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    Hi all, a friend has told me that when he burns blu-rays, writing speed always drops to the half he set up, and the reason is due to 'somekind of verification', he barely can be more accurate, 'he read it somewhere'. So, if he is burning at 4X he only achieves 2X and so on. Is there any kind of explanation for this?. I only can imagine the reason could be the media writing speed limits, but he told me is using the same blu-rays that I'm using, and those ones have higher speed limits Btw he is using linux, I already told him to try imgburn. And their burner seems to be the same one I have, Pioneer 209-DBK. Kind regards
  2. If you know which file is affected you can compare hash of both files, the original one in the hard disk and the other one in the disc.That's what I checked additionally with my last burns, related to the problem I'm having with Mediarange BD-R DL. I used 'Hashtools', very nice program. Kind regards
  3. I could not wait until have a new SSD because it will take some time, guarantee procedures, so I set part of virtual memory in a different hard disk and test new burns . . . and no way, 2 tests and both failed. First one I burnt increasing speed to 6x: Second try, this time I tried to burn different data and using OPC: I have a couple of questions: 1) Could it be a layer break issue? is the burn failing trying to do the transition of layers? 2) Why no layer break screen to choose from in BD? is it so different from DVDs? I've sent an e-mail to the shop where I purchased it and they requested me some info saying that will study my question, I've already sent to them the info. I will post my experience as soon as I get an answer. Kind regards
  4. On thursday I installed a new SSD, and just discovered that is not trustable, information on it degrades, not easy to diagnose, because 'Crystal disk info' indicates that health is good, but this SSD is still not supported by the program I guess due to some details. The specific utility from the SSD brand indicates that health is good also, but some SMART parameters seemed weird to me despite I'm not an expert understading them. How I discovered it then?. Pure luck, I uploaded a torrent, and verification was ok, 1 day after none of the leechers completed it yet, so I forced verification and it got stuck at 99,9 % . . . starting from this I copied some heavy files from the blu-ray drive to the SSD and failed many times (not always), I copied the same to a different hard disk and it was ok. Thanks for these interesting advices, I didn't know about OPC, I will wait until getting a new SSD to try again. The blu-ray I tried to burn was not in the SSD but most of the virtual memory is allocated in this one, because the SSD (a different one) where is installed the OS is only 120 GB, and when upgraded RAM to 24 GB I had problems with virtual memory allocation because so few free space and luckily I didn't clone the system to the bigger SSD, I prefer this type of configuration. I will report new burn results after changing the SSD. Kind regards
  5. A couple of weeks ago I purchased 1 spindle of Mediarange MR508 BD-R Dual layer 50 GB 6x, these discs are HTL, and Mediacode is VERBAT-IMf-000, so I supposed it should be a quality media, but after first burn I think I was wrong. Today I had enough spare time at last to check it, and first burn is a coaster I disabled antivirus and closed browser session despite I have a powerful system with plenty of RAM. Burnt it apparently with no problems, but when verification was around 85% suddenly I got L-EC Uncorrectable Errors and this windows popped-up: After several of these errors I chose to continue and not be warned, finally I cancelled verification. Tell me please if I made any mistake or if as I suspect these discs are a total crap. LOG:
  6. Yes, you're right, I agree with your comment. Kind regards
  7. Read it again carefully Video file formats: MKV, MPEG-TS, MPEG-PS, M2TS, VOB, AVI, MOV, MP4, QT, ASF, WMV, Blu-ray-ISO, BDMV, DVD-ISO, VIDEO_TS Even more: Optical disc formats: data discs (CD/DVD/BD) (MP3, JPEG, etc), Audio CD (PCM/DTS), DVD-Video (retail and user-authored discs), Blu-ray (retail and user-authored discs) As I said, I can't confirm it, but I think these players can do the job. And if these ones can't, there must exist some kind of device able to do it. Kind regards
  8. Hi people I'm using CMCMAG-BA5-000 also (Verbatim Datalife), and I think are quality media, these discs are HTL. Sometimes is difficult to trust which discs to buy, not enought info on the internet. As far as I know is true, CMC made pure DVD rubbish, not the same with these ones, I burnt more than 40 without problems. I don't understand 'On this drive' statistics, not true https://www.raymond.cc/blog/test-cd-or-dvd-readability-by-running-surface-scan-and-file-test/ I purchased these week 1 spindle of Mediarange MR508 BD-R Dual layer 50 GB 6x, these discs are HTL, and Mediacode is . . . VERBAT-IMf-000 Not tested yet, but I think these discs should have a good quality. Kind regards
  9. I started to do that some years ago, because nowadays Blu-rays are more cost-effective than DVDs: 1 spindle DVD Verbatim DVD+R 16x 4.7GB (50 discs) has a price of 10,78 €, so 4,7 GB x 50 = 235 GB 1 spindle DVD DVD+R DL 8x 8.5GB Verbatim (10 discs) has a price of 10,34 €, so 8,5 GB x 10 = 85 GB 1 spindle Blu-Ray 25GB 6x HTL Verbatim (10 discs) has a price of 10,57 €, so 25 GB x 10 Unidades = 250 GB I took those prices from an old post mine in another forum, now I'm getting Blu-rays even cheaper with good quality also (I hope so). ADVANTAGES: - Price - Durability of the media (I hope so) - Saved time (several DVDs copied in a single disc, at same speed . . .) - More speed reading and copying files - No layer break issues with DVD9 discs DISADVANTAGES: - Only playable on the PC Not only playable on the PC as I supposed, in the beginning I also thought about a reauthoring tool, but I was convinced that must exist a device that could read my 'sessions'. Have a look to these: http://dune-hd-usa.com/Products/DuneHDMAX.aspx http://dune-hd-usa.com/Products/DuneHDSMARTB1.aspx Video file formats: MKV, MPEG-TS, MPEG-PS, M2TS, VOB, AVI, MOV, MP4, QT, ASF, WMV, Blu-ray-ISO, BDMV, DVD-ISO, VIDEO_TS As you can read, it can idem VIDEO_TS folders, so I guess the problem is solved. I don't own neither of these ones or a different hardware player able to read VIDEO_TS folders, so I can't test it and confirm. Kind regards
  10. Both mem tests were ok, no errors. I had a similar problem some years ago, and despite mem tests were ok, the problem was very clear, a memory module was causing unstability in the system and it was necessary to remove one by one and power on/off system to find out which one was faulty. In this case it was not necessary, I was going to set a lower frequency, but then I noticed that I was missing a new BIOS update, this one has very interesting benefits: - Improved memory compatibility. - Support PSC B-die DDR3 Memory So I updated BIOS, and after that burnt a Blu-ray with several DVDs, as always, no problems this time, everything perfect. I hope this will be definitely a happy ending . . . Thank you so much mate Kind regards
  11. Thank you so much mate, I will check it asap Kind regards
  12. Hi again, I thought it was everything ok, but not I finally disabled XMP in the BIOS, because I got a sudden reboot, so the PSU on its limits surely is right. I made some file copying tests from Blu-rays to the HDD and a rewritable CD burn, no device removal, nothing strange. But then I tried to copy some DVDs to the Blu-ray (yes, I'm doing this since more than a year ago, because Blu-rays are more affordable than DVDs and I'm aware of some devices than can play VIDEO_TS folders, so there's no problem, I would like to post in the thread related to this to help others, but I'm not allowed to do it). The question is that I tried to burn the same twice, the first one I got a miscompare and then cancelled verification. The second time I left to complete the verification, another miscompare, but this time in a different file, only 1 at least. I checked MD5 hash of that file in the HD and in the copied Blu-ray and it's the same ¿what's wrong? ¿can I keep that copied Blu-ray?, in the second one Imgburn said 'Operation succesfully completed', I'm getting paranoid. LOG 1: LOG 2: Kind regards
  13. Thanks mate, first of all I've uninstalled 'Intel Rapìd Storage Technology Driver', and things seemed to go better, I tested again the drive copying some GBs from a Blu-ray to the HDD, and always the copy got stuck at same point and fails to complete, and drive disappears. After trying some non sense things like changing drive letters, and some others more interesting like testing the other drive and disabling it, I booted up in safe mode and no problem then. Normal boot again, and no problem . . . but when I press the eject button it refuses to open the tray, it opened at second try, and when I grab the disc, the tray suddenly closes and drive dissapears, I could not believe it, i tried it twice with same result. Now the problem seems to be solved, but I need to do more tests. I think the matter is that the PSU is on its limits, as I told before I upgraded RAM and enabled XMP, so i think that extra amount of energy consumption is causing that 'device removal'. What I did is changing the supplying conector from the PSU to the drive, and it seems to be ok, more balanced surely. I will try disabling XMP if I got more problems. Thanks a bunch for your advice, I'm going to do another donation, I think you really deserve it Kind regards
  14. Hi, it was not my intention to start a new topic, I wanted to post in this one: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/24481-asmedia-106x-sata-controller/?view=getnewpost But it not was possible, I'm not allowed to post on that thread. I recently upgraded RAM from 8 GB to 24 GB, activated XMP in BIOS again, and when Windows booted up 'some device was detected and installed' then I started to enjoy the new "memory experience", and got a BSOD. Ok, I needed to reduce virtual memory because it nearly ate free space in my system hard disk (120 GB SSD). After this it seemed that everything was ok, but not, I inserted a blu-ray in the drive to copy some things to the hd it not worked, it was possible to open/close tray pushing the button but not do any kind of transfer. After booting again I started Imgburn and realised that when I insert any kind of media in the drive I got a 'device removal detected'. After booting several times and doing some fool&desperate things like changing boot priority in BIOS, I had a look in the device manager, and saw several things in the SATA Controller section that made me think about a driver reinstallation. My motherboard has 2 SATA Controllers, Intel Z87 and ASMedia 106x. First I installed what I thought it was first SATA controller, but it was 'Intel Rapìd Storage Technology Driver', and because it did not solve the problem I then installed ASMedia driver, and the problem continued, so I realised that I must try to reinstall chipset driver, I did it and now I don't have the 'device removal' problem but I think the drive is not performing right, when I burnt a Blu-ray yesterday without problems, but when I try to copy files from the Blu-ray drive to the hd, speed is not as good as before and worst of all, lot of pauses,the drives suddenly stops spinning and after some seconds it continues, very strange behaviour. As far as I know Blu-ray drive is not connected in ASMedia SATA port, I don't know the other ones, but it's easy to find out. Now in the device manager it indicates SCSI drives?!! And I have a second drive, maybe there's somekind of conflict. Sorry for my bad explanation, english is not my native language as you can suppose. Kind regards PS: Thanks Richard for the best program of its kind and this fantastic forum
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