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    I thought his was cooled by cellery?
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    Hiya... Well, as the title indicates, Im looking to maybe go watercooled, but Im a bit nervous about which system to go for... I know a few of you already have watercooled systems so Im hoping you may be able to help here...which systems are worth looking at and which not to.. The one Im mainly looking at at the moment is the Zalman Reserator1 V2, which is fanless and will be noise free, where as the Thermaltake Symphony CL-W0040 has 5x 120 fans which I reckon will make a hell of a noise, am I correct? Theres so many types to look at your advice will be appreciated... Another issue is the bios checking for fans, I know this can be corrected, but I dont like messing with bios settings, all Ive ever done with the bios is flashed it which is easy, is this easy enough to sort out? Mobo is Asus A8n32sli deluxe. Your help on this will be gratefully appreciated...
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    Awww, you diamond.... Fuck the football, I would get a season ticket just to watch that every weekend.... Nice one... Dave
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    Have a good one...
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    Thanks PM for at least noticing...
  6. Just like to say thanks for the guides on burning dual layer discs, nice one Corny...good work! Just did my first dual layer discs over the weekend and no problems whatsoever after a quick read of the guides. Dave.
  7. I just watched a dvd of War of the Worlds played live at Wembley. I was a bit dubious about it when I first heard about it, but it was simply brilliant... If you are a fan of the original War of the Worlds and you get a chance to see it its well worth it. Music is awesome and played flawlessly also the visuals really do add a little something to it. Loved to have been there to see it for myself... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0829440/ Dave.
  8. LMFAO, just noticed this thread......quality.... Exactly Blu....good call.... Is it my imagination or has there been a real sudden upsurge in the amount of people posting regarding ripping????? Dave.
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    Hey Zacos, if you want to give me a prezzy, send me a link where I can get the whole clip for your old sig..... Loved that everytime I saw it...looked for your posts just for that..
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    Mmmmmm, now just if........
  11. Showing up as ?14.90 on my account still. If your a member of the Imgburn Forum, email SVP as I said before and Steve will setup the discount on your account, whenever you log in the old price will shop up with a red line through it and the discounted price will be below it. Steve said to pass this on to all the members of Imgburn....
  12. I know three people personally that state they witnessed this 'phenomena' One from the 2nd Paras. One from the Grenadier Guards and one from the RAF. Ive heard this from too many sources these and other to know its simply a myth, squaddies do strange things as dares or initiations. Call it what ever... Put me off joining up...
  13. "Soggy Biscuit" is more common than you may think. Its common place in the armed forces apparently. More so the Navy, but hey, thats the Navy...Hello Sailor!! I know a guy that was in the 2nd Para Regiment that took part in this ceremony when he joined. He claims he was neither a winner or a looser, but Im not sure myself as I know what the little deviant is like....
  14. Well.... Ive swaped a few emails with Steve at SVP and they will match the prices for all the guys of the Imgburn forum.....bloody nice blokes. Much rather deal with SVP than go through the hell I did with the others. CD-R Media have been taken over by UKDVD-R and I had a hell of a job getting a big batch of faulty discs replaced by them...never ever again will I give them my business. Dave.
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    Verbs in stock!!

    Tried to post about this yesterday but seemed like the forum was down... SVP would appear to have the Verbatim DL+R discs back in stock, grab em while you can.... http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=1359 Dave.
  16. Thanks for that Lfc, I keep checking with SVP but theyve had nothing for ages with nothing on the horizon either.... Will have a look at the link later.... Whats the likelyhood of getting stung by customs though, I used to order a lot of stuff from the states due to good price differences, but got stung occasionally by Her Majesty. Dave.
  17. Never had a problem myself whilst using Imgburn. Just checked the process log, Processor using only 7% resources, this while running browser, spyware, virus, firewall etc etc....all whilst burning. Memory usage only 24,700k No problems to report at all. Only ever had a problem when I tried un-raring once, which I avoid doing now. I tend to hold back on anything intensive when burning anyway. Dave.
  18. DasReich

    Welcome Home

    Was beginning to wonder what had happened... Nice to see the forum back up... Hope you guys had a nice Christmas and hope for a Happy New Year for all the team... Have a good one lads.... Im off to a good start!!!! Frickin washing machine just blew up... literally!! Dave.
  19. Thanks for that, I didnt even think of Argos, I looked at most of the obvious ones. Richersounds are good on price but they didnt have much in the way of smaller HD screens. The connection to the net shouldnt be a problem. Do you know of something like a standard BT style wall socket I can install for the ethernet cable so I dont have to trail cables all over the house. What Im thinking of is semi hard wiring in place to a socket, then all I have to do is connect the XBox up as I need to. Thanks for your time again on the screens m8. Dave.
  20. Thnx LUK. Situation is, the spare tv is in my conseratory, its a widesreen 24" (I think) so... If I was to put it in my bedroom it would need to be self contained as such ie audio as well. PC monitors are a lot cheaper it seems but the audio problem remains. Ive seen a HD LCD tv for ?300, think it was a Goodmans (not the best) but at least it would serve both purposes (Tv and console). Do you use yours online as this is another consideration I just thought of... I have a router with 6 connections. Is there anything to consider when connecting, like distance from the router etc? Im a total novice on consoles, got a PS2 but Ive not touched it in 2 years, so Im a born again noob! I love Cod2 on the PC and I play in a clan, but the XBox version makes it look ancient. Dave. p.s. Just found this... opinions????? http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....rodid=AV-004-SA
  21. Hi guys, If possible I would like to seek some advice from anyone in the know about a monitor for an XBox 360. Im getting an XBox 360 for free and as its HD capable I wouldnt mind taking advantage of it.. I do have a regular 20" tv going spare to play on, but I have been doing a search for small HD ready tv's but there isnt much of a selection it seems, unless Im looking in the wrong places. Would I really benefit for going HD or not? The maximum size I think I can go for would be around 20" or so. How about a pc monitor, good enough? But if I did this I would more than likely need an external audio source too yea? Any help or pointers would be appreciated.... Thanks Dave.
  22. Well old bean.... As far as I know 'Septic Tank' as in Yank has no reference to Americans being full of Shit as you put it, but I think your probably right there.... for the majority (present company excluded of course... ) Not being a cock-a-nee I couldnt verify that though. Isnt it the case most Ameican TV shows portray English people as talking like that all the time and Dressing like Pearly Kings and Queens? Or living in a village with horse and carts (also cock-a-nee ryming slang... ) outside a big castle? Only kidding m8. As far as I know rhyming slang is purely based on rhyming words, I cant think of an example which would point at the words actually meaning the objective. Please enlighten me if you can think of any... Now Im off for a Brad then going down the Nuclear Sub... Dave.
  23. I understand "Pommie" (we call 'em "Limeys" sometimes Uh, "Septic Tanks"? Who d'ya call that? Septics...septic tank...yank..... All a bit cor blimey Mary Poppins for me but there it is.. Just watch out if someone calls you a merchant.... Anyway, Im off for a Monkey Spank now....cya.... Dave.
  24. Hi PainMan, I think Blu hit the nail squarely and fairly right on the head, Ive seen this on soooo many forums, people getting irate with each other and me sometimes..... Thing is, like a book, people will interperet the words in their own way, you cant see the facial expresions, the face is worth a thousand words expresion wise... My face on the other hand is worth just two...Fucking hell!!! Weve had a few good chats via PMs, nice bloke I recon! Dave.
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