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  1. My well wishes go out to everyone affected by the floods. I pray that all of you will be safe.
  2. Hey blu, when does the next game start?
  3. You are learning well, grasshopper.
  4. Thanks mate. I'll try to keep my puns in check next time.
  5. There are a few things that don't seem right. I would appreciate it if any of the other members here would either verify what I say or correct me. I was using HS07 and updated to HS03. It would seem to me that HS07 would be newer than HS03. A look at Lite-On's website here. shows an update from 09/04/2006 but does not give the version number. If you go here you will see that the latest update is HS0E. That is, by the way, what ImgBurn is showing your firmware to be. Destination Media Type: DVD+R DL (Disc ID: MKM-001-00) (Speeds: 0x, 2.4x) I have never seen a write speed at 0x and I have no idea what would cause that unless your media is counterfeit and the descriptors are screwed up. These are Verbatim DVD+R DL discs aren't they? Is this disc from a new batch that you just started using? Writing Layer 1... (LBA: 2056176 - 3598959) Failed to Write Sectors 2056176 - 2056207 Your problem is starting after the layer break. If you weren't having this problem before flashing your drive it is possible that the flash didn't go as planned. It is also possible that your drive is on its way out.
  6. Please forgive me. I'm just a rookie.
  7. If so I guess that would make LUK King. Since this is taking place out of the USA does this mean I am visiting an off-shore Gambiting site?
  8. Careful Kirk. You might upset you know who.
  9. As long as you didn't talk back to them...
  10. You will find that the Plextor 760A is much more expensive than the others but in my opinion it's worth it.
  11. I had the same problem with a Sony DRU710 drive about a year ago. It worked fine with SL discs but had problems reading and writing to DL discs. I had the latest firmware and I cleaned the laser but to no avail. I replaced the drive (I actually replaced both of my Sony drives at that time). I purchased Plextor 760A drives and have never been happier.
  12. Pain Man, first of all don't ever try to tell me how to act or what to say. YOU DON'T HAVE THAT RIGHT! I don't have to do things your way. That's one of the problems with people like you. You expect people to fall in line, do what the hell you think is right and to hell with what they believe is right. That sounds like communism to me. Are you and bush red, white and blue...or just red? It really burns your ass that you cannot stop me from saying exactly what I feel about the current administration. In fact I wouldn't put it past you to try some shit in order to stop me. That is what your kind do best. JUST REMEMBER, I WILL CONTINUE TO SAY JUST WHAT I FEEL ABOUT THAT DICK-LICKER bush. I WILL CONTINUE TO EXPRESS MY THOUGHTS ON, WHAT WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS THE WORST ADMINISTRATION EVER. AND THERE ISN'T A DAMN THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! You have several options as I see it. You can see if you can get LUK to ban me or ask me to stop, you can leave here or you can ignore me. THE ONE THING YOU CANNOT DO BY YOURSELF IS TO GET ME TO STOP! LIVE WITH IT!!!!!! bush can kiss my ass! cheany can kiss my ass! The entire group of bush's friends and family can kiss my ass! Btw...next time you are snuggling your lips to rush limbaugh's ass, (after you are finished with georgie), you can tell him I said he can kiss my ass as well!
  13. But you do care enough to spout your bullshit!
  14. Speaking about being delusional, saying Pelosi is a ideological radical, a liar and a hypocrite and not acknowledging that pus bubble bush has told more lies that any 25 people in office is not only delusional but also impossible that you can't see it (or don't want to see it). As far as radical what the hell is more radical that wanting the freaking arabs to run our major ports. You do remember when that son-of-a-bitch president who you love so much wanted to give more of our country to them, don't you? I'm speaking of the same bitch who wants to give what's left of this country to the Mexicans who are here illegally while they are draining our resources. Let's now deal with hypocrite. Remember that mother-fu**** bush saying how we won't rest until we catch bin-laden? WELL LET ME CLUE YOU ONTO SOMETHING...HE'S NOT IN FREAKING IRAQ. Do you also remember the draft-dodger cum bucket bush on the Navy ship saying that we won? WHAT THE HELL DID WE WIN? WE'VE HAD OVER 3500 MILITARY PERSONAL KILLED SINCE WE SUPPOSEDLY WON. THE ONLY WINNERS THAT WE'VE HAD SINCE THAT LOUSY, GOOD-FOR-NOTHING, SCUM-SUCKING SON-OF-A-BITCH TOOK OFFICE ARE THE bush's, cheany's, rumsfeld's AND THE REST OF HIS BASTARD MILLIONARE BUDDIES. But I guess that's OK with you because you are so blinded by party loyalty that I doubt you can see anything bush is doing with your nose stuck up his ass! As far as shady dealings I will agree with you only if they are brought to trial and convicted. YOU KNOW WHAT CONVICTED MEANS, DON'T YOU? LIKE LIBBY WAS CONVICTED. BUT THEN AGAIN LIBBY ONLY OUTED A FEDERAL AGENT. HE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO SERVE ANY TIME OVER THAT, SHOULD HE? I MEAN AFTER ALL IT WOULD BE A SHAME IF HE WENT TO JAIL AND THE REST OF THOSE BASTARDS LIKE george AND dick GOT AWAY WITH IT. I GUESS THAT'S WHY THAT COCK-SUCKER bush MADE SURE LIBBY WOULD NEVER SERVE A SINGLE MINUTE IN PRISON. I don't expect you to reply but if you decide to do so why don't you do it in a different way? Why don't you try using your own words for a change instead of copying and pasting the "party line" from those other web sites that you visit. I mean you do have a mind of your own, don't you??
  15. I don't consider him smart, I consider him to be a con man on the grandest scale. It's amazing how much suffering he and his whore friends have caused by their lies. You have too much sense to have done that. I am sure you would have seen through the bullshit. Even if you had voted for him you are smart enough, like some of the others here, to admit that he has screwed us all. I really don't give a good crap what he thinks of me blu. In fact, if he thinks I hate America I guess I'm in good company since he thinks you hate it too.
  16. You mean I have to sit through another movie, D.H 4.0 was supposed to be the last. How many stars did you give it?
  17. Please add my birthday wishes to the others. Also, I'm sorry I'm late with those wishes Loco.
  18. Donta: While I've never had a problem with a can of beans I did have the same problem with a can of peas. It turned out that the can was made by CMC. After that I only bought Verbatim cans. You might want to check to see if your beans can was made by CMC. I hope I've been able to help you.
  19. That's right start in with a personal attack. Well since you decided to make this personal I will respond in kind. WHO THE HELL MADE YOU THE PERSON WHO DECIDES WHO RIGHT OR WRONG? I HONESTLY BELIEVE THAT YOU WOULD DO ANYTHING, AND I MEAN ANYTHING, IF IT MEANT HELPING THAT BITCH bush, AND HIS BITCH-BOY BASTARD FRIENDS, GARNER VOTES! I GUESS IT REALLY IS BUSTING YOUR NUTS THAT PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO SEE THROUGH ALL OF THE LIES AND DECEIT THAT CAME FROM THAT PIECE OF SHIT! At one time I thought you were just a die-hard Republican but I can clearly see that you are a fanatical person when it comes to your ultra-right wing agenda. From your posting of the crap you copy from your ultra-right wing sites to posting links to Rush Limbaugh's (the hypocrite) website. I noticed that you had edited your last post made to me. Is there something you said that you decided you didn't want me to see?
  20. They are a breath of fresh air in the cesspool that we have endured since King george stole his way into office. Blu, have you ever unknowingly stepped in dog crap then gotten into your car? If so, you know how you felt when that stench reached your nose? Well, that stench would be a blessing compared to the odor coming from the White House since shit-for-brains bush has been in there. Whoever the next President is, that person will have to have the White House fumigated in order to get rid of the buildup of that odor caused by that bastard bush and ALL of his bastard cronies!
  21. If either of the two people you mentioned wind up being caught in the type of lies like that prick, bush has been caught saying. If they ever, through deceit, cause the deaths of thousands of our people like that scum-sucking, ass-kissing piece -of-crap bush has done. If they ever cause the price of gasoline to more than double just so they, and their friends, can make millions of dollars off of the backs of the poor and middle class people like bitch-boy bush has done. I will then send it to them. bush has screwed up this country so badly I doubt we can get it back to how it was, before that sack-of-shit was elected, in my lifetime. One of my desires is that I outlive that bastard so I can go to wherever he is buried and spit on his grave.
  22. Movie Junkie


    Happy Belated Birthday Kev. I'm sorry I missed it.
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