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  1. Hi I have the same need: exporting to image file: 1 single BIN + CUE, which can contain multiple tracks
  2. About my previous post, I've resolved my empty device buffer problem : It was caused by speedfan (great freeware btw) where each minute it was using smart to refresh the hd temperatures, and the device buffer was dropping at exactly these moments... (I've let a bug report at the speedfan website, in case to trying to figure the what the problem could be)
  3. Today I tried to create a bootable iso from my custom win xp cd using imgburn. Unfortunately, I didn't figured how to remove the extra period added on files which haven't an extention when building iso tree, as you can see in the imgburn's log : Of course, with that changed name, loading is impossible and the cd cannot boot. How to fix it ? I know that using mkisofs it can be removed with the option -d or -omit-period (violating iso9660), is imgburn have something similar ?
  4. I have the same trouble than you (device buffer empty when the program's buffer still full...), excepted that it happen only a few time when burning (2-5 times) But when I see your ibg files, I understand that there is nothing to compare... I have a nec 2500a, asus a8n-sli (nf4), winxp 32bit, media are phillips 16x dvd+r and 60% humidity in my piece If I find some fix, I'll post it here. Good luck.
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