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  1. No coaster! Looking great! I'll be using these and Verbatim, and eXtremePro which puts out a decent DVD+R DL.
  2. Hey guys, I just experienced something after converting one of my files to .mkv where it wouldn't play because of Hardware Digital Rights Management? Now how the heck did this happen since the original file was in .mp4 and played just fine with every player including VLC, MPC-HC, VSO, and even Movies&TV? Is Microsoft doing this in Windows 10 in the background? Believe me the original .mp4 plays just fine. It can't be a HEVC issue since all my other .mkv files that I converted play just right as well. Received a 50pk tub of AcePlus DVD+R DL 8x and must say they look very solid. Now to burn and post back results. Disc ID: RITEK-S04-66 per ImgBurn. I have to admit that I burned some discs earlier today with some Verbatims and ImgBurn for sure was the fastest and more efficient in Build Mode from another Disc in another drive. I'm not going to knock these AcePlus right off the back because of a MID. I'll burn then post back my take.
  3. Ok thanks. And verbatim BD-R correct? I'll hopefully get the DVD+R DL non-verbatim today. I'll post back my experience. Why does a 25GB Blu-ray disc advertise 135 minutes play? Is that how Blu-ray movies work? 25GB and only 135 minutes play time? Thanks.
  4. I hear you! Lol! I think I'm going to buy a Bluray drive and start using those as they seem to be more stable and not going anywhere any time soon. They also have a 50pk tub there that's regular stock Verbatim and not the Life Series. Fwiw, they're offering 5% discount for any first orders. Amazon has the regular 50 tub at $49.53 more or less right now.
  5. Correct @Ch3vr0n I'm glad you see it. Sometimes you have to dig online and get lucky. The ones I'm referring to here are in the box packaging, not the tubs, etc... Anyway, I just bought some off brand DVD+R DL to see how they fair. I'll post my findings after some burns. We have to be ready for either Verbatim going bad, or finding sonething decent we can at least work with.
  6. That is rather a low price for quality media, though you never know and at that price if they do pan out you win. Try to burn at half the speed of the suggested write speed so you can be sure of at least completing a burn, and ruling out coasters because of higher speeds and possible incompatibility issues with any of the burners. I'm probably going to check them out afterwards, as I still have almost a tub of 100 quality Verbatim DVD+R and 50 DVD+R DL. I'm soon going to see how much I can possibly get the Trisonic DVD-R as they sell wholesale at their store here in Queens. If I can get them for about $45.00 the 100, or even less if they say the limit is @500 give or take. I can see they are quality discs. Btw, online at a Office Depot, they have what looks like the Purple and White packaging DVD+R 10pk Verbs for $10.69. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&biw=1920&bih=1005&tbm=shop&sxsrf=ACYBGNQsWg9wOkD1__V3TWSlH8TcUYy2lg%3A1580205828717&ei=BAcwXuWvK8eMggeV_LS4Aw&q=verbatim+dvd%2Br&oq=verbatim+dvd%2Br&gs_l=psy-ab-sh.3..0l8j0i333k1l2.14068.26659.0.30260. Disc id = MKM-003-00 for the DVD+R DL I last picked up at Amazon, so still lucky I guess with that.
  7. I was getting coasters as well with my DVD+R DL, and when I changed the speed to 4×, they stopped coasting. Those JVC are very good. I went with them after TY went to JVC. The Trisonics I told you about coded out to UME 2 this time. They seem to be quite good, though I need to see how much cheaper I can get them, as they were $2.99 for 2 discs. Someone will be putting out more than decent stuff if they want to continue to sell.
  8. They should, even if it's for 90 days or at least a year. Ever since they told me all their drives from here on out would automatically bitset, I just use my LG for opening up DVDs, CDs, and use my Liteon and PIODATA to burn. LG is my fastest reader, I wish they would have keft the bitsetting to the user.
  9. I'm asking if you ever used the professional series? Or just Data Life Plus? Verbatim has a very large collection of blanks. Every time I check I see a new one. I wouldn't put too much stake on VSO. I saw they tried to automatically charge me for a new year with ConvertXToVideo which I'm not reupping. I just reupped my ConvertXToDVD for one more year and hope they do whatever within that time frame. There's way too many free and better similar ConvertXToVideo software. DVD is another matter. I just have one other and it's pretty good too.
  10. Great! Let me know what you think about the Verbatim datalife professional series DVD blanks? Are these even better than the dataplus you usually use? Thanks. Happy New Year!!!
  11. Well then how do you explain over a year's worth of use w/out any issues? If it's not Windows, and before it was fine until not fine, then it just has to be something introduced since that time it was good. Is Dell replacing it?
  12. Ok. Windows 10 is what most wanted though now dread! More security. For some reason, and this may ir may nit be related, if Windows 10 thinks something doesn't belong to the main regular setup it will lo k you out. I figured out my issue was that Windows 10 denied me access to an external drive that was working just fine. Like I said it showed up in Manager but I couldn't access it. I had to go into the drive's property and apply SYSTEM, Administrator Rights, User rights,... and full control, then everything went back to normal. Now just at the end of transfering some files that same drive acted up again. Lucky I have those backed up. I'm done with external gadgets unless absolutely necessary. Right now I'm scouring that drive to see if I could save some time on some other stuff I didn't have backed. After that if I can get back 8n I'm going to format it and keep it out of the dock. If not straight to the garbage. I've had to apply rights to most of my apps because of this new Windows 10 security paranoia. There's only one user, only one admin, only one system operator, Me! So just in case make sure it's not something related because remember all was well leading up to that. If it is hardware related it would of showed up long time ago I presume, I think. If no then only you know what physically changed if anything. I would right click everything and apply full rights to everything by everything under your control. Now that would eliminate just about everything. These computers have a freaking mind of their own, especially with this new security. All over I'm reading about similar schizophrenic drives and Explorer . Now in my case it might just be a God problem because all my adult movies were in this drive? Go figure. Without my consent it was formatted! I still don't believe it. I went in and poof, 934GB of brand new space or w/e it is. I'm not going to lie and say that it didn't cross my mind that MS some how knew about my collection and deleted it because it did.
  13. I'm having more or less the same problem now and I don't have your computer. For some reason windows is not acknowlging one of my external drives when it shows up fine in Partition Wizard and Windows alone offers to format it? Something in Windows 10 not right. It's not the computer because all over people are reporting this. Now me. I'll figure this out.
  14. So just try to explain to Dell that something odd started after the warranty period, and if they can help you out at the lowest possible rate. What specifically is your problem? All of a sudden your PC won't start/restart? Is this happening with every external drive/usb enclosure, or just one? If your PC was working just fine and now it isn't, then something new has to be the culprit. Just use whatever sata ports you have available on the mobo, and transfer everything to new drives. Do a brand new fresh install with only those new drives and let the newest Windows 10 acknowledge them. Then proceed from there. If whatever still persists then it's your mobo. Ask Dell to give you a deal in a new mobo. Something is causing whatever you have. Whenever I have a problem, I eliminate the obvious. After that if it still persists I'll see if I missed eliminating something. If it's a material issue it'll be found. If it's a personal issue it's me then. I have to change.
  15. Ok so after a full shut down and startup and checking my bios, everything went back to normal. All hdds were acknowledged. I'm also restoring all my .iso to VTS folders as when burning together with their mkv, mp4 counterpart, the .iso will not play, but the VTS folder will. .iso is great for a lot of things as everything stays asis, though not for this function. I already posted my custom build here and it's future proof for a long time. So if you want you can go with that and just put a larger ATX mobo in as mine is a Micro ATX, though it'll just give you maybe 2-4 more sata ports. I'm an AMD guy so no Intel. As for that virus I had it. It's weird. You must get a z-pack because on your own you might not beat it. Lack of appetite, sometimes sweat like hell, no coughing in my case. In the end the doctor saw mild strep throat. Easy does it with the build. Scour the internet for symptoms like yours. Wouldn't a new install fresh take? You have the option now to do that. It'll put everything back in a new fresh install. Free.
  16. Well check this out, my hard drive doesn't show up at all anymore, and that's where most of my videos are. It just happened today when I went to turn on my PC. I'm going to see if it's a loose cable, if not about 300 movies are gone. I'll post back with the results.
  17. They changed back to a Beta. It's on the forum that way. There seems to be no menu functionality when playing the DVD on your PC with whatever player. It justs plays Audio with the Menu going through all the chapters. To start viewing you need to fast forward until it starts. I posted this already and they agreed. A new update is coming to ffmpeg, and so VSO also will be updated, though I think this is more of a ConvertXToDVD issue. Can you call Dell and see what they can do? I always bought Dell, and they were just fine with service calls. No matter what anyone says, or tells you, Dell is a very good computer. You have Acer, HP, IBM, Lenovo. Then Apple. By today's standards you do have a good for the road rig. Honestly about 6 cores and up, and at least 16-32 Gigabytes ram is today an everyday solid build. I browse, download, encode, and even burn at once sometimes like a baby. I loaded up with 32GB Ram. I'm going to add 2 solid state drives as I just noticed there's room for them. I have one NVme ssd and room for another, though only one at a time will be available. I only have 4 sata ports. I forgot it was a Micro ATX board. Maybe it's not such a bad thing with the drive issue. Figure out your best fix, and if it's possible just start looking to upgrade. My last PC was basically new user wise. With Windows 10 it became almost passable after I got rid of the burners. Two almost new burners! An Asus and a Samsung, or Pioneer and Samsung. Hence this post. Did you hear the rumors about an anniversary updated XP OS by Microsoft? I would hop on that in a second.
  18. Yes I saw your post just now at VSO. Just try to upload that VRO File using that new tool Maggie posted and see what happens. Whatever is happening with that drive is certainly more probable a security issue. Have you went into the whole drive and given full security control to yourself etc... so that the drive can be accessed? You just said it's that drive so it's not your PC. What do you have on that drive anyway? Can you just delete everything and start from scratch? I've never had an issue with Acronis, though I only used their Cloning function to make an exact clone and bootable drive after my primary. Mini Partition Wizard is too convoluted with all their colors etc... and the only thing I ever did with them was partition my Cellphone SD card. I think I used Macrium a very long time ago and it didn't take. I don't know how far they have come as of today. There's not too much help over at VSO, so that's why things don't get tackled right away. That is a Beta and not a Gold release.
  19. Yes apparently when I upgraded to 7.0.0 .68 didn't want to open the Explorer window with the output file. Then they sent me the link to the newest supposedly stable version though my year was up and I didn't know that it wouldn't write to more than 300 megabytes of the file or it won't even process more than 300 megabytes of a new DVD unless you have the full version registered. So I had to inadvertently re-up my year and then everything went well so far. The only problem I'm having now is I noticed I'm getting different output file sizes converting to MKV with the same DVD VTS folder? Why would one output file be 600 megabytes larger than another one is far from my expertise right now. Though that is almost a gig more if you want to make it a little bit more specific. That's with another program. Also dvdfab right now is out putting my subtitles in green lettering and they don't get off the processing towards the end it just keeps on going on and on and on. I've had my ups and downs with Fab over the years as I think they just try to do too much and they never really get nothing too stable going for too much of a long time. I resorted to the old goodies for most of my DVDs as the powers-that-be don't even bother with DVD protection anymore that much. What's so irritating is that the new procedure for a lot of these companies they want you to send them a screenshot of what you doing like you don't know, we don't know what we doing you know I mean. Believe me I've given them my peace of mind regarding that issue. So I'm going to send them the screenshot not only that I'm going to tell them to send me their FTP server password so I can send them the file. These guys are funny when it comes to converting DVD to other formats they'll put out a new program but they will not include DVD in it. They want you to buy another program so you can convert your DVD specifically to that output file. In other words you can convert any other file to any other file but if it's a DVD to begin with they want you to buy a program that you could convert that DVD to any other file. Funny and definitely a coincidence that the new update for VSO ConvertXToDVD came at the end of my eligibility. I thought this through and definitely a coincidence because I'm not the only one that needed an update at that particular time. Windows new security policies automatically change almost anything new or unfamiliar to read only. Like you said though why wait to lock down everything? I had to go into many apps and give them full access as Windows prevented me from writing/editing as well. Especially with the decrypting, encoding, writing apps. One of my drives is an old clone and so it behaves more as a OS than a storage drive. When I take the time out to figure Mini Partition Wizard maybe I'll change it. I'm used to Acronis and I think their WD version is no longer available . It's a free Acronis True version for WD owners.
  20. What I meant about the Bios is that because of the Windows update maybe you need to update the Bios? I had to so it was up to date with everything. I think Microsoft finally made it possible to update/upgrade the mobo without losing the license I read somewhere Di a search and see. I noticed ConvertXToDVD doesn't ooen up explorer anymore after a completed job? At least mine doesn't. I sent them a email regarding this. Have you noticed that yourself?
  21. Try to go into the bios and if possible update your mobo. Also see if there's any settings you can configure while you're in Bios. Sometimes, even if you have a plug n play OS, you might need to configure something manually. You can also go inyo Device Manager and click on Edit, find new hardware, and see if it'll add the drives even tg though they're acknowledged. Sounds as if it might be a Bios update issue. Just trying to cover all bases.
  22. There seems to be a bug with the reply as I've been sent to editor numerous times when hitting submit reply. Are those Datalifeplus blanks the matted ones or the shiny white ones? I haven't had any issues with any Windows updates, and actually it has really sped up the search in Windows Explorer. Check and make sure it's not an .exe or anything else that may be causing that crash. How would you know anyhow? Will Windows give you an error report?
  23. Someone once said that you couldn't read faster than what the disc was burnt at. Is that true? I would presume no since you just mentioned reading at verify speeds. What exactly is the default speed for verification? Or is it just the read speed of the disc, burner, and software used? Thanks. Finally the discs are burning fine with DVD video, and its mp4, mkv, counterpart. Hope they catch up on everything they need. They have quality products.
  24. The burning software also has a say in how it writes. Sime software strongly suggest 4x for Dual Layer DVD no matter what the specifications of the drive or disc, and so will burn at that rate flawlessly. Power2Go starts fast and stays that way with all my burners. ImgBurn doesn't. Never did. What did you mean by the "disc died" with the LG? Oh an update I didn't see at first. LG had replied that all of their drives per company policy were going to automatically bitset and so that's that. Well, at least I have a great reader! Now to find a sata cable and put it back into my PC.
  25. You mean they would screw up the refund as well? I don't verify. I just put it in my DVD player make sure it takes. I put one of my previously DVD/mkv video burns in to watch and it said no disc. Must of been that I used the .iso of the video insted of the VTS folder and so it just burned it asis. Now one thing I've noticed with ImgBurn is that it incrementally writes no matter what mode. It'll start off slow then creep to the speed specifications. I also would think that to do a thorough verify it would need to not go too fast, or slow down when the data is not as thick in certain sections of the disc? Just troubleshooting here. I know my LG would reach 24x towards the end on a write. Other software would take off and more or less stay at 24x. If the Pioneer is working fine except for that speed bump in verify, I wouldn't bother too much. What I have to do is maintain 4x write with the LITEON, as 6x doesn't always take and those DVD+R DL are smaller in package for more in price.
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