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  1. LUK and beta team, a job well done!
  2. Damn Kev, love to find her under my Christmas tree!
  3. I tried to mount this month's Playboy centerfold image, but it just won't work!
  4. I wouldn't hit a bull in the ass with DVD43
  5. Yep I am up in the NW part of the state about 600 miles from where the storm went in. It's turning cool here, mid 60's during the day and low 40's at night. Hurricanes don't like this kind of weather and thank God because we have had enough of them up this way in the last few years.
  6. I'm up in NW Fl and we have had gas shortages up two weeks after storms and with what little gas there was left there lines blocks long. You just can't get gas and it takes forever to get gas back in. Like the world is at a end. A real nightmare!
  7. @polo I use to live there in WPB about 30 years ago. Well if this storm makes it's turn like they say, it looks like it's going to come out close to you between Monday and Tuesday. There forecasting a cat 2 for Florida landfall, but hell it could be higher or lower once it travel across the Gulf waters. I'm sure the water is still warm there but not as warm as it was back in August. Stay safe and hope all goes well!
  8. I am using the FV with HC encoder and getting excellent results!
  9. WHat's so funny about that? I don't mate what is so funny about it? Why don't you read other posts on the board and do a little research about the author and you will see why the request is quite humorous.
  10. ...... that was a good one. All in one!
  11. I haven't got to use the phrase since the old days........ CMC=CRAP
  12. jmet, you are not still wearing those depends after what happened to you during Rita? .... oh crap (get it) something in my shorts!
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