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  1. follow this and you will be able to modify it: open My documents >> tools >> folder options >> the tab "files type" >> look for the iso extension (for exemple, u gotta do it for each manually) then highlight it and click advanced, you will see the ImgBurn thing in the list there, highlight it and click delete... gone =) Good luck, Jni
  2. Open a folder, go in tools >> folder options >> click the tab "type of files" then look for the .iso or whatever extension u wanna change and the button modify will let u change the app. associated to the extension and the icon shud change by itself, if not go in the "advanced" button and change it manually. The names might not quite be right coz i have a French version of Windows, but it should look like that. Good luck, Jni
  3. Cheers LUK keep on the good work
  4. Well i'm not an expert... but my ideas are either u dont burn it in a good format or u dont use the good media (DVD?R) so old dvd player may not be able to read some, or else the dvd is just too poor quality for ur picky player =P But that's just a noob's opinion with low info, post what u been burning on what dvd, etc, i think that will help many people Cheers Jni
  5. jni

    Thank You

    Totally agreeing!! i have been looking for so long for such a program! thx alot Wish i could donate, but 1st- im only 16 so i dont have credit card, 2nd - i'm too poor =( Although, i'm ready to help with website (im quite good at php scripting and stuff like that) or i could upload your software(s) to my webspace so people could download it if you need that, PM me. Thanks again! very good job
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