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  1. This BD-R burn verified with no errors, yet when I look at the graph plot for it, it appears that it struggled to verify the contents toward the end of the disc. So does the chart mean that ImgBurn found it "hard to read" the data? Like maybe the disc had some surface/media problems toward the end? Should I be concerned when I see this type of thing in a burn plot? To my knowledge there was nothing that might have caused it from a PC point-of-view (nothing else doing at the time). Opinions please.
  2. You're using the wrong terminology. You want to COPY PROTECT your discs (so people can't copy them) and as you've learned you can't easily do that. But you can COPYRIGHT your disc contents e.g. "This program is copyright © 2010 Jim Bob Productions all rights reserved etc. blah blah" such that if someone DOES copy your videos and claim them as their own you can sue them!
  3. gessi LOOK ON TOP OF THE PAGE at the pink box: Make sure you include a copy of the program's log in your post.
  4. When I searched on that, I realized I had used WinMerge in the past to compare files, but I never used it in the manner I asked above. So I DL'ed the latest version of (free) WinMerge and it works brilliantly for the purpose. Comparison result of each file: "Binary files are identical" Thank mmalves for shaking my tree...!
  5. I made a disc using Build Mode having forgotten that I had unchecked "Verify" for another project I did. The burn was made with no write errors, but I wonder if folks here know of a good Windows tool to "compare all files in E:\path to F:\disc to confirm they are bit-identical"? So I can check that indeed the files-burned-to-disc are same as files-on-harddrive?
  6. Rajeev I use ImgBurn for 99.9% of my burning needs, but for multisession CDs a nice free program is CDBurnerXP.
  7. Hi Daystrom M5! My BD-R burns are either 2.4x or 4x and my DVD burns are usually 8x even with 16x media, and I never do CDs which I understand can be in the higher range. I'll try later to post a pic or two. AFAICT you are still in lock-sync with DVDInfoPro relative to scaling, though I'll admit I haven't done a lot of comparisons. Thanks for your reply and tool!
  8. Yeah if only that made any sense to me! I took a look at DVDInfoPro and it doesn't have variable scaling either, so I guess I hope the OP will enhance his tool to be better than that!
  9. Very cool, thanks for the tip! Not having saved ImgBurn logs for every one of my discs, it's nice to know this info is there, albeit not that easy to see (go to LBA 16, scroll-down where the date (and time?) can be found. Maybe an enhancement to a future release is to make this easier to find e.g. put it in the Disc Info area (dunno if this info is consistently formatted across different burning softwares tho).
  10. Dunno if DM5 comes back here ever, but I too find the vertical scale to be "too much" for most of my burns, which are in the range of 2.4x to 8x, and never anywhere close to 24x so most of my plots are tiny to say the least. Any way to change the vertical scale? Or auto-size based on highest speed encountered or something? BTW are these IBG files readable by any other app?
  11. I had to look it up, but it appears also that it includes 2.4.4 instead of latest 2.5.0!!! :&
  12. Not sure how I could have been any clearer in my original post--your Number 2.
  13. Sorry LUK I don't understand--you're saying there's a regedit change I could make? I see no ImgBurn entries in HKLM on my W7 Home Premium installation, and nothing that looks relevant in the HKCU area...
  14. I noticed today on my W7 installation that right-clicking on a loaded drive yields a "Read using ImgBurn" option in the context menu. I have de-selected every "Shell Extensions" checkbox under Settings > Registry so apparently there is no way to turn this particular one off?
  15. Which part of "This is the ImgBurn Support Forum" did you not understand?
  16. In my experience with this discs, I've found that my burner seems to do much better with them if I burn at 4x and not 2.4x. So mmalves suggestion to try 4x is IMO a good one. It's occurred to me that at 4x the disc is burned in a much shorter time frame than 2, causing me to wonder if my burner might be overheating or something. But that's just a wild guess, and there seem an awful lot of variables at work in getting good/reliable DL burns.
  17. Hmmm, what in my post "belittled" you in any way whatsoever???
  18. The folks that hang around here deal with the same problems over and over and over and over and... well, ad nauseum. The Guides are too complicated; they need a simple sticky "Problems burning discs?": 1. Check your drive's firmware for latest. Still problem? 2. Make sure that firmware includes support for the media you're using (need a small how-to for this). Still problem? 3. Try Verbatim and/or Taiyo Yuden 4. Try another burner 5. Try another burning software 6. Make your post here if all else fails!
  19. laserfan


    If all you are doing is making DVD movies for your set-top player, then you probably don't need to Verify, because it might play fine even with errors, depending on what/where/how many etc. No one could tell from your original post the context of your question--of course if you are burning important DATA to your DVD then you will want to Verify every time!
  20. Ok I guess the "x-multiplier" (datarate) between DVD and BD is different, as it is for CD-to-DVD. Thanks for straightening me out...
  21. I believe the simple answer is: YES, that's normal. 43Gb is an awful lot of data. I can do a 8.5Gb file in 45mins, and yours is 5x that big. These monster discs require that we re-set our expectations.
  22. I've looked thru this thread and am trying to understand. So the "bottom line" for the OP is: 1. He's using a media type CMC MAG-D03-64 which is not in the list as exposed by Media Code Speed Edit 2. The latest firmware for the drive is not TS06, but now TS08 (2007-03-17) 3. He should update to the latest firmware and use Media Code Speed Edit to check if his media is supported now, and try again Do I understand this right?
  23. I don't know why the hardware might burn properly, but then not READ properly (fail to verify), but I think you did the right thing. Something's wrong with that unit. I'd be curious to know if the store replaces the GGW-H20L for you, or exchanges for a different model. The GGW-H20L may be out of production by now...
  24. If the burner worked in the past, but doesn't any more, then maybe it broke! OK so the disc failed to verify; does it play all right, despite not having verified?
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