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  1. nice to see the latest beta works fine for this!!!! thanks for giving the log.....looks like will be a REALLY Happy New Year for ImgBurn.... I have kept nero around for any "just in case" problems, but it looks like the new version will eliminate this need for good. thanks for the work LUK and Beta Team Dudes and Dudettes!!!!
  2. that is ok....I figured you would have it solved in this new version.....what will happen? Will it tell you it is out of spec and then give option to burn anyway? thanks for being on top of it all....
  3. ok thanks....in case you are interested (or anyone is), the link is: http://tacp.toshiba.com/tacpassets-images/...HD-A3-1300U.zip ImgBurn says "invalid or unsupported image file" cool it is fixed in next version. thanks.
  4. Just downloaded V1.3 firmware for my Toshiba HD player (A3). ImgBurn will not burn the .iso file....says unknown format. Nero, Deep Burner and others will burn it. I realize that the ISO is obviously non-standard, but can ImgBurn be FORCED to burn an image of this type?
  5. well it is not Christmas here yet....and all 500 members of my family are refreshing the history page.....where is everyone??? Should we have our turkey????? Or wait for ImgBurn? please give advice all..
  6. I hope new version comes with a font manager!!!!
  7. another week is 23rd!!! maybe 24th at 9pm would be cool LOL!!! I will watch!!!!
  8. With the holiday season soon here....is new version soon here too???? LOL!!! thanks for imgburn...been a great year for this proggy!!!!
  9. I heard LUK was not female...is this not true...or is it a double entendre?
  10. yep..use that extension alot... but what about registry entries...I could make my own right? Suppose I want to make a .reg file to do this. Now suppose my example is. 1. Hi-light a bunch of files (or folder doesn't matter) 2. Right-click and option "Burn Data with Imgburn to F:" appears 3. I click it, and Imgburn loads in build mode and asks for volume name, then burns (at last speed), and when done ImgBurn closes and CD/DVD ejects. This would be do-able right? It would just be like: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Folder\shell\Burn Data with ImgBurn on F:\command and then: "C:\Program\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE ISOBUILD /BUILDMODE DEVICE /FILESYSTEM "UDF" /SRC "%1" or something like that....this would be for folders...what about right-click files. I would only need one .reg file....could modify as needed. I don't know how to make a dll
  11. any chance one could get the program to right-click and burn. For example, you hi-lite files, right-click them, and the explorer extension Burn with ImgBurn would appear. Would be fast for lots of data dvds and cds
  12. you're right....it is a suggestion...sorry maybe you should move it there. Yes it does burn CDs....nicely too. To be honest I never really articulated my point as best as I should have. I told my 65 year old father about ImgBurn a few days back when 2.0 came out. Your program is so well written that even at his age he figured it out FAST. However, when he put a DVD in to burn he called me and asked about the 52x speed thing for a DVD...so I tried it as well. So I guess my suggestion is to have ImgBurn realize what media is in the drive at set the relevant speeds accordingly (no such thing as 52x dvd burn). True this is just cosmetic, but for some really, really new users it may make the difference in their adoption of ImgBurn...and perhaps donation again thanks for the proggy and feel free to move this topic to suggestions....
  13. of course it is cosmetic, but I just thought it was a bit wierd to see 52x as a burn speed for DVD. I just thought that some new users might see this and figure either the program was flaking or their burner was wierd. Again just a suggestion to ensure that program does not look "funny" at some stages... and a user may want to limit burn speed and having the indicator be correct would be good. For example, those who buy crummy media like R*tek, which cannot be burned well at 16x....4x would be good. just my 0.05 cents!!!!
  14. Ok....if I go into the Build mode and destination is my burner (I have not tried this for other modes). I get a choice of burn speeds. So if I put in a DVD-R and look at the device tab I am shown what burn speeds my media can do, in this case 4x, 8x, and 16x HOWEVER, I can manually choose any speed I want; even 52x. Should the speed choice drop down only show those speeds relevant to the media I have? 52x should not be there. Of course I can read from the device window and act accordingly, but for the sake of neatness should only the relevant speeds be chosen? Also, if I put an already burned DVD in and choose mode build or write no error comes up...should the program notify the user if improper media is in right away? If these have been discussed earlier or I am overlooking something my apologies. Thanks LUK for a great proggy!!!!
  15. ok thanks....I can always check with PGCEdit anyways for a preview...or still use it anyways...assuming the cli still works between pgcedit and imgburn
  16. I do not have a dual layer project handy here to try so I am asking this.... Will ImgBurn show me via a preview the cell of PGC contents of where a layer break can be? As you know PGCEdit does this. If there are multiple break points it is nice to see what part of the video the break will be in. For example if I have the choice of action or a black frame from a fade to black I will choose the black frame to eliminate any noticable pause on the player. thanks
  17. ok...hey you are right!!!! How did you know?
  18. thanks for V2.0 WOW. One suggestion, how abut puttinig a label beside ISO9600+UDF as DVD So it would be "ISO9600+UDF (for DVD)", no quotes of course. I suspect DVDs will be burned with this mainly and this would be a neat shortcut for users who do not look at the guides. I know I forgot that is what DVD is.
  19. I've burn CDs...perfect, but I never noticed the speed....Is it supposed to burn CDs?
  20. yep...xp pro....purrs like a kitten as long as I don't play games, which I do not...not a gamer. no crashes, underruns, or nonsense with works, but then again when I burn from it I burn no faster than 8x for single layer or 2.4x or 4x for dual....no coasters, problems ever; of course I do nothing else when this is going on, especially for dual layer...gotta leave it alone for that. Oh yah....your forum says I am an ISF Newbie...what is ISF?
  21. well that is wacky....I have a PIII 866 with 512 megs of ram, 2 hard drives, 2 page files and burn from both...never an underrun.....go figure that!!!! Can't wait for new version anyway!!!!
  22. I have never had an issue.....does this problem only occur if you try to do something else when burning?
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