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  1. If by compressed you mean a compressed disc image, no. It only burns standards ISO images.


    Do you know where the output of the compressed file is though?


    Also note that just because you compressed it, doesn't necessarily mean it will fit. Your 8.5GB dual layered disc really only holds about ~7.5GB (it is really 8.5GiB or 8,5xxx,xxx,xxx bytes).

  2. Well I also had a notebook and when I used it's burner, it worked for me so I would say it is hit or miss. Although it is not recommended to use slimeline burners for double layered media at all, usually you should be able to get away with using it in tight spots, with single layered media and CDs.


    Before going and buying another drive though, try my other suggestion in getting better media, and if getting another burner is not an option yet, if you have a desktop computer then consider burning your disc on a desktop burner instead.


    Thats all I can really offer at the moment.

  3. Try at a higher speed than 3x. Usually for single layered discs 8x should be fine, and also you can try getting better media rather than Ritek. Your discs 'say' it is 'Memorex' but the MID (disc ID) is Ritek, not Memorex. Verbatim +R discs are usually recommended, those have the MID MCC.


    If that still doesn't work, you can always get a proper burner, (external with USB 2.0 enclosure). Notebook burners (slimelines) are junk.

  4. That guide assumes you have your files into the proper bluray format with BDMV, CERTIFICATE directores. Inside the BDMV directory contains .m2ts and other files (don't know off the top of my head).


    Anyways, in short you need to prepare those files yourself with a different program. Imgburn will burn your bluray video disc, ONLY if you already have the BDMV and CERTIFICATE directories and files prepared in advance. Imgburn will not convert anything, only burn 'as is.'

  5. Hrmm I don't know of any specific models, but Optiarc or Lite Ons are good, also LG seems decent enough. Again thats just general though, I don't know of any specific model types, perhaps someone else might offer something more specific...

  6. Your PS3 supports playback of .AVI files apparently however your standard player does not. You need to convert your .AVI file into the proper DVD format (VIDEO_TS directory with IFO,BUP,VOB files). Look into a program called DVDFlick it is free, and will produce a valid DVD-Video disc from your .AVI file.

  7. Well other than your firmware already being up to date, the only thing is try cleaning the laser on your dvdplayer with a cleaning disc, and also try a different disc (preferably Verbatim +R disc ID MCC), instead of DVD-R (Disc ID: MBI 01RG40).

  8. BIN/CUE are pretty much for Audio CDs, and any other CD image that has multisession, even VIDEO_CD but i doubt you have any VCDs. Usually though imgburn will automatically determine the appropriate image format and 99.9% of the time it will just be standard ISO for any kind of data disc (Data CD, Data DVD, etc). This also applies to DVD-Video discs. Also keep in mind that whatever movies you do plan to 'backup' with imgburn, it has to be non copyprotected discs.


    Imgburn will not try to circumvent any copyprotection whatsoever, and will tell you that the disc is copy protected.

  9. If you knew it was mono to begin with, usually it should be implied that you would have to alter it from the beginning yourself. I don't know of any program, even the 'famous' Nero burning suite that will reprocess files if they do not meet Audio CD standards and such (at least not when I used it, but that was a long time ago).


    When trying to make certain discs such as AudioCDs, etc, imgburn works under the assumption that all the files are already in their proper format, it is not really imgburn's responsibility to re-process anything.

  10. I 10:57:21 Destination Device: [0:0:0] TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S182D SB02 (E:) (ATA)

    Update your firmware to SB07, it seems this firmware update is at least three years old now: http://www.firmwarehq.com/download_635-file_SH-S182D_SB07.exe.html . After that try burning your game again (with a +R DL though ;)). If you are still getting errors, then perhaps it is time for a new drive.

  11. Well you can always just burn an MP3-CD with imgburn just remember to use the joliet filesystem. MP3-CDs are really nothing special since it is just a DATA disc, though depending on the player (portable CD player that supports MP3, or set top DVD-Player), it depends on how many files you can put on root or how many folders... This you will have to check the documentation for said player.

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