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  1. In other words, there's no multisession support in ImgBurn and, to be honest, I don't think it is that much of a necessity anymore. 4 GB USB sticks are really cheap now so you can use one of those if you need to.
  2. I guess LUK! said he's not interested in adding LightScribe support to ImgBurn.
  3. So you want LUK! to be a more friendly guy?. But seriously, are you kidding about the GUI?, what can be easier than this?: 1. Select Build mode in the Ez-Mode Picker. 2. Drag files. 3. Click the Build button. If Nero dumbs down its users, that's a different thing.
  4. Great, thanks for the new version!. People complaining should actually take a few seconds to read the installer. Blindly pressing the "Next" button means ImgBurn is the least thing to worry about when they're installing software. Also, since they're not paying for it, they have nothing to complain about... not to mention that it's still better than Nero requiring gigabytes of HDD and RAM to do the same thing... that's what I call bloated.
  5. This may not be a bug at all as much as simply a really minor issue. When using the Disc Layout Editor, if you create a new folder named, for example, Zero and then create another folder named, for example, Alpha, the folders will be sorted alphabetically in the left panel but not in the right one. Even if you go into a folder, when you return to Root the folders in the right panel will be listed in the creation order, not alphabetically. Same goes for files/folders dragged into the DLE. As I said, this is just a minor issue and, might as well be supposed to be like that?.
  6. I thought it would be nice to have ImgBurn display the status bar messages from either the built-in list or the custom list. I mean, as in merging both message lists. This is a minor suggestion and I wouldn't mind if it's not done, though.
  7. OK, hereĀ“s the thing: I open ImgBurn, switch to advanced input, then I use the DLE to add one single file to the disk and close the DLE to return to the main window; now, when I click the Build button, I expect the Volume Label window to pop up with a suggestion but it doesn't. I can't remember if this used to happen before when I used the DLE or if it just suddenly started. Of course, if I do the same thing using the standard input, the Volume Label window pops up suggesting a label for the disc, so this is why it seems weird to me. I don't know if it's a bug.
  8. Yeah, I know that selecting New Disc in the DLE does clean the files. It just seemed kinda weird when I closed the DLE after setting the desired layout, burned the disc, selected New Project and when I opened the DLE again, the files from the previous project were still there. It's not a terrible issue though. I know the Volume Label window pops up when burning. The thing is that it seems it doesn't pop up when I click the burn button if I used the DLE to create the disc layout. I can't tell if this happened before, but I'm pretty sure it happened when I burned the same project where I noted the DLE not being cleaned issue. I'll try to verify this.
  9. Well, I just noted this and thought I should post about it. As the title says, I burned a disc using the Disc Layout Editor and then selected the New Project option to start a new project and the Disc Layout Editor was kept with the files from the previous project. I don't know if it's a bug or if it's meant to be that way, but it seemed kinda odd to me. I'm using ImgBurn and Windows XP. Oh, I also noted that when using the Disc Layout Editor, the Confirm Volume Label dialog does not appear. I normally wait for it to show to set the volume label even though I know it can be done in the Labels tab in main window.
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