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  1. @Cynthia: Ohh, i am sorry about posting wrong info then Many thank's for the correction and search-tip
  2. For others that like me where wondering what had changed in the silent update, then i have just manually compared the huge changelogs(pheew!) from betanews(mirror-1) and ImgBurn's homepage, and the only difference i could see, where this one entry, which is missing from all mirrors, except mirror-7(ImgBurn's own "mirror") : Anyway, i just though that i would post the changelog-difference here, so that others dosen't have to go through them manually like i did... As a sidenote, then i really can't believe how great ImgBurn has gotten by now... - I mean, now we don't even have to keep Burrrn installed anymore LUK! for sure deserves all of our praise for releasing such an awesome and on-top-of-that free app, so once again, thank you so much LUK!
  3. For me personally, then the biggest selling point of ImgBurn is it's advanced configurability. Let's take something like verifying a burn. Most other apps have a check-box for that option and then it's that. Now with ImgBurn, then besides this check-box, you additionally have the option of defining with what reading speed that the verifying process should be carried out at, and also if you want to just verify the readability of the actual blocks, or to also check that the written files are bit-identical to the source files, and then if an actual verify error does occure, then ImgBurn tells you exactly which file(s) the faulty blocks belongs too. Now how cool is that, and that's of course just one little example of one little feature, and where ImgBurn has loads of those available. Of course then it also dosen't hurt that the GUI is very intelligently designed, so that each writing job dosen't take a bunch of clicks to get through, and that it's low on resources and un-bloated. At the end of the day, then you just know that LUK! has designed and coded the best damn writing tool ever made, period So why would we ever go use something else... (Just like Peter's foobar2000, which IMHO is the best damn audio player/organiser ever made )
  4. ...Personally, then i never make the normal type of multi-session writings, because of the very low price on empty media, which then in my head makes such operations totally useless, but the ability of doing non-linked multi-session writings is however something that i would personally really appreciate being added to ImgBurn, as it's not a question of simply saving a few pence, but actually fullfills a real purposse, like e.g. recreating CD-Extra releases with EAC written appendable CD-Rs... Sorry guys - I promise that this is the very last time for me to keep repeating this feature request of mine
  5. Thank's for the tip LUK! I appreciate all your efforts, but personally then i will still use EAC for writing the audio session, since it supports offset corrected writing and although that feature isn't a critical feature, then it's nonetheless nice, since you e.g. get the possibility of being able to rip the copies back with AccurateRip verification support and also to be able to make copies of copies in several generations without loosing audio samples... This issue is of course entirely my own problem and not yours, and i appreciate all your great work on ImgBurn nonetheless Unimportant blabbing follows I used to use IsoBuster to extract the data track from the second session, but i have now changed to instead using Nero's 'Extras > Save Tracks' feature to save the data track into a .nrg image file. The reason for this was that IsoBuster dosen't re-allocate the filesystem before making the image, so if i e.g. needed to extract the data out of the image file later on, then IsoBuster couldn't do it, since the relative references of the filesystem where now invalid, and neither could any other apps if they didn't supported automatic reallocation of the filesystem. Also, Nero wouldn't write a IsoBuster made image of the data track onto an appendable CD-R either(since Nero dosen't support writing non-reallocated images of second session data tracks). I now use Nero for making the images since Nero intelligently re-allocates the filesystem when making the image so that i if needed can extract the files out of it without a problem with e.g. IsoBuster and then Nero also re-allocates the filesystem back when writing the image file to an appendable CD-R also.
  6. Ahh yes, sorry about that LUK! I had completely forgot about IsoBuster's multiple-session hack of the cuesheet format and where initially just thinking about the spec-compliant cuesheet format. Nice addition indeed (although i'm still sad about not being able to write data images onto appendable CD-Rs with ImgBurn, seeing as i can't give up using EAC for ripping audio CDs into lossless images, since EAC offers secure reading modes to make up for the low error-robustness of the red-book format(i.e. just CIRC and without a third layer of EDC/ECC))
  7. @LUK! & Wandering Freeloader : Thank you for both of your replys, mates CU, Martin.
  8. Wow, that's really nice blackdavinci
  9. *LOL* Sorry mate - wrong guy Thank's for the correction, cornholio7 ...I'm really comming off as an intelligent person around here
  10. Could you please then also make an option for disabling it, as i personally hate it to death(and i'm sure many others do to)... If you know how to use your brain the slightest little bit, then you will find ImgBurn's current UI very user-friendly, and dumbing the UI down, just for the occasional imbecil is a pretty sad move IMHO. Of course i respect your decision no matter what you decide, as it's your app and hard work i'm talking about Edit: Hmm, wait a minutte... What am i blabbing on about here! Of course you will make it configurable, just like nearly everything else is, in your brilliant app Sorry for even asking about it, then @blackdavinci Please don't take it personally, when i said that i didn't liked your propossed wizzard, since it hasn't anything to do with your designing skills whatsoever, which i personally find very good btw, but is entirely based on the fact that i personally hate wizzards in general, and no matter if they are well designed or not... CU, Martin.
  11. Just wanted to apologise to Tor for not catching the joke and thinking it was a serious feature request.... Sorry, mate
  12. Yeah, i must be some kind of moron for not getting that the first time around, but thank's for the correction, mate
  13. This is by far the stupidest feature request i have ever seen! And by the way, LUK is not stupid, you know... If he wanted to make an app which through out the entire writing process would consistently hold your hand on each and single step, then he would have allready done so! On top of that, calling an useless and utterly annoying wizzard/assistent for a CRITICAL feature is just retarded IMHO! Just my 2 cents...
  14. Personally, then i really think that ImgBurn's design is very, very well made Just my 2 cents
  15. Thank you very much for your reply, LUK! Personally, then i always write audio CDs with EAC, since it supports offset corrected writing and writes catalog numbers,ISRC codes and CD-TEXT data perfectly from cuesheets and WAV images(Burrrn can't write ISRC codes with my Plextor PX-755A, but that's cdrdao.exe's fault and not Gambit's...). Nonetheless, then many thanks for all your efforts, LUK!, and i'm sure that many people will love this new addition of yours CU, Martin. Edit: Btw, then i believe that you are refering to mixed-mode CDs, since the cuesheet spec.(CDRWIN appendix A) dosen't support defining multiple sessions. Mixed-mode CDs consists of a data track first and then audio tracks afterwards and where everything is in one single session, whereas CD-Extra CDs(Blue Book) consists of one audio session first and then a data session afterwards with one mode2/XA data track with e.g. music-videos and such. "CD-DAs" released as CD-Extra's are becomming more and more popular and so that was the reason that i would so much love if ImgBurn would be able to write bin/cue data images onto "appendable" CD-Rs with one audio session allready written onto it, so that i didn't needed having Nero around whenever i needed to make an exact copy of a CD-Extra release
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