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  1. Hey maybe with the corona quarantine you can polish the code a little and release it. Say, in a week? Would sure sir these guys up with 'this thing is dead', and it would sure make us non-whiners happy

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  2. @awkj the creator (lightning UK) hasn't come up with this beta just now, that's the whole point of these past few points. It's that random member that came up with that 'release', hell 2 can play that game. This isn't directed at you

    I can knock up on about 5 seconds of I wanted too. Fire up, copy the first few lines from the log generated, paste them here in the reply box and change the version number and windows info. Done, a magical non-existing just appeared out of thin air.

    While 8 years is indeed a very long time, as long as there's support, a product isn't dead. Now if support were to end too, that would change things a bit, but even then as long as it would still work I wouldn't be looking for replacement software.

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  3. No they haven't L. Even a flash drive that contains both x86 and x64 setups doesn't even fill up an 8gb flash drive. A single layer iso is just over 4gb for me for 2004. I'd have to check the exact numbers

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  4. VLC is outstanding in it's primary task. A video player for just about any video file/codec you throw at it. But it ends there. While it can perform DVD/Blu-ray player, it's no match for players that are designed and licensed for it like powerdvd (which on turn is then just horrible for basic video file playback).

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  5. Last update was released in 2013, seven years ago.

    And in the future many Windows programs can not working anymore due to Windows evolution.

    Perhaps, but as it stands now at this very moment that scenario does NOT apply to Win 10 build 2004. Just burned another 3 Blu-ray with it. 100% fully functional.


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  6. 2 hours ago, lucaswoop said:

    Well yes, I'm pretty sure there is an effect to how you burn them, such as write speed and such, and for older consoles such as the Sega CD it would affect playback

    write speed is exactly that. It only affects how fast the drive burns something resulting in potentially better or worse burn. It again has zero effect on an audio track for example carying audio or not.

  7. Most likely because that type of recorders still add AACS encryption themselves. As with any BD you CAN copy over the files fine without any extra tool, but they're still encrypted. The same applies to standalone bd recorders, it's still encrypted and needs to be decrypted

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  8. I actually tried fixing that years ago Got overruled and undone. That article is wrong on numerous other things.


    Redfox isn't a company, it's a project. Being a company requires having an office and a bank account. Which they don't have. It also requires a central location, which they don't have either, redfox isn't located anywhere and definitely not in Belize. That's where the domain is registered but it ends there.




    Look for the edit listing for December 5th, 2016.


    I can guarantee you they article is outdated. I've been translating anydvd for years, so I've got a bit more knowledge to this that that stupid outdated article.


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