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  1. Thank you LUK. I have seen the close disc function take forever to complete a number of times before so I know what you mean. For some reason I didn't even look at the VTS_02_0.IFO entry - LBA : 1974000 position. That's the one I'll use. Thanks again.
  2. If I understand you correctly LUK using the 71/29 position, while not being the most compatible, won't cause any problems because of the burner "filling out" the rest of the layer after the real data is in place. Is that correct? Does the added rubbish make the position compatible?
  3. Please take a look at the following layer break positions available to me. Since the excellent positions are 71/29 and worse (those aren't shown but they go down to 75/25) I was wondering if it is still a good idea to select one of them rather than an average position that is 50/50? I was planing on using the third excellent position from the top (17th position overall). If I select one that is 71/29 what problems, if any, might I run into?
  4. Movie Junkie


    same here still feeling it 4 days laater I hope both of you feel better real soon but if it's the same think that's going around where I live be prepared to live with it for awhile. I had it about 2 months ago and it lasted over a month. I felt fine after a few days but I couldn't get rid of the congestion nor the cough. I also had a very raspy voice. I know a number of others that had it stay with them for about the same length of time.
  5. Why don't you just leave the case open? A SHORT STORY A forum member is at his computer. He is sitting there typing a post in the ImgBurn forum... After which... After which... After which... After which... Let's all try to guess which member this is.
  6. Welcome to the forum Matthew. If you have any questions about ImgBurn please let us know. We will try to help you. If you really like ImgBurn please consider donation something to the author for all of the work he has done in bringing you a great product. You can click Donate if you want to contribute something.
  7. You wooden be trying to pull the wool over our eyes wood you? I personally think you're trying to fleece us. (I'm sorry as well)
  8. Movie Junkie


    Happy Birthday Donta Now who is going to be the first to this one from me?
  9. I think that, as LUK said, drives being cheap you should get another burner. While you could have a bad batch of discs I have a feeling that your drive is the issue. It would be easier to try some new discs than it would be to change the drive so you have a choice to make.
  10. I heard his hand went to sleep after it was finished.
  11. It's only Spam if Nintendo claims that the straps will make you a better lover.
  12. I've had a few problems with errors on my DVD-RW media. When I do a full format of the disc it is error free but when I put data on it I will sometimes find an error on the disc (not always the same spot). It was suggested to me by someone I know at Verbatim Tech Support that it's best to do a full erase and then do a full format. I have done that a few times and I haven't had any problems with errors. Does anyone have an explanation as to why it should be done this way? Verbatim has never given me problems in replacing any discs that I have returned (usually cosmetic issues like scratches) so I don't think they are trying to keep from sending me replacements. Plus, as I said, they were correct because I haven't run into any errors since I started doing what they said.
  13. If I were an Arborist, all of this talk about trees could cause me to have a woody. I'd then have to find a woman in which to plant it. Yeah, I know, MJ just had to keep it going, didn't he?
  14. In France, the answer would be Wii.
  15. I have a few questions. 1. When you're burning, do you have other applications running at the same time? 2. How long have you been using that drive? 3. Is the drive connected to the IDE channel by itself (as the master) or is there something else connected to that channel? 4. Have you had any successful burns with it? 5. Do you have another drive you could use?
  16. Since my last post here I managed to find a Wii at the MSRP and with no crap to bloat the price. It cost me $250.00 US plus shipping and I'm going to surprise my son with it next month when we (my son, grandson and myself) go on a mini-vacation. In case those of you who have a Wii are not aware of it Nintendo is giving up to four free replacement straps for the controller. You'll need to have the serial number of your console. Go here to order them. I would suggest you order the maximum allowed (4). ....just wondering....if I had been caught shoplifting the console from a store would I be charged with taking a Wii in public?
  17. Movie Junkie

    asf files

    Glad to see you back Jerseyguy.
  18. I've been running XP Pro since 2004 and I'll continue to use it. I have no need for the DRM-loaded Vista.
  19. I got my son a PS3 for Christmas. I was doing work in a GameStop store about 2 weeks before Christmas and they received a shipment of four of them while I was in there. The manager asked me if I wanted one before he put them up for sale. I bought the one with the 60GB hard drive. Talk bout my son being surprised...
  20. How many thingies are in a thingamabob?
  21. Polo is correct. You would be surprised at the number of people that swear their problem is not caused by crap media. Then when they finally listen to us and get decent discs their problem(s) go away.
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