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    Happy Birthday

    Where the money then?
  2. DasReich

    birthday wishes

    Have a good day Corny old bean
  3. DasReich

    Happy Birthday

    Metallica Damage Inc Master of Puppets
  4. I wouldnt particulaty class myself as 'uber intelligent', but I managed to figure out how to use Imgburn pretty well on my own and for the parts I wasnt sure about there were plenty of guides on 'how to...' posted on here, failing that the Beta Team here are spot on and very helpfull. Before spouting off about the problems, like Corny said you should post a log of the failed burn, then the problem could be found and a solution given to you. More than likely its a very simple problem your having, like crap media or firmware problems. Ive not seen anything posted on here that hasnt had a solution to it yet. Have a little patience and you will be rewarded. But your first stop should be the guides section.
  5. Give it one week of sunshine and we'll have a fuckin hose pipe ban again for sure though....
  6. Bloody hell, how time flies eh. My first job when I left school was in a computer shop selling the speccy, mind you though, I always tried to talk people into getting the 64 instead. I started off with the vic20 then went up to the 64. You guys remember Jeff Minter of Llamasoft, he hated the spectrum and used to have them in most of his games to shoot up, one in particular, Revenge of the Mutant Camels(I think), when you shot the spectrum as it whizzed around the sky all the keys blew off, just like real life... What about what came after the Spectrum, remember that one??? The Quantum, was from what I remember quite an advanced machine for the time when you consider the competition was IBM and Apple
  7. Hiya, yea, still here, lurking in the background Forgot about the bloody Indian call centres
  8. I bought a Dell laptop, but vowed to never to get anything from them again. The crap they stuck on the thing slowed it down to almost steampowered speed, took an eternity to remove it all. I also found their customer support a bit crap too. Glad to see you had such a good result from your little problem, hope they have indeed got their acts together. Wonder if this is available in the UK as well?????
  9. Happy Birthday LUK, have a great day m8
  10. Exactly lfc, who wants all that shite anyway
  11. DasReich


    Depends what floats your boat m8. I dont play a lot of games really. I play in a clan for Call of Duty 2. F.E.A.R is brilliant for a fps game. Used to play Unreal Tournament 2004, the new 2007 version when it arrives should be very good. Also waiting for Medal of Honour Airbourne to arrive, that looks brilliant. But like I said, depends what you like to play. Didnt pay for the 360 either, if I had I think I would have been kicking myself now.
  12. DasReich


    Did they go ahead with their ridiculous idea or the games being registerable with the console? ie. when you buy a game its registered to that console only, this was their idea to stop piracy. Problem is it would kill the secondhand game market for this console. Its something that was mentioned in its infancy, but not heard anything about this lately. I personally wouldnt buy one, Ive got an Xbox 360 that I dont touch, played Call of Duty 3, completed it and not touched the thing for 3 months now. Far prefer playing games on my pc for now.
  13. DasReich

    Blade 4

    Basically Painman, in the UK we have a system where we line up, pull our pants down, bend over and let all the immigrants fuck us right royally. Hope that clears it up....
  14. Hope he stings the 's and get some compo from them, but I doubt he will get anywhere with it.
  15. DasReich

    need a brit

    As a Brit I would have to agree with Corny, SVP is the best place to get online media. Tried a few others, but no-one else comes even close to the quality of service.
  16. The main thing I found with Ridisc AAA+ Extreme discs was they were more reliable with most dvd players, where as even a high quality disc such as the Verbatim 16x had some playability problems with older players. There are no such problems with the Taiyos to report. I do keep my burns to 8x even though my drive supports them to 12x.
  17. Hi Mark. Trust me, these guys know wht they are talking about. The TYGO2 discs are the best you can get. I used all sorts of crap with mixed results in the earlier days of me getting into all this burning malarky... I settled into using GO5 discs which were pretty good, but in compaision the Taiyos are miles ahead. Check the media guides for the burn results. These guys have done a lot of the donkey work sorting the good from the bad for us. Personally I wouldnt use anything else now. And as for SVP, they are without doubt the best online retailer for media. The price you pay for delivery is pretty standard to be honest, but your items will be delivered when they say they will. I only ever had one package delivered late which wasnt SVPs fault btw, but they refunded the delivery charge regardless. They are pretty good at supplying samples too. Stick around on the forum and you can even benefit from a discount for Imgburn forum members. To save on delivery charges you could also bulk buy like I do, saves a fortune in the end.
  18. Clean it out regular Pony, got several cans of airduster which I blast it out with. Will try taking ram out when I get the chance, so bloody busy right now though, wont be able to check that till the weekend.
  19. Hi guys. Got a problem again... Oh no I hear you groan. On shutdown of my pc, the system fans remain running requiring me to physicaly turn the machine off. As far as I can see, Im not having any temperature issues, all temps are within reasonable limits. Its only started doing this in the last week. Only thing different in the system is an additional 2 gigs of ram. Cant quite remember if it started before the ram went in or not now..alzheimers you see...Im an old git. Any ideas about this? Dave.
  20. This was pointed out to me by a good m8 today... Well i'll not go into the wise and wears of being a Labour/Conserative voter but we are going to get shafted very soon if you do not sign up by the 20th of Feb,see belows message and stop this stupid taxation!!!! Sarah Kennedy was on about this proposed car tax scheme on the radio apparently there is only one month left to register your objection to the 'Pay as you go' road tax. The petition is on the 10 Downing St website but they didn't tell anybody about it. Therefore at the time of Sarah's comments only 250,000 people had signed it so far and 750,000 signatures are required to stop them introducing it. This is legit... from the 10 Downing Street's website. Once you've given your details (you don't have to give your full address, just house number and postcode will do), they will send you an email with a link in it. Once you click on that link, you'll have signed the petition. Democracy in action? The government's proposal to introduce road pricing will mean you having to purchase a tracking device for your car and paying a monthly bill to use it. The tracking device will cost about ?200 and in a recent study by the BBC, the lowest monthly bill was ?28 for a rural florist and ?194 for a delivery driver. A non working mother who used the car to take the kids to school paid ?86 in one month. On top of this massive increase in tax, you will be tracked. Somebody will know where you are at all times. They will also know how fast you have been going, so even if you accidentally creep over a speed limit in time you can probably expect a Notice of Intended Prosecution with your monthly bill. If you care about our freedom and stopping the constant bashing of the car driver, please sign the petition on No 10's new website (link below) and pass this on to as many people as possible. http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/traveltax/
  21. DasReich


    Ok, m8, thanks for that..
  22. DasReich


    As size in my case isnt an issue, I have a Shark tower, I did consider the Bigwater system and very nearly went ahead and bought one, but on looking at the external systems, they seemed to be a safer and easier route to go. Problem is you cant exactly see whats what unless you know someone whos got one... http://www.thermaltake.com/product/Liguid/...40/cl-w0040.asp http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....rodid=WC-007-ZA These were what Im looking at apart from the bigwater system. What about the bios fan checking Corny? easy enough to deal with? Dave.
  23. DasReich


    "tiny celery stalks growing out of the heat sink to redirect warm air away from the CPU." Now thats more like what I was looking for.... Eco friendly as well...
  24. DasReich


    At the moment Ive got 2 120mm fans and 1 110mm fan. The 110 fan is a Zalman 'thingy' with enormous heatsink and fins which is a direct cpu cooler. This setup does keep things relatively cool, but I have noted some quite high temps when I o'clocked by 10% and running some video apps. The external watercooling Im looking at are like my home cinema speakers, they stand about 800mm - 1m high. The Reserator is fanless and the Thermaltake depending on which model has 3 or 5 120mm fans. Noise isnt a major issue, just dont want it to sound like concorde is trying to take off in my hallway....
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