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  1. Sent you a message. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

    Happy new year to you and yours. :)

  2. My apologies. That is something I should have caught when configuring the new release. But I do appreciate the friendly heads-up. I'll do more digging next time. Thanks, DB
  3. Currently, with, I check the "Eject Tray" in the Source area when ripping an image from a disk and it works fine. Until I exit and restart the application, that is. I had expected it to remember the status of that checked item, yet I do not thing it does. So, I would like to respectfully request that the "Eject Tray" setting is remembered by default. Thanks
  4. Thank you kindly. Off I go to start reading help screens... Have a good weekend, and thanks for the nifty program.
  5. Thank you for the reply - I appreciate it. On that new image/disc thing, would it maintain the boot-a-bility of the CD or would I have to create a new bootable CD and then burn the changes to the disc? Thanks again, DB
  6. There is a BartPE CD that I would like to update to include FreeCommander 2009 and 7zip. In the past I have seen buds use UltraISO and MagicISO to do something like this, but I have been wondering if the same thing can be done with ImgBurn. I think they rip the disc to ISO, go into one of those two apps, drag and drop some files into the affected folders and then burn the image to a new disc. Could that same thing be done with ImgBurn somehow? If so, could you do a dude a favor and nudge me in the right direction? (or maybe even tell me how to do it?) Much thanks
  7. hey thanks.the command line language works fine. but i have a qustion about the batch file. when i run it,instead of running each job at a time,it starts all the jobs simultaneously which mean imgburn opens many windows. if i put the pause command,for example: start imgburn etc etc /close pause start imgburn etc etc /close then the batch does wait for me to press a key to continue to the next job. but i wonder if there is another way i can make the batch file to run the jobs as a queue without having to press any key,or the pause command is the only solution? I seem to remember feeding prompts back in the day - with things like: /y > Y | Y |more Stuff like that. I think I used to use the CALL command also. I was a batch file fanatic back in the days of DOS 5 and Norton Commander...
  8. Well, I certainly do appreciate the new feature, and the work you did in making it happen and your generosity in making continual improvements to ImgBurn. One of the best free apps to be found anywhere on the web. Best Wishes, DB
  9. Just wanted to say thank you so very much for adding Multi-Track read support for ImgBurn. It is fantastic for making a backup of my Audio Book CD's for the car. The originals are like $60 per book, and being able to use ImgBurn to do a straight up rip and burn is about the best solution I could have hoped for. I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I am curious, if you don't mind answering, what finally convinced you to expand ImgBurn to include support for Multi-Track reads? Sincerely, DudeBoyz
  10. The READ feature is truly an AWESOME addition. It works very, very well for single track, single session rips of data disks. It adds a dimension to ImgBurn that really does make it possible for it to be a single-source ISO handling program for many of us. LUK deserves massive kudos and credit for the inclusion and thanks for saving so many of us money now that there is almost no need to purchase a separate ISO app at all. Thanks again - sincerely.
  11. Well, it kind if is now a RIPPING program, but one that is designed only for unprotected media. That's just fine, as far as I'm concerned. The READ feature is key to everyday usability for some of us, and that is all we ever really hoped for. I have no desire to use ImgBurn to circumvent anything - only to make 1:1 backups of data disks. I would imagine many others feel the same way.
  12. That'll still do just fine. No complaints at this point. If you feel like adding the ability to do a full-on disk copy if more than 1 track / session exists, that's just icing on the cake. I would think most disks people will encounter will be single session / single track. After about 10 CD's worth of testing, it has performed without any issues at all. ImgBurn is now a single source solution, and people can finally move away from payware ISO creators and focus instead on ImgBurn. Thank you again for adding that feature.
  13. I just installed ImgBurn on Windows XP running under OS X via Parallels and it ripped the bootable Bart's PE Builder CD that I made with my original XP CD to an ISO and burned it back to a blank CD. It booted fine on my PC. So far, so good. Hey, can it do disks with multiple "tracks" too? Or does it only ISO the first track found? Thanks
  14. That is outstanding. I have been hoping to be able to use and recommend a single program to both create and burn ISO images so that I can legally backup my disks. The fact that this functionality has been added and that ImgBurn remains free is fantastic, and I am confident that many users, including myself, are very grateful indeed. Thank you.
  15. So with the new READ command, that means I can do a full-on RIP TO ISO of my bootable and non-bootable CD's and then burn them as ISO's to new CD's and preserve that functionality? If so, I should then be able to make full 1:1 backups of my programs, like Microsoft Office 2000 and bootable disks like my Norton Ghost Recovery CD, and they should be precise, fully functional copies (for personal use only), correct?
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