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  1. Thanks for the response. I could swear I have overburned a cd before with no error message, but i will try that. Thank you
  2. Hi, I am trying to burn a cd from the advanced mode but I am recieving an error. I have been using this software for years and this is the first time ever to see an error. Was using then updated to and still.ImgBurn.log
  3. Ok. Will try that. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Hi. I was wondering if it would be possible to verify a burned disc against the .ibb file it was built from? Yesterday I burned a disc and for some reason the drive had a fit during the "cycle tray before verify" and somehow became unavailable. The disc seems like it burned ok but can't be sure. Just as a goof I built an image from that same .ibb file to hard disk and tried to verify against that, but that didn't seem to work (constant miscompares). Just wondering this option would be doable in a future version?
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but the second you use windows explorer to copy the files from the disc it can no longer be "forensic copy", because the 32kb padding(if any to begin with) goes out the window. On another note you can't tell what order the files were in to begin with, so how can you be sure they are going back in that same order. Doing it that way can only assure each individual "file" is bit accurate, not the disc as a whole. If you don't let Imgburn do it's thing you may very well "break" a disc that would normally be playable for the sake of your checksums working out. Why not just create, burn, verify an image?
  6. you must be in write mode....switch to build mode for making data discs
  7. That's just it blu I know how many megabytes but what is that in bytes. And before you get your calculator out, wouldn't it be nice to have that info there instantaneously? But I understand why LUK says what he does an I respect his reasoning.
  8. Would it be possible to put in the settings (or on the GUI) an option to toggle all the file size/free space/image size dislpays between >bytes>Mbytes>Gbytes. I think it would make things easier for some, especially for the newbies who don't know to divide by 1024. Plus it's easier to make your target disc size at a glance when doing backups.
  9. The reason why it is suggested to organize it that way is because Imgburn will know your trying to build a DVD-Video disc and automatically use the parent folder's name as the disc label and also create the AUDIO_TS folder on the fly if it doesn't already exist. All you need to do is drag the VIDEO_TS folder that contains the files into the main window and Imgburn does all the rest automatically!!!(if you answer yes to the questions)
  10. When I need to make multiple copies at the same time I use Prassi Ones. I works very reliably, but it will only burn as fast as your slowest drive can burn. I've done 4 at a time with all different drives no problem. Everything else I use Imgburn (except audio cds )
  11. this is a just a guess, but is the dvd player that can play it back also a stand-alone dvd recorder? if so you need to make sure that you finalize the disc or else you may have problems trying to read it in other devices.
  12. if the movie is NOT copy protected you dont need a ripping program for that. windows explorer works just fine.
  13. Yes, you should be able to playback dual layer movies... that's how they designed it. Playback rate of a DVD Movie is about 10 mb per second max, thats roughly 4.5 GB per hour. At 17 GB (DV) per hour your pushing way past the read rate your drive can handle. It would need to SUSTAIN a 4X read speed to smoothly playback DV video. If it can't your video will studder badly.
  14. Anvil.... The problem is most likely that you can not read from a (dual layer) DVD fast enough to sustain smooth video playback. There is nothing wrong with the .avi files nor the disc. If you tried to copy the files back to the hard drive and play them back from there you will see that they are fine. Use the (dual layer) DVD for storage purposes only.
  15. That "verify check box" does NOT verify against the image you build in "build mode" it only verifies that the disc is readable. That is why LUK said not to build an image on the fly if you plan to do a data verify. That is what "Verify Mode" is for, just leave the "verify against image" unchecked.
  16. Since you're already on the subject, would it be possible to add a "Verify Against Virtual Image" check box in "Verify Mode"? That way we could "build" the image to verify the data on discs burned in "Build Mode" without first creating an .iso file to hard disk. I often use Imgburn to create data discs and currently I see no other way. (Please correct me If i'm wrong.)
  17. Besides Nero, Prassi ONES (Traxdata ONES) will do what you ask. I think you can use up to 4 burners as long as it is coming from the same image and it will only burn at the maximum speed of the slowest drive.
  18. I think it would be great if under the "MODE" tab there was a "READ" function that could launch a program(s) of choice (nudge nudge, wink wink) and at the same time close IMGBURN. I guess it would be good if it were optional in case you don't want to use that feature.
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