) or the avg DVD, it's still better than VHS. VHS sucks. I've never liked it, even when it was the only game in town.


    OK, I know laser disc's been around a long time, but we never had one as a kid and by the time I could afford one, DVDs were out, so buying one would have been rather like buying an 8-track in 1985.

  11. Duh! :blush:



    Never heard of such a thing. Did they sell them over here? Or was this another bad-ass thing that only Brits, Europeans and Japanese were able to buy?



    Frogive the ignorance, but what's "WS VHS"?



    WideScreen Video Home System.

  12. This normally ends in fighting but here i go anyways.



    I have always bought Amd, as imo i believe they run better at what i want to do.



    People get kinda tribal. It's like the Ford vs. Chevy thing.


    I grew up Chevy. So my Dad would say shit like, FORD=Found On Road Dead. or Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge and bunch of other shit I don't remember any more. The best the Ford people could come up with was lame license plate frames that would say, "I'd rather be towing a Ford than driving a Chevy." How fucking drunk are you, bro?


    I remember, for the longest time, AMD was treated as a joke by the IT dudes. Outright giggles was often the response.


    Now AMD definitely appears to have closed the gap. I've always used Intel so whenever I get to buying a replacement for my three yr old Studebaker, '44 Packard computer, it'll almost certainly be an Intel. AMD used to have a price advantage--and a quality gap. Now the quality gap is gone and so's the savings.


    What I really want is a Pentium D dual core with HT with an ATI X1900. And a horny, 21 yr old Air Force wife living next door. But what the hell. I'll settle for the former. (Of course I'm kidding, but my wife never reads this so I can write whatever the fuck I want.)


    JAY-SUS, crulie! $1400 for a processor! What company are you the CIO for? Just based on that processor price, I figuring you spent around five gee's, er, 2500 pounds.


    Good Christ. Envy :& doth eat me up!!!!

  13. Thanks for your expertise.


    But this only matters for actual home networks. All I've got is a $50 Linksys 802.11g router, the laptop's got it's own Broadcom adapter. I'm sure there's probably more complicated ones but I went simple.


    I was worried when buying it that setting it up would be like programming the space shuttle. Nope. Took less than ten minutes and I was surfing on the laptop. (Fortunately the put a big piece of fucking paper around the keyboard that said, "YOU MUST HIT Fn & F2 to activate the wireless card.")


    Six months ago I got it back from BestBuy--believe me the story is not worth retelling--and couldn't figure out why the wireless adapter wasn't working. So I had to call Tech Support--fortunately there were seven days left on the warranty--so they could tell my dumb ass to hit Fn & F2.


    Maybe it shit like that makes my wife call me, "the dumbest smart person she's ever met." I assure her there are waaaay dumber smart people than me.


    What you're looking for is the PHYSICAL ADDRESS. In the case above it's 00-11-2F-61-67-8B. This is the numer that gets added to your MAC filtering table in your router.


    Can I ask what sort of hardware you're putting into this beasty and what it'll be used for? 4gigs is a hell of alot of RAM for a PC. At least it is at the moment. :)



    My brother has six fucking gigs of RAM and 4 Xeon processors running in his machine at work.


    He's doing Access database programming. Somehow he's conned the IT department into buying his ass everything he wants. He asks for it. They ask him why. He says, "'Cuz I need it." They nod and give it to him.


    Last job I had in my hometown, I had a 486 DX 133 with 32MBs of EDO RAM.


    That's my little brother. Just filed bankruptcy but he's got a new car. A Jeep Liberty. julli-brumbrum.gif


    We've got a six figure networth, cash in the bank, so much credit my sphincter puckers and our cars are 12 and 9 years old. Respectively, mine's a '94 Explorer in killer shape; her's is a Geo Prizm (which is a Toyota Corolla with the Prizm badge on it; they both roll off the same assembly line in Long Beach. It goes to the right, it's a Prizm. It goes to the left, it becomes a Corolla and costs you $5 grand more).


    He's got zip in the bank, went bankrupt last year and is driving a new goddamn car.


    Did the new car thing once. It was fun for about six months. But never again. Let somebody else pay the 25% depreciation! :shifty:




    Well, as soon as my damn SCSI card finally turns up from the US I will! It's holding up my new PC build :(



    Are we holding your SCSI card in a secret CIA prison and torturing it?

  14. Did that once with the first wife. Strange to say, it's not as cool as one might think. julli-wow.gif


    Couldn't erase that fucker fast enough. >_<



    Shame you just secured the wireless network - we could have all logged in and taken a look at her pics on her HDD =))


    Pictures...!! Na, you should have seen the video's :blush:=))=))

  15. JFC...Seamus.


    I've worked for companies with networks less complex!



    Groundrush: Your MAC filtering page will look something like this. Apologies for the size but it'll give you an idea. The MAC addresses in the list below correspond to various network adapters in use on my network (PCs, XBox etc) and are the only ones allowed access to the router.



  16. @don't....


    The clue is becoming recognizeable...y'all aren't talking about wireless routers....


    But more directly on point to your post:


    Isn't a machine more likely to generate a truly random number than a person picking one themselves? Somewhere I've got a program that generates passwords for you.


    The Linksys software generated the password by itself.



    eg you supply hex 10 digit key for her router and match the same key in operating system.


    Do not get router to generate key for you add one manually.

  17. For added security, check the routers' firewall settings for allowed MAC addresses. (A MAC address is basically a digital fingerprint unique to your network cards). If your router is configured to allow connections from PCs with those specific MAC addresses (even without encryption) no outside PC will be able to connect to your network.


    EDIT: To get the MAC address of your network card type this into a command prompt:




    ipconfig /all




    You'll get your IP address, your gateway and your MAC address which will look something like:






    Open up your router settings and add the number for each card to the page called "MAC Filtering" or something similar.





    Is this what you're talking about?





    OK, ipconfig /all worked. But this is not applicable if you just have a wireless 'Net router. There's no UI. Granted it could be because of the brain damage I suffered during my fourteen combat tours in the Psychic Wars.


    One thing I have noticed is that the number of attempted "intrustions"--ZoneAlarm speak--has declined from several a week, to a total of six in the last year.


    I've also turned off ZA and gone to the Shields Up! test and it still shows my machine is completely stealthed from the 'Net. So, something's working.



  18. OR, is the buffer merely a dedicated sector(s) of the HDD itself?

    No idea. :) I suppose he could be talikg about the swapfile/pagefile.


    It wasn't the whole machine. The character just chucked the drive itself in the river. Since it's a TV show, this super genius character, of course, drops the HDD a few hundred yards from his apartment.


    If I were to need to ditch a hard drive I would use an erasure program that used the Guttman methodology (which wipes the drive 35 times and then writes random sequences of numbers) that destroys the data beyond any method of retrieval. Then I'd get the ingredients for thermite--which can be bought over the counter at any hardware store--and turn that drive into a puddle of metal and plastic. --Buh-bye!

    I'd just drill a hole in the drive if it was that important.



    Would that be enough to wipe all the data? The guy's on the run from every cop in the US, not just afraid of somebody getting a hold of his Social Security number and a copy of last year's 1040. :o


    Oh yeah, you're not American (?). A 1040 is the number of the most commonly used individual Federal income tax return.

  19. Ken! Are you saying that I bore you? jullli-zzzzz.gif







    50 views and Minty's the only one who's commented? How very odd... Could it be that I said it all?? (Or almost all?)

    Well, to be honest, when I see a post as long as war and peace, I can't be arsed reading it. :/

  20. To the Expert Corps of the IBF:


    Is a hard drive's buffer made of RAM (i.e. volatile) memory that would, of course, disappear once the current was cut.


    OR, is the buffer merely a dedicated sector(s) of the HDD itself?


    The reason I ask if because on the show Prison Break, an FBI computer guy tells the SAC (Special Agent in Charge) that he's been able "to recover 60% of the buffer."


    If it's volatile memory, obviously, it couldn't be recovered. If it's on the drive itself, then it could be recovered (even if it had been on the bottom of the Chicago River).


    If I were to need to ditch a hard drive I would use an erasure program that used the Guttman methodology (which wipes the drive 35 times and then writes random sequences of numbers) that destroys the data beyond any method of retrieval. Then I'd get the ingredients for thermite--which can be bought over the counter at any hardware store--and turn that drive into a puddle of metal and plastic. --Buh-bye!

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