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  1. It seems to be a bug in that burner's firmware: the write speed reported by the burner when queried by ImgBurn was wrong yet it did obey the 2x write speed command. Ah, thank you, good catch...
  2. mmalves can you suggest why, if Janusz asked for 2x, and the disc apparently should do 2x, it instead a write speed of 4x?
  3. I buy Verbatim 2.4x in the 50-per-cake from Sam's Club ($60); have been burning them at 2.4x and once in a while I have a failure which I've always attributed to a disc problem. The other day I accidentally burned one at 6x (they say "2.4x" on the disc, but apparently 4x and 6x are OK too). It burned & verified perfectly. Some days I think the failures I've suffered were not bad discs, but instead the drive overheating, from the burn taking so long at 2.4x. Maybe I will keep doing 6x for a while and see if I always get perfection. Just saying between the disc quality and the potential for drive problems, when it comes to DL disc burning I'm not sure that absolute perfection in all attempts is possible!
  4. That was it! Works now... many thanks mmalves!
  5. On my PC when I preview a cell, I get audio but no video. I don't think this is an ImgBurn issue but rather a PC issue--what must I do to get my PC to display the video when using "Preview Selected Cell"? I'm using Win XP Pro x64. I should add that when I use PgcEdit to look at the cell in question, which at least is a window that looks very much like ImgBurn's, I do see the video there.
  6. This is just for INFO purposes. You asked who is the real manufacturer. It's CMC Magnetics corporation (media ID is usually CMC XXX-XXX-XX) not usually considered very highly CMC is certified by Philips. Here is a link to the CMC/Philips discs: http://www.cmcdisc.com/DR8S8B25F-17.htm And here is a link to their older DVD+R specs: http://www.cmcdisc.com/dvdplus.htm#specification Strangely I can't find any info on their newer, DL specs Finally, a helpful post!!! Thanks Guzeppi! No thanks at all, mmalves and blutach and dontasciime! Good grief, I learned that "you get what you pay for" when I was 6 years old! I was asking the question because I didn't know the answer, nor was there any info here whatsoever based on my "Search" effort. So now I know, Philips is made by CMC, which sucks. Ok, I get it, tho there still seems some uncertainty about this i.e. >Strangely I can't find any info on their newer, DL specs Thanks again, Guzeppi, for helping. Hey LUK, are you paying mmalves and blutach and dontasciime to chase your customers away!!??? They're doing a good job...
  7. Not helpful. Non-responsive. Anyone else here that actually knows anything about these?
  8. At Fry's retail stores, though this price is not shown on their website here. I know we all worship at the throne of Verbatim when it comes to DL discs, but I wonder if anyone here has tried these discs, or maybe knows who the OEM for them is, and whether they're worth considering?
  9. Oh! Totally different dye... Obviously I don't know nuthin' 'bout the technicalities of burning for different types of dyes. Maybe you ought to make a note like above in your sticky post. Thanks for clarifying!
  10. I just read the sticky and am still puzzled about something: I always thought that whatever speed a disc was "rated" for, one could always burn at a lower speed i.e. that the "rating" was the highest speed but not the only speed. I routinely burn my 16x Verbatim DVD+R at 8x, for example, and I always burn my Verb DL discs at 2.4 despite that (I think) they are advertised to be burnable up to 6x. So you're saying that if I bought (by mistake!) some 8x Verb DLs, that I could not burn those at all on my Pio 109 (which doesn't do 8x DL)???
  11. Many thanks fellas--your replies are very clear!
  12. Wow, v2.4.3 looks fantastic, thanks LUK and all who contributed! I notice under Advanced/Restrictions/UDF there are new options for "Disable Unicode Support". I learned some time ago that to make a DL HD DVD disc I needed to select (check) this box under 2.4.2. In the new program, there are many more options for the various disc types. I don't *think* that leaving "Disable Unicode Support" checked under 2.4.2 has caused any problems for my BD video, or DVD video discs, but I'm concerned given all the new options. Can someone explain in general terms when "Disable" should be used, or even give detailed instructions here?
  13. Yes I know that very valuable trick & have used it for years. I did have sptd.sys driver still in my system folder, and the Install/Uninstall removed it, but there was still a ton of junk left in the Registry for SPTD and DT. Why don't un-installers un-install all the crap they put on one's drive??? Oh well, I think I've eradicated this one. Wonder if it had anything to do with a few odd disk.sys BSODs I've gotten recently too. Well we'll see. Thanks again for all the help.
  14. Thanks mmalves and Cynthia--I will take a look and see if sptd.sys is still on that computer...!
  15. Yes, I did have Daemon Tools installed for a while but ditched not too long ago it in favor of Virtual Clone Drive! Thank you again...maybe that was the cause of my problem! :fingers crossed:
  16. Well, I deleted a couple of filter drivers I wasn't sure about, then my drive wasn't recognized at all so I put those back. Then I found something in Device Manager (hidden in DVD/CD-ROM drives) that I have no idea what it was or how it got there: IDAB 63GXUJC SCSI CdRom Device. Deleted that, tried ImgBurn again and this time my GGC-H20L worked ie. I didn't get the LBA error. Here's the comparison w/the above you snipped LUK: The "Read Disc Structure" is the same, but then the "Read Track Info" has zeros--I assume that's good and correct. I dunno whether that bogus drive (which I really am puzzled about--this is a new PC) had anything to do with this, but decided I'd post-back for posterity. Hopefully I'll not see this again. Thanks LUK for providing the direction I needed!
  17. Thanks very much for your analysis LUK--I will post-back once I've found and fixed this!
  18. Hope this means something to you and can advise, i.e. driver? hardware? If you suspect a hw problem, I could swap with my other PC... I 17:33:17 ImgBurn Version started!I 17:33:17 Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (5.2, Build 3790 : Service Pack 2) I 17:33:17 Total Physical Memory: 8,387,448 KB - Available: 7,484,000 KB I 17:33:17 Initialising SPTI... I 17:33:17 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 17:33:17 Found 1 DVD-RW, 1 DVD
  19. Thanks for looking--here's what I get: Any thoughts? I did a search here and found only 3 references to this message (Read Compatibility LBA) but none in this context, so I guess this is very unusual...
  20. Attempting to burn a BDMV fileset, I got the subject error which I"ve never seen before (though I'm not sure I've ever tried burning a DL disc on my new Quadcore XP x64 computer before either). What might this error mean? I have another P4 pc with the same drive type, and with *it* the disc burned without the error, no problem. ; //****************************************\\; ImgBurn Version - Log ; Saturday, 28 March 2009, 23:11:51 ; \\****************************************// ; ; I 22:00:40 ImgBurn Version started! I 22:00:40 Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (5.2, Build 3790 : Service Pack 2) I 22:00:40 Total Physical Memory: 8,387,448 KB - Available: 7,458,884 KB I 22:00:42 Initialising SPTI... I 22:00:42 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 22:00:42 Found 1 DVD-RW, 1 DVD
  21. I've brought this up before to LUK and he's basically said "dumbshit" at me. Neither you nor the other respondant has addressed my point, which remains: OK, LUK and Les, if ImgBurn's position is "One error means you've burnt the toast--throw it out" then why on Earth does the program sit on the error with a dialog that must be manually dismissed!!???? All you guys really sit and watch your burns/verifies when you do these? Hell, it ought at least to eject the thing so you can see at a distance that something's gone wrong. Dumb design. And I'm guilty of none of these; don't ASSume! Verbatim, Pioneer, Latest. Again, I would never accept an error on a Data disc but for Videos I've never actually seen errors cause the disc to stop playing. So I'll sometimes accept them. Why do I bother to Verify then? Because once in a while one DOES encounter a completely shit/defective disc, even Verbatim, with multiple errors, and it becomes clear that Aborting & tossing is the right decision. I'll say it one more time: If ImgBurn thinks Verify Errors are THE END, period, then why bother to continue? Just abort, then. But if ImgBurn still wants to give the user the option to continue, give the user the option to have it continue all the way to the end and not stop-and-wait every bloody time for every bloody error.
  22. I guess insulting users is something LUK condones huh... Then why, as I asked above, does ImgBurn put-up a dialog awaiting user input, "Verify error...do you want to continue?". Again, if LUK's position is yours, then he should just abort the process for the user "You're screwed" or something, and not just sit there awaiting input. One might think that the dozens/hundreds of posts here about the problems people have with Verify mode (yes, many/most/all are hardware or media problems, so what? They're still problems and people fret about them) are not enough to get the developer to improve the handling of these errors...
  23. If this is your strong position, then why doesn't the program just quit instead of sitting there on a dialog asking you if you want to continue? I occasionally get a Verify error or two in a DVD movie backup, and these virtually never impact the playback, so if it IS only a couple errors, I declare victory and use the disc anyway. If the disc has many multiple errors then I'll decide the media is bad and start over. ImgBurn shouldn't stop-dead when hitting an error in Verify--there should instead be an option telling the program to continue but accumulate the errors, perhaps aborting if exceeding X errors, otherwise continuing and reporting at the end "Verify failed, 3 errors found" or some such.
  24. Hey, it works! But that's all I'm using it for, on one of my computers...!
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