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  1. Hiya Corny, thanks guys for the pointers. Ive checked the connections etc, all fine. I can get the boot menu up but once I try to install the windows disk all that happens is after the drivers are loaded I then get the ominous blue stop screen. Trying any other method still results in the same message about the missing or corrupt file. Any ideas...apart from getting the faithfull hammer out? Dave.
  2. Thanks Spinner. Ive done a search around, found lots of topics on this. All seem to be based on being able to access a boot up screen. I cant even get that, Ive managed to sort out problems similar to this before, but for some reason this is just defeating me, I just keep going round in circles ending up at the same message saying 'repair using the windows cd'. I would settle for being able to format the c drive an start from scratch, but I cant get the windows cd to start up, sorry if Im sounding a bit vague here, but Im not a techie!!! If its the bios causing problems how would I go about sorting it? The mainboard is a foxcon with nforce chipset if thats any help. Dave.
  3. Thanks Chewy, right, how do I do that?..... Ive tried all the methods I know of, everything brings me back to the same screen. Any help is appreciated. Dave.
  4. I cleaned it out just before trying to start it this morning, something I do regular, once a month. Ive been looking on the microsoft site about this problem, but thing is all the info they give relies on getting into the bootup page, I cant even get there.... Dave.
  5. Hi Shamus... Right, now you got me...not sure. Sorry cant be more helpfull, not something Ive really got my head around yet.. Dave.
  6. Hi blutach. As of last night, everything was running fine (as far as I know) I run twice daily spyware scans and did a virus check previous day, so shouldnt be anything there. As of now I cant even boot the pc up, all I get is the message stated above. Im stuck! Dave.
  7. Hi guys, Im in desperate need of some help with a pc issue. At my wits end here not knowing what to do next, except for getting the repair kit out...(large hammer!!!) On booting up my pc this morning I got an error message as follows.... \windows\system32\config\system You can attempt to repair this file by starting windows using the original setup cd-rom. Select 'r' at the first screen. Now Ive tried this but the cd wont boot up and goes back to the message above. Ive tried pressing f8 and f10 on boot up but again goes back to the message above. Im stuck with what to do next and really need to get some info off one of the h/drives on that machine. Please guys...on bended knee I request your help... Dave.
  8. Cheers Shamus, will try that.
  9. Hi you guys, happy Easter to you all.... Im havimg a wonderful time here over the holidays with tonsillitis.....aarrghhh. Anyway, this probably sounds like a really dumb question, but I just cant find the remedy myself for this... I recently intstalled nero7 and it basically set all file association automatically, something I shouldnt of let it do, anyway, after several problems with the program I unistalled it, problem being is now I cant get the old settings back up, ie Imgburn logo use to assoc. with iso's and media files used to be assoc. with power dvd etc etc. Ive tried to set file associations as Ive usually done, but nothing seems to work how it did originally. Any ideas are welcomed. Dave.
  10. Got sent this by a mate today.... Sean Connery was interviewed by Michael Parkinson, and bragged that > despite > being 72 years of age, he could still have sex 3 times a night. > > Cilla Black, who was also a guest, looked intrigued. After the show, Cilla > said, "Sean, if I'm not bein too forward, I'd luv to 'ave sex with yer. > Lets > go back to my ouse, we could 'ave a lorra fun." > > > > So they went back to her place. After a couple of drinks they went off to > bed and had an hour of mad passionate sex together. > > > > Afterwards, Sean says, "If you think that wash good, let me shleep for > half > an hour, and we can have better shex. But while I'm shleeping, hold > > my bawls in your left hand and ma wullie in your right hand". Cilla looks > a > bit perplexed, but says "alright chuck". > > > > He sleeps for half an hour, awakens, and they have even better sex than > before. Then Sean says, "Shilla, that was wonderful. But if you let me > > shleep for an hour, we can have the besht shex yet. You'll have to..." > > > > "I know Sean. Yer want me to 'old onto yer bat 'n balls again. No problem > hun". Cilla complies with the routine. The results are absolutely mind > blowing. > > > > Once it's all over, they have a drink, Sean lights a cigarette and Cilla > asks "Sean, tell me, dis 'oldin yer balls in one hand and yer willie in de > other - does it really stimulate yer dat much?" > > > > Sean replies, "No, not at all Shilla, but the lasht time I shlept with a > scouser, the bitcsh shtole ma wallet!" Dave.
  11. DasReich

    Quality Service

    Hi, well, I dont mean to go on about this, but this is really starting to bug me....Ukdvdr.. Out of a batch of 150 dvds bought from them, just over 24 were totally useless. Now Im not talking burn failures or the like. The discs were damaged before use, with large streaks or pitting in the dye surface area. Following several emails from the basically telling me to update firmware/hardware etc...I am now not getting any response from emails I have sent them. Ive explained till Im blue in the face its not a hardware or firmware, but its just not getting through.... Their customer support is the absolute worse I have ever come across from any sort of business. Is it possible they are selling fake or damaged stock? The discs in question are Ridisc Extreme GO5, Now Ive used hundreds of these from SVP with not one single failure, seems odd to get 24+ out of one batch from Ukdvdr, or am I starting some sort of consipacy theory??? Dave.
  12. DasReich

    Quality Service

    Exactly Lfc, I just asked them for some Taiyo samples cause Im having troble with playback on most 16x discs and the didnt hesitate to send them out, not going to bother with anyone else from now, got my last 2 drives from them too. Dave.
  13. DasReich

    Quality Service

    Just got to give a bit of praise to the staff of SVP. What a top bunch they are.... I gave another company one opportunity to see what their service was like (Ukdvdr), shouldnt have wasted my time. Their customer backup is plain crap. Now SVP have always delivered on time and Ive never had one fault with their products or customer backup. They treat you like a valued customer all the way....10/10 chaps. Dave.
  14. Right, confirms it for def then this does. Already to decided to follow cornys advice with the Verbatims, I dont have a problem burning the F1s on the NEC, but after seeing a report from corny on the burning I was amazed how flat the graph was on the burn report with the verbatims. Thanks for all the help lads. Dave.
  15. Das its not IMGburn thats not supporting the 16x speed but the drive itself with those discs . IMGburn will burn at whatever speed but its the drive and the media compatibility that will determine the burn speed Yea, I know what your saying, Its just the software I use 99% of the time now. With the verbatims I may well get 16x from it, let you know what happens. Still dont get why I was getting linked to the wrong firmware update though.... Neva mind, got there in the end. Thanks chaps. Dave.
  16. Cheers Corny, looks like I will be calling up SVP in the morning.... Thnx Dave.
  17. Hi m8, just PM'd you...... So you reckon the Pioneer will like the Verbatims? What about Taiyos? Might see if I can get some samples from SVP to test out........ Dave.
  18. MMM, dont know quite why, but I was getting the wrong firmware update from the update facility on Imgburn, I got that sorted now to 1.37, but Imgburn is still only supporting these discs at 12x. Thanks for the input on this chaps, its not a major problem as I mostly use the NEC to burn and got hold of the Pioneer for other stuff. It was buging me about the burn/read speeds. Guess I should have got a Plextor after all or another NEC, never had problems from the NEC drives Ive had. If anyone can add anything that can help, please feel free. Thanks to those that already have. Dave.
  19. Lol, well, it did cross my mind, but I hope Im not quite that daft...yet! I used the facility in Imgburn to link direct to the firmware update, but I will check it out again. Cheers. LUK Dave.
  20. Sorry, should of clarified the info really. Im not using Dual Layer, Just Ridisc Xtreme f1 dye discs, I changed to these from using the Ridisc Xtreme 8x discs which I found 100% perfect, no coasters what so ever, thought these may be up to the same standard. Well, with the NEC I can and do reach read and write speeds of 16x. The Pioneer is only (Only!) reaching a read speed of approx 11x (according to Alcohol) and a write speed of 12x (According to ImgBurn) Imgburn only supports these discs as 12x max, I was hoping the firmware update may sort this, but I just get it to work. Im probably doing something really stoopid here, but cant see what the hell it is? Dave
  21. I have had nothing but problems with these using a Plex 716A, good to see someone can use the damned things. Well, like I said, No problems so far with the NEC, but with the Pioneer, really slow results. Im sure Taiyo would be the best option though, keep telling myself that, but its the cost that always swings it. Guess Im going to have to bite the bullet and go for the Taiyos. Ive had some freezes with one or two of the F1 discs, but I put this down to the player they were played in as they played in a brand new cheapo player perfectly..... Dave.
  22. Yes Jmet, I used this. Also to add, Im not getting very good read speeds either, maxing at around 11.5x. Is there something really easy to this, I certainly hope so... Thanks. Dave.
  23. Hi there, I need some advice from you helfull chaps again. Just got hold of a Pioneer 110D and Im not getting full write speed from the drive, ie. not getting 16x from a 16x disc. I used the firmware update on Imgburn, but when I try to flash I get a message saying "Hardware revision is not matched" Ive just gone over to using Ridisc Xtreme 16x discs F1 dye, I have no problems with these discs using a NEC3540A drive burning at 16X. Any advice would be very gratefully received. Thanks. Dave.
  24. Just like to say thanks to corny for the help and advice he has given me is sorting out a problem with one of my drives, saved me a few pennys for a while in what I would have done by replacing the bloody thing, now its performing like it should. Many thanks m8. Heres the beer I said I would get you.... Dave.
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