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  1. awesome....thanks for the clairification....drooling for new version but take your time
  2. thanks LUk....does this mean I should wait to do the same type of burns? Is a new version in the offing?
  3. I have never had such a error. LUK can you explain what the error is and when it occurs....even though your new version will have fixed it....whenever it comes out ;-)
  4. put Qsuite on....lets you erase the Solidburn memory on the 1640, change how the booktype works permanently, lets you set overspeed, manual use of Solidburn, etc....way useful. Use it.
  5. "I use the full face printable TY's can't see any finger prints on them " what do they feel like? Paper?
  6. this is a but OT, but does anyone know why TY does not make a regular "silk screened" top on their DVDs so finger prints don't go on them?
  7. who said anything about making dye last? I never use the crummy stuff except for fun; but I get it to work anyway. But hey the stuff I have from 4 yrs ago still scores 91-93...so what do I know...other than just not wasting time or $ on media or burners that don't work...go figure eh? I buy my coasters at a home furnishings store. All kidding aside, with all the info on various forums that is available there really is no excuse anymore (other than a gross manufacturing defect) to have a crummy burn...just no excuse.
  8. cheap media is fine IF you have a Benq 1640 with Solidburn....which learns the media and ADDs it to firmware on the fly....and no those forums do not hash LG or Benq...read them. As I said...never a coaster for me....which is the best you can get. What else can I say? I waste neither my time nor $ on media or burners...never have and with a little research never will. To me burning single or dual layer is kid-simple. Luck, think not, been doing this for over 3 years now. Do what you want..just giving my experience; but I will let you know when I burn a coaster or something that does not work in a bunch of players. To be honest I was really anal when I started DL burning (and single for that matter). Read everything I could and tested my burns on over 30 diff machines....just walk into the store and test them, sales people don't care. That is what you need to do instead of waiting for sales. Now this is not scientific, but most of these problems (I would say 9/10) are not due to Nero or a burning app, but rather with a person picking cheap media that is on sale or a burner on sale without reading more that 1 review. It is really that simple.
  9. didn't mean maxell for dual layer...I only use maxell for single layer...same for TY. but fact is you can look over tons for forums...cdrlabs. cdfreaks, cdrinfo, etc. you see nothing but praise for LG and Benq and for the media mentioned...everything else has had complaints/issues with it. And my results really prove it (at least in my eyes); never a coaster, dual or single layer. perfect, i just do not like wasting $
  10. to be honest I have used "tons" of verbatim for myself and family....always good. I suspect it is your drive. NEC it not in the same league as LG or Benq. I have seen enough people complaining about write quality that is for sure. Here is my advice: Drives: LG or Benq..nothing else. I have LG 4163b, Benq 1620, Benq 1640 Media: Verbatim, Maxell, or Taiyo Yuden I have been burning way back since LG 4040b....believe it or not I have NEVER burned a coaster or had a "bad burn" via checking CD/DVD Speed. I think (maybe wrong here) my lowest score was 85 or something like that. With success wuch as this I am likely never to change what I do. Just awesome.
  11. wil verbatim's my scores are easily 91-92 ALL the time. Mermorex DL is aweful UNLESS you have a drive like the Benq 1640 that has Solidburn, which learns the characterstics of the media and stores it as firmware.
  12. that would be a great addition. and it may help to reduce the "bad dual layer burn" posts that come up as a result of poor media. The test feature really can help. If you decide to add it cool!!!!!
  13. I had asked this over at Doom9 but thought that "the creator" may see this here first. "one of the cool new featues is a "test" mode for Benq drives. rolz, can you add in the burn section of pgcedit an option for this in case anyone uses "weird" DL blanks? Not sure if this is part of the CLI in ImgBurn or not." Just wondering LUK if the "test" feature can be passed to ImgBurn via CLI? Would be an awesome feature for those el-cheapo DVD +R DL that sometimes find their way to me.
  14. thanks LUK!!!! If you go back to the original DVDLab forum post by jberry who posted this issue in the Gear forums, you will see a response from Tom Vaughan (at the Gear forum), the guy who writes Gear. He says: "jberry, You are looking at 2 different descriptions for doing the same thing. In both cases, the VOB is moved by the appropriate number of sectors in order to align the chosen layer break point with the start of a new ECC Block. You have to use GEAR's method when you use GEAR." so I guess both methods are correct. This may come up again as burning dual layer can be tricky...maybe you should sticky this or something...save yourself a hassle later
  15. now that would be nice.....maybe a large donation would help from all of us....demuxing, etc is ok is it not?
  16. So ImgBurn will pad where appropriate then? or will it ensure that all files are written at the correct offsets and there is no padding between them. the reason I am asling this is because the use of ImgBurn and PGCEdit has come up at the DVDLab forum: http://www.mmbforums.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=12227 sorry I am admitting here that this is a cross post at Doom9 as I am not sure if you will post this concern I originated to rOLZ. Doom9 link is: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p=720112#post720112
  17. true, but in IMGBurn if you goto Tools-->Settings-->Write there is a section for layer break....if you choose calculate optimal will IMGBurn "If the disk is authored with correct padding, then the cell boundary will also co-incide with a 32k block."?
  18. Hey LUK!!! Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does imgtool ensure that that the Layer Break point is set to an ECC Block boundary and therefore adjust the start sectors of all the files accordingly when used on its own? With PGCEdit as a front end it will, but how about ImgBurn on its own when user had the proggy figure out the layer break?
  19. actually the "old prog" without the so-called "controversial stuff" would be fine by me.....you know same look, demux capabilities, improved burning capabilities etc....just without all the "controversial stuff". to be honest the "old prog" was much more than a backup-thingy...much more
  20. Nice to see UK is back here...this looks like a nice tool....really cool
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