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    Petabit Optical Disk

    Yes, you are right, I don't believe in it either, just kidding 😄
  2. Will Imgburn support this? 🙃 https://gizmodo.com/meet-the-super-dvd-scientists-develop-massive-1-petabi-1851272615
  3. If CMC changed the manufacturing process is not the same MID, by the way CMC is not the same as MCC. In my case, I'm not concerned about playback compatibility, technology evolves and luckily I never had such problems. From my point of view I prefer DVD+R, more trustable and longer life by design, unless quality media is a crap. There is an old article that explains it, not online anymore, but I kept a PDF copy, see it attached in this post. Regards Why DVD+R(W) is superior to DVD-R(W) - Myce.com.pdf
  4. I suggest you Verbatim DVD+R (MCC004 MID), very good quality, the one that you use is a 2nd class blank DVD media. http://www.digitalfaq.com/reviews/dvd-media.htm Aside from that, DVD+R technology is better than DVD-R. Regards
  5. zurst


    DVD+R(W) is superior to DVD-R(W) -> https://www.myce.com/article/why-dvdrw-is-superior-to-dvd-rw-203/ As far as I remember DVD-R has 8 MB more than DVD+R, it's been useful for me a couple of times. Regards
  6. Check this: https://www.howtogeek.com/296918/how-to-stop-windows-from-powering-off-your-usb-devices/ Regards
  7. Are you burning at max speed? Try a lower one . . . Regards
  8. Surely enclosures are ok Did you have a look to the BIOS settings?, maybe something is different now. Did you try to boot on safe mode and burn then? (use a rewritable disc) Regards
  9. The enclosure power supply must have 12V for sure, but which is its maximum amperage?. The Pioneer 2209 needs 12V to operate, but same question, which amperage does it need?. You can find that info in the labels of each one (output). Which is the brand and model of the enclosure? is it UASP capable? and your system? Regards
  10. Mitsubishi is the manufacturer also of Mediarange (MR508) and has same MID that one of pointed Verbatim, quality differs a lot by the way, these Mediarange discs are crap and Verbatim are good. Kind regards
  11. Usually people only talk about the brand, but I think it's important to take into account that same brand can use differente manufacturers. BRAND: Verbatim Datalife MANUFACTURER: CMC Magnetics Corp EAN: 0023942438113 MID: CMCMAG-BA5-000 CAPACITY: 25 GB SPINDLE: 25 discs CMC seems to have done a good job in these discs, high quality from my experience. And as you already know CMC had a very bad reputation in DVDs. BRAND: Verbatim MANUFACTURER: Mitsubishi Kagaku Media EAN: 023942437420 MID: VERBAT-IMe-000 CAPACITY: 25 GB SPINDLE: 10 discs Very high quality, possibly even better than Verbatim Datalife because the price. BRAND: Mediarange (MR508) MANUFACTURER: Mitsubishi Kagaku Media EAN: 4260057128980 MID: VERBAT-IMf-000 CAPACITY: 50 GB SPINDLE: 25 discs Crap media despite the manufacturer is Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, it's necessary to burn it at 2X always, and even at that speed is not guaranteed that you get a coaster. Lot of uncorrectable errors after starting to verify second layer if you burn it at more than 2X, always. BRAND: Verbatim MANUFACTURER: Mitsubishi Kagaku Media EAN/UPC: VBR260YP20SV1 MID: VERBAT-IMf-000 (same MID that Mediarange MR508) CAPACITY: 50 GB SPINDLE: 20 discs Great quality, I think one of them failed, I'm not sure. BRAND: Verbatim MANUFACTURER: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. EAN/UPC: VBR260YP50V1 MID: MEI-T02-001 CAPACITY: 50 GB SPINDLE: 50 discs Superb quality as far as I know. BRAND: Primeon MANUFACTURER: RITEK EAN: 4260027613119 4260027613119 4260027613119 4260027613119 4260027613119 4260027613119 4260027613119 4260027613119 MID: RITEK-DR3-000 CAPACITY: 50 GB SPINDLE: 10 discs Seems to be a very good quality aswell, 8 discs burnt, no coasters, at 2X and 4X. I'm thinking to switch from Verbatim (the ones made by Matsushita) to Primeon (made by Ritek) because at same price I can get one Primeon spindle more, all the discs I've pointed are HTL made. I read this thread -> https://club.myce.com/t/ritek-bd-r-dl/306005/16 But I don't understand the pictures, the more 'equalized' is the graph better quality has the media?. So Primeon RITEK-DR3-000 is a quality media or not?. Kind regards
  12. I've burnt several RITEK-DR3-000 (Primeon brand) with my Pioneer 209DBK and always is succesful, at 2x and 4X, I'm wondering if stay with Verbatim, a bit more expensive or switch to Primeon, I would like a common sense answer if it's possible Btw he is burning at max speed, 8X, try 2X or 4X instead, surely it will be fine this time. Kind regards
  13. Try to burn it at 4X instead of 8X Kind regards
  14. I like this article, despite it's a bit outdated and I don't share some pointed thoughts, on the other hand it contains very interesting links with info I didn't know and commentaries of people sharing their experiences. http://cdm.link/2017/02/a-generation-of-cds-is-already-rotting-and-dying/ Kind regards
  15. Yes, I think you are right I supposed a firmware update could solve the problem after reading this thread: http://www.dvdadvdr.com/forums/showthread.php?t=69854 Note for the original poster: Any data in the disc after the burn process is finished? Kind regards
  16. Maybe a firmware update is needed: https://esupport.sony.com/US/p/swu-download.pl?mdl=SVE14114FXB&upd_id=8419&os_group_id=6 Kind regards
  17. I want to share another funny thing with you: BRAND: Mediarange (MR508) MANUFACTURER: Mitsubishi Kagaku Media EAN: 4260057128980 MID: VERBAT-IMf-000 CAPACITY: 50 GB SPINDLE: 25 discs ----- BRAND: Verbatim MANUFACTURER: Mitsubishi Kagaku Media EAN/UPC: VBR260YP20SV1 MID: VERBAT-IMf-000 CAPACITY: 50 GB SPINDLE: 20 discs Possible writing speeds: LG BHN16NS40 -> 4x, 6X, 8X (both) , burning Mediarange you nearly always get a coaster, burning Verbatim nearly always is successful (burning both at 4X, that is minimum speed available) Pioneer BDR-209DBK -> 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X (both) , burning Mediarange usually is successful at 2X if we try 4X you get a coaster for sure, burning Verbatim at 2X or 4X is nearly always successful I always verify what I burn Apparently both discs are the same, different brand but same manufacturer and MID, but obviously are not the same quality, Mediarange process of production must be different . . . So, it's no the same Kentucky Fried Chicken than three fuckin' in the kitchen ROFL Nice people, nice forum, please don't die before I do Kind regards
  18. Yeah, there is a logical explanation for this, I don't believe in witches, maybe hard to find out, no time and energy to try out it Kind regards
  19. Thanks mates, I understand what you mean and it makes sense of course, but let me explain first what I tried. That folder was in my hard disk, with blu-ray structure, BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders of course. I copied it to a different hard disk of my PC, same problem trying to burn it, so I copied it to a different PC via LAN with a different burner, exactly the same problem trying to burn it. I processed that folder with DVDFab, and then I was able to burn it, using the Primeon discs by the way . . . Yeah I understand what you mean, what's wrong then?. It's possible to copy and move data to different hard disks, nothing weird analyzing with BDinfo, even it's possible to play the movie, very strange thing. My third Primeon disc burnt, no problem at all, even at 4X, layer break transition ok, unlike Mediarange crap . . . I updated my burner to firmware 1.50 again Kind regards
  20. Hi again dudes! Oh my cock! Shame on me!, the problem was not the firmware nor the Primeon discs, just the blu-ray I was trying to burn, it was not properly unprotected, despite BDinfo did not indicate nothing wrong, even playing the movie. My mistake was trying to burn always the same blu-ray using Primeon discs, I burnt different ones with Verbatim but not this one . . . Primeon discs seems to have a very decent quality by the way. Kind regards
  21. Thank you so much @dbminter, your link was very useful, I was able to extract the firmware from updater.exe using 7Zip, and later revert my burner to the previous firmware using DVRTool v1.02, and guess what . . . I have the same problem!! Thanks a bunch @LIGHTNING UK! and @dbminter for your great help I don't recommend you to purchase these discs, it seems to me that first one of the spindle is the only one usable ROFL Kind regards
  22. Yes, it's internally installed Following LUK advice I posted my problem in MyCE forums: https://club.myce.com/t/i-cant-burn-primeon-bd-dl-after-updating-burner-firmware-pioneer-bdr-209dbk/400827 Aside from this I've sent a couple of e-mails to supposedly Pioneer related people, the main e-mail to get in touch with them doesn't work. I think the only way is waiting for a new firmware or maybe someone able to release a tool to revert it. Kind regards
  23. Thank you so much LUK, I will look for it I have a reply from Pioneer and they gave me a different e-mail address, the one for computer section If I find a solution I will post here Kind regards
  24. Hi all, Early this week I bought one spindle of Primeon double layer blu-ray, I read good things about them, even people burning it with same burner that I have without problems. DISCS REFERENCE: 2761311 MEDIACODE: RITEK-DR3-000 As soon as I received it tried to burn one disc, no problem at all, it seems to be a quality media. Then I was just curious if maybe there was a new firmware for my burner, several months without checking for a new one, and I guess it, there were new firmwares for latest Pioneer burners (I think), these models: BDR-211EBK, BDR-211UBK, BDR-209EBK, BDR-209UBK (BDR-2209), BDR-209DBK, BDR-S09XLB y BDR-S09XLT My burner is the Pioneer BDR-209DBK, and my previous firmware 1.34, and the new one is 1.50 (updated Mar 2, 2018) As you can suppose, I could not resist and updated my burner with the new firmware, and now I can't burn Primeon blu-ray discs, I'm very dissapointed. As you can see in the image, the burn process never starts. Time elapsed does not appear in the screenshot but I waited more than 8 minutes, at least I dont' get a coaster. Here you have the log, but I think it does not matter because the burn process does not start at all: After waiting several minutes I try to kill Imgburn with task manager, and apparently the program is closed but the process is shown in task manager, the hard disk led is permanently on and I can't eject the burner tray, so I'm forced to reboot, no problem doing that. I tried desperately several things, but I'm sure that the problem is related with the new firmware. I tried: - Different burning speeds - Reinstalling Imgburn - Reinstalling chipset driver - Uninstalling the burner from 'Device manager' booting in safe mode and booting again after doing this to get it installed again in normal mode - Enable OPC - Try a different Primeon disc - And lastly I tried a Verbatim double layer blu-ray, and no problem with this one (not problem with the previous firmware either) Aside from this, I can read the Primeon burnt disc with the previous firmware, and Imgburn keeps showing me the info about these discs Pioneer firmware website: http://pioneer.jp/device_e/product-e/ibs/device_e/dev00001r_e.html SO BE CAREFUL WITH THIS NEW FIRMWARE!!, I don't suggest you to update it, because it seems that there is no way back. Surely I'll will send an e-mail to Pioneer, I still can't believe this :-( Kind regards
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    Weird question

    Thank you so much LUK, awesome info as always Kind regards
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