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  1. I have a similar problem with DVD+RW's. Whenever I want to burn a DVD data disc image, I double click on the .iso to load ImgBurn v2.0.0.0 (with the DVD+RW already inserted - the disc is not blank). Then I just click the 'Go' button to burn. Once it has burnt, it cycles the tray before verifying, then comes up with a read error (usually it is within the first 100 sectors of the DVD+RW) . If I manually quick erase the disc, close down ImgBurn, double click my .iso to load ImgBurn, and click the 'Go' button, I get a proper burn of my image. Is this a bug? Or am I just missing something? My drive is a HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4167B DL12 from LG (black front and black tray). I am using Windows XP Pro SP1 32 bit with Adaptec's ASPI layer 4.60. Not a relevent note: I have managed to burn a DVD Video image at 8x and verify it with no errors. I may now switch to the ISO builder in this version to build my backups. This is the ultimate image burner. Awesome tool.
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