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  1. Is Guy Fawkes Day still celebrated by burning ol' Guy in effigy? Is it an "official" holiday?


    The reason I ask...


    Saw V for Vendetta tonite.


    Was very, very impressed. Reading some reviews on rottentomatoes.com I didn't read a single one who noted the very obvious--imho--influence of Pink Floyd's The Wall on the scenes where John Hurt's character is Hitlerizing and a certain crowd scene toward the end.

  2. He's a strange dude.


    He's fiercely brilliant. Utterly amoral when it comes to doing his job. He once spoke of someone in the Nixon WH "tasking" him to do an, ah, "feasibility" story on arranging a fatal accident for the late Jack Anderson--whom, Liddy claimed, was about to publish classified information that would have damaged national security, but that's what they always say, whether valid or not, ain't it? julli-sorrys.gif


    He's a lawyer. He handled his own appeals after his conviction for the Watergate burglary (seems that John Dean's wife is a former hooker, call girl, not street walker, and someone in the WH thought that proof of this was in the DNC offices and []that's[/i] why they broke in).


    He was repeatedly attacked in prison and defended himself so deftly that his attackers were left in far worse condition than he was.


    He also refused Carter's offer of a pardon (because Carter demanded an admission of guilt) and did his full prison term.


    He was an FBI agent. He told a story about when he was working the Gary, IN (Indiana) field office in the 50s. A baby was kidnapped. "In those days," he said, "we [in the FBI] had a working relationship with the Mob about certain things. So we called the local boss and told him that we wanted the baby and the kidnapper ASAP." The mob, not unnaturally, didn't wanted the streets flooded with feds, state and local cops.


    The baby and the kidnapper's location was phoned in 90 minutes later. Seems the kidnapper had the bad luck to pick a mob-controlled bar/restaurant to eat lunch in.


    Besides, in those days, there were some limits even for The Black Hand. As Roberto Duran said, No mas..



    Reminds me of these calendars that G. Gordon Liddy (yeah that G. Gordon Liddy)...

    A name from the past that I had just about forgotten. He is truly an enigma.

  3. As you can see from the screen caps in the above reply...16:58:38 Installed Quake 4 matches RP234.



    Had to add additional reply. Got that 403 error again. julli-rasende.gif Haven't discerned any pattern, 'cept that it's only happened in your threads, MJ. Size, ahem, doesn't seem to matter. I've gotten it with two line posts and with this large one as well.

  4. Please tell me what the name of the folder is that hold the restore points.


    Make sure you have Folder Options set so you can see "Hidden Folders."


    Then it's: V for Vendetta. Ooops, sorry. I was julli-banneds.gifjulli-banneds.gifjulli-banneds.gif. Kick ass movie, btw.


    C:\System Volume Information within that you'll find:




    C:\System Volume Information\_restore{C5D932D1-5980-475D-AD83-9DCC4EB3AD9C} (the number of course varies with the system.






    Are you saying that within the restore folder are additional numbered folders that correspond to the restore points?


    Yepper. Open System Restore and then open C:\System Volume Information\_restore..... and you see that the time/date stamps in the SysRestore GUI match the numbered folders.

  5. Minty's almost certainly right (he usually is in these matters): I can't imagine a way to back up Restore Points.


    However, I do selectively erase them all the time. On my C: the "System Volume" folder often grows to gigantic proportions so I have to, ah, weed it. I haven't had any problem with dropping specific folders into East-Tec Eraser and consigning them to oblivion beyond the power of Big Brother to retrieve.


    While I haven't found in ill effects from not erasing the points set on other partitions or drives, I erase them as well just to be thorough.


    The numbered folders always match up with a time/date stamp in the SysRestore UI. I use that to make sure I don't delete the most recent "points." Or, if you wanna wipe the slate clean, as I've done in the past, I just drop all the points into Eraser let it slag them into digital goo.


    (Though recently I did have XP flail on me. I was trying to "securely" erase a file on one of my jump drives and, for some reason, XP decided that it had fallen below the "200MB"cutoff--not hard considering it only holds 256MB!--and dumped all my points; forcing me to wipe all the blank space on the C: drive.)


    Other than the occasional hairball like that, I've had good luck with XP's System Restore (the ME version...entirely different story!). It's saved my butt more than a few times when I've done some stupid (esp when doing certain things now verboten for discussion ici....





    Is there a way to either selectively delete or selectively save to another media, restore points? I searched a bit on the 'net but from what I was able to find it looks like the answer to both questions is no.
  6. You aren't seriously suggesting he run the initiator sequence above 1.21 gigawatts?!?! You know that in 99.07462% of the time, the Dilithium crystals fuse!


    (Unless, of course, you're using Centauri Trilithium crystals...then you can hit 1.371 gigawatts with no problem...)


    And to think that the flux capacitor was invented by a Klingon disguised as a human! (Wasn't he later assassinated by a Cylon & Narn?)


    (Sorry, minty, couldn't resist...compulsion...to...be...wiseass...overwhelming...) :&


    How warm are you running the flux capacitor?



    Shi T. Disturber

  7. Minty & NTFS don't get along. I've never had any of the problems he's had with it. Ironically, I've also run it on 4 machines (that I set up) and a fifth (a gift from the wife's firm).


    Didn't realize all those hassles with NTFS, :(:thumbup:
  8. I'm getting 403 errors when I attempt to post :typing: to certain threads. It's happened on two threads put up by one particular user. Yet I was able to post on a third thread put up by that same user.


    Any thoughts as to what's up?


    Got some julli-banneds.gif work to do, so I gotta run. But any ideas???


    Ancillarily (is that word?)...


    If one puts someone on his "Ignore" list :shutup: , does that mean that person can't post on threads one puts up?

  9. "The AK-47. When you absolutely, positively have to kill every motherfucker in the room."


    and the room next door

    [volvo 2006] :lol:



    And the people down the hall, and across the street, and the kids in the school bus turning the corner...


    That whole sequence in Jackie Browne where the Sam Jackson character is explaining the gun business to DeNiro's character makes the whole movie worthwhile. It's an excellent movie anyway, but that scene is hysterical.


    Reminds me of these calendars that G. Gordon Liddy (yeah that G. Gordon Liddy) used to sell on his radio show (I don't know whether it's still on air or not...). Hot chicks, very skimpy bikinis with very powerful automatic weapons.


    Personally, I prefer my woman not to be so heavily armed when wearing bathing suits...but tastes vary.

  10. I don't doubt your right. It's like any experiment. However, Redmond's wording is peculiar...


    (Can you imagine being lucky enough to wander into a hole in the wall office in a Seattle suburb and applying for some flunky job at completely unknown company in, say, 1979??? There are hundreds of multi-millionaires who did that very thing. SONS OF BITCHES!!!)


    Most likely, they mean the supply of available beta testing slots. Because, you have to understand how commercial beta testing is done. The number of testers is always limited because they need the number of samples in the set controlled. If the number varies or is never capped, then, people who, basically, cannot be monitored, controlled, selected for specific traits, etc. are allowed into the sample set. In other words, a REAL world return of user experiences would occur, as opposed to the ones the commercial software developer wants. ;)
  11. That's what Jobs never understood. It's a business. You can't control everything. Rockefeller understood he couldn't control the railroads and the banks, so he concentrated on kerosene (the first major market for petroleum products was kerosene for lamps, replacing whale oil, candles, etc). He forced the railroads to pay him "rebates" (what today we call extortion) but was smart enough not to try and take them over.


    Gates understood that software was going to be what mattered.


    Jobs wanted to monopolize everything, hardware, the OS and the apps.




    Gates won because of superior understanding of the market place. (And millions of DOS machines to juryrig Windows on top of...).


    If Jobs had licensed the Mac OS to all comers, it might be Cupertino--instead of Redmond--to which all turn the prayer rugs every morning. And it would be Lord Steve ducking pies, not Lord Bill.


    Alas, greed to control everything almost inevitably leads to controlling nothing. Ask Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Charles XII, Hitler...


    Capitalism at It's greatest.... :shifty:
  12. Uh, hunh? :blink:


    No, I think it's more likely that the U-joints are out of alignment. Pull driveshaft and check...


    Sounds like the reverse threaded lock washers holding the drive in the bay are on backwards. Reverse and restart :lol:
  13. See definition of "Chat" section on main Forum page...


    Besides I've never been the Canada, Australia or the UK (tho' we are think of a trip maybe next year). So if I don't ask...



    Why are we discussing perol prices


    Petrol = dvd/cd :w00t:

  14. Not having any external drives/burners I don't have a need to figure out the transfer speed in that area.


    I have often wondered exactly how fast data is moving say between the PC and my iPod or other devices.


    I do have a hub with the "High Speed" logo on it (original came with the laptop but I had no use for it there). And my desktop does have the EHCI listed in the Device Mgr.


    I have noticed that, with the iPod any way, the data seems to move as fast as the FireWire cable. But how do you really tell? :huh:


    There seem to be so many variables invovled...

  15. "The AK-47. When you absolutely, positively have to kill every motherfucker in the room."


    --Ordell Robie (played by Sam Jackson)

    (Quentin Tarantino's) Jackie Browne

  16. As you & I have discussed b4....I've never found, nor do I know anyone that has.


    Kinda academic now that I have a 10 pk of 32x and my older imation 24x.


    I had hoped that when I replaced my burners about six months ago, that firmware changes would make the 12xers actually burn at 12. Alas...no dice.


    Something I had noticed for a while and I believe it is the case. Can anyone verify it or shoot it down? :)



    There is no such thing as 12x CD-RW. Everything I've seen advertised as 12x CD-RW has never written greater than 10x. These 12x CD-RW's have always had a maximum rated speed write descriptor of 10x. In both the Sony DRU-700a and the NEC 3500a.



    Now, could it be the age of these two drives? The newer NEC is 2 years old now, I think. Anyway, has anyone every gotten 12x on a "12x" CD-RW? And, if so, how old is the drive used? Thanks!

  17. Grain, Blu...


    In the US, gas is rated (and priced by) it's Octane percentage. That is how close the mixture burns as compared to pure octane. Standard is 87(%), middle grade is 89, "premium" (which is a waste of money unless you drive a Lambroghini or Hummer) is 91. These vary by state...I've seen 93 in some states in my several cross country trips.


    How do they sell it in your respective countries...

  18. I don't know about shipping costs from Australia, but I did order a CD from Germany once. The CD cost US$3; the shipping $US 15. Hard to believe shipping to/fro Australia would be cheaper when it's so much further away. But ya never know...

  19. They'd work a lot better for skeet/trap shooting. julli-hunter.gif





    A CMC gun would be a Triffid gun. :lol: Actually, CMC discs might make pretty good ammunition for a disc firing gun.
  20. That's $68 American! (Exchange rate is $AUS 1.30 for $US 1, as of yesterday). Jesus H. Tap-dancing Christ. $6.80 a disc?! Well, y'all have the VAT (the ultimate job killer) as well as confiscatory income taxes. Americans we think our taxes are too high (and they are obscenely too high) need to check what people in Europe and the other Anglo-Saxon countries pay.


    This is gay for Australia i bought my last 20 pack Verbatim (printable) for $80 + $10 postage. Now this is shocking considering what you Americans pay for them. Blutach what do you use?
  21. Wouldn't the Bandit leap for freakin' joy if he could see these trucks. Imagine how much beer you could stuff in one of those!




    a double trailer set up behind 1 semi trailer/tractor truck , roadtrain style. but of a fooker to park in walmart for the weekly shopping trip though

    bdoublewc5.png lengths are for Australian rules


    the kind of vehicle i have to use when i go on the pull for a couple of these delightfull nimble ladies after a night on the town



    Looks like volvo's got himself... a CONVOY! Truckin' through the night!

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