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  1. Nope, didn't know about it. And for the review i shouldn't have too. A drive clone should make an exact copy of the boot info and fire right up, it shouldn't need repairing.

    If ATI can do it right the first time without needing boot record repair, then so should MR. I've never had any problems with it recognizing internal or external drives (not even my nvme based m.2 drive in a USB enclosure). It always saw them before, during and after the clone, and did what it should do and do it right, on the first try.

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  2. I'm currently using acronis on recommendation from over of my fav tech YouTubers because although MR worked flawlessly for me drive BACKUP wise, I've never had a successful drive CLONE with it when I upgraded systems from a HDD to an SSD.

    The systems NEVER booted even though I selected all partitions, there was always a boot problem. Every single time something was wrong with either the BCD or the EFI partition. Retrying multiple times with Linux vs winPE based media changed nothing.

    Acronis has worked for me every single time, the first try. But last year they moved into the cyber security market (think antivirus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware) and true image got bloated and renamed to 'Cyber Security Home Office' and I don't like it 1 bit.

    I may have to give MR another shot. I still have my V6 full and V7 upgrade key.

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  3. All of them, i had this issue in the past on win 10 where my settings didn't get stored properly in the registry (not using portable version), so i had to resort to exporting the IMGBURN registry branch. But new settings don't seem to 'stick'.

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  4. To be honest, I have to think you probably can't  Given the age of Windows 7, the driver being loaded for that device is probably so old that the driver doesn't recognize such newer drives as writers.  You could try seeing if there's an updated Windows 7 driver from the manufacturer's web site, but there probably isn't one, given Windows 7's age.
    That I'm afraid is incorrect. Win 10 uses the same generic optical drive driver that's existed in 8(.1) and 7. It's not a driver problem.

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  5. Dvdfab nice? It's overcomplicated expensive crap, and no better than nero or norton of you ask me.

    Anydvd+CloneBD+CloneDVD2: lean, mean disc backup machine.

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  6. Sounds to me your drive is faulty. You say it yourself that you used MULTIPLE different software products to read dvds. It's EXTREMELY unlikely that ALL of them break simultaneously while the drive itself would be fine. The opposite is a lot more likely, that the drive is faulty and the software isn't. The driver is a generic one they have changed since windows 7.

    This isn't very likely an imgburn problem, to your drive is probably dead. As you mention yourself, it's been a while since you last used it

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  7. If it's just data, I would connect the new drive and just do Ctrl+A (select all), Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste) to new drive, disconnect the old drive, that's it.
    Which won't work here. At least not with the boot drive. This approach would copy the files of the C drive, but not all of them (protected system files and permission) and it certainly wouldn't copy of hidden system partitions

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  8. And now try again without the caps. That said you said you wanted to do a full drive backup. Now you say movies, which is it? Anyway if you want to turn your folders into iso's that is something imgburn can do. It's infact one of the main buttons when you start the program.

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  9. Then there's also the fact that 1 batch of blanks aren't necessarily the same as the next batch. Even more so with the crappy quality of ritek. They're no good to begin with.

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