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  1. It makes everything. It'll burn data if you want and it will also burn a DVD video if you want. Media Suite 10 should be just fine. Listen I have an issue with image burn automatically book typing my dvd plus r to dvd minus r. I went to options and I've had it unchecked for the longest and I think it's still doing it. How can I stop it from doing it if in fact it is doing it? I bought the DVD plus r for a reason. I don't want them to be tricked into thinking they're dvd minus R, especially now that DVD players and everything else is up to date on almost every kind of media out there there's no reason why we need book typing automatically done on the discs these days. Just look if you still got some of your LG materials when you first bought the drives a lot of it is on there they include power to go or if your computer Dell has power to go 10 suite just use that one. Get back to me on the book typing because I also went into the logs and I couldn't see anything really. It did say book type dvd minus r but I have it unchecked so I don't know why it's doing it. Thanks.
  2. It's not just the drive it's the application itself also. You can use copy to DVD if you have it or not you can also use power2go12 you said you have and it's pretty good if I say so myself. Just so you can see it tells you everything the speed it does and everything else just so you can compare with the disc. Believe me it also has to do with the application because when I use copy to DVD for certain things no matter what write rate I put in it it almost always cut it in half because they believe slower burns are better. That is up to subjection because I've had 24 x Burns that are just excellent with the DVD plus r 16 times media which actually goes up to 24x. I'm not going to start playing around with DVD shrink and bringing the video down to a certain size just so imgburn will burn it. I just use the other software to burn the DVD dual layer and that's it, or I can uncheck the layer break and just burn it.
  3. Ok. So you already isolated some Usual Suspects from the case. That's good. When it came to the burning and the speed on the b d - R 16 times did you try to burn with something other than image burn to see what results you would get? Reason I ask is because believe it or not burning apps will burn at what they think will produce quality output. ImgBurn is pretty consistent with it's speed, though it incrementally bumps it up as opposed to getting everything ready then blasting off. I'm having to maybe check off the layer break option as I'm getting too many "it's the end of the world" pop ups and there's nothing wrong with my source. I burn DL media without that layer break and I get great results. Whether it's included in the burn and not talked about is another story. It's a pain especially when using another app that points to ImgBurn at the end, because I would have to be present to complete the DL process.
  4. I pulled the trigger on two tubs. 1 DVD Plus R dual layer and the other one regular DVD + r ,both verbatim purple packaging Ayzo die. I was doing some video work and I needed to compare some stuff because of some bad burn that I had with a DVD layer video and so I decided to pick up those two tubs because I was definitely running low. There was nothing wrong with the DVD video by the way it was actually the burning process because I burned it with another application and everything came out just dandy. I'll check to see what the MID IDs are when I get them. Did you upgrade the firmware on those drives since using them last?
  5. You might have found something without even realizing it. I just finished burning to a DVD plus r DL and it wouldn't play in my DVD player but the computer reads it just fine. I don't see anything wrong with the process as it was burned correctly although it was towards the end of my DVD + r DL batch from verbatim that I bought a while back when we first started the thread too. I haven't been doing any burning lately. So I don't know what's going on I'm running the same DVD through rip it for me and I also ran through DVD Rebuilder to see if any one of them could have remastered it and done something so that it'll play. I just might have to waste a disc or 2 to see if in fact it will work. I don't think CMC had enough time to change the manufacturing process they just bought the company and I don't think those discs that you bought are from CMC I seriously doubt it.
  6. Actually when you buy the LG drives and I'm talking about the internal ones they straight off the back recommend verbatim disc as being the go-to blank media to use. So I'm not surprised that some of the disc are working on the LG and some of them are not working on the other ones which are also LG but probably a different style. It's not CMC likely so early in the takeover. I'm seriously estimating Verbatim had some real large stock already made. What could be happening and it's a highly likely possibility is that those discs that are happening with that were changed at some point or are just faulty for some reason. I don't think CMC has anything to do with those discs right there. Not yet. And since they bought the business I seriously doubt that they're going to continue putting MCC on the discs without letting anyone know about it cuz it really doesn't make any sense for them to do that at this point not after buying the whole business.
  7. Don't let anyone who doesn't like Dell bring your spirits down for one second! I've had those most of my life even as my first computer and those things Run for the life of it! They run forever! So I don't know what it is that all these anti Dell people feel about Dell, though I'm almost 100% certain that it isn't their quality that they're talkin about. It's just that they don't like pre-manufactured boards to begin with. And every laptop or notebook that I've had from Dell has lasted from generation to generation even from friends to friends. Walk into any office at any time and the chances that you see a Dell set up are about 90 to 100%. So I build, and the only reason I continue to build is because I know I can get Quality Parts and put it together myself if not I would definitely pull the trigger on a nice Dell. Even my mentor used to say the same thing. Turned out it was because of their setup which doesn't give one room to play with. Then again, why should anyone want to change a pre-build anyway? Defeats buying one to begin with. I must say though that what we thought used to be high end build are nothing these days but common day to day setups. I already posted my build and as you can see I have 32 gigs of RAM on a brand new 6 core AMD processor at 3.4 something CPU and it's just right for anything that I'm going to be getting into from here on out.
  8. I think they just vying for time before they pulled the plug and abandon everything! I wouldn't pass it by them at this point. Nothing with convert X to video which desperately needs to be fixed! I already have three or four programs that do the things that convert X to video does so I'm good with that and I also have two additional even three additional DVD converting programs that are just as good as convert X to DVD. Whatever happened to them they are at fault and no one else. You cannot come out here with software and not stay on top of the times knowing full well that there's alternatives to that same software coming from all sides.
  9. So what did they add or what did they actually fix with this beta?
  10. The Branded DVD + r DL verbatim a very good also though I know you do not like the Branded ones. Though if you wanted to stack up and not make such a big deal about it for now they're aboutt 44 bucks. How much did those data life + DVD + r DL come out to?
  11. Well you know exactly where everything is as I do in my room etc... It could be alk over and I know what's what. For the money you might contemplate on getting Blanks you could get a decent printer for the datalife discs. They have different level ones for that. Actually it's very nice when done right.
  12. So the descriptive labels are on top, or are you referring to having to put them in a Drive and see what it is? You said stickies might throw them off, so I'm guessing in the data itself you have a descriptor?
  13. Right! Now you got it. The DVD+R DL branded are top shelf also. Anything different is for printing in the Datalife plus series or just printable surfaces as the shiny or matted silver. I presume you didn't get the thermal white, but the kinda matted white finish which is nice. You just have to write neatly on them or use a sticker etc... to identify it. The Datalifeplus you got are about $10- $13 more a spindle. The regular Life Series is the garbage. Who's making Sony? They are still more money and I see they still are rated good, especially their CD-R 80 minute discs. Using Power2Go I can now fit some DVDs and it's HD counterpart either on a DVD-5, or DVD-9. If I use ConvertXToDVD and want a nice quality DVD, the DVD-9 output will fit with its HD equivalent on a DVD+R DL, sometimes not depending the length and output codec/container. That's why I'm hesitant to pull the trigger on a 100 spindle of DVD+R DL. They're about $45.00 at Amazon. I can get 200 of the MCC branded DVD+R for that. Makes filing easier. Rigut now I have separate stashes of DVD and High-Def stuff.
  14. The verbatim branded DVD + R are good and their MCC. Now the data life plus only come in inject printable or those other surfaces, I haven't seen them in regular verbatim branded stuff if you know what I mean. So which one did you get did you get the white inkjet printable or did you get the data life plus shiny silver?
  15. Which ones did you get, the regular DVD+R good stuff of datalifeplus better stuff? Yes the verbatim store is still up, though with limited stock on their items there.
  16. This came at a bad time for me right now. I just came back from vacation and I just bought a new bed. So I have to see what I get into with this whether I decide to just use quality hard drives and forget about the discs, which I don't like because I do like to have the physical copy myself.
  17. Helluva business! So the consumer is responsible for CMC crap indirectly. Something went really wrong when $36 million cash buys out Verbatim.
  18. CMC will be making them though they could be using Mitsubishi formula and dyes so it's almost as if Mitsubishi is making them. the only thing that happens is that CMC quality control is not as rigid as verbatim. If you think about it there's no point in CMC buying anything from anyone unless they themselves are going to make a profit. So while they might not be 100% quality as verbatim they should be in the lower to mid-90s at least if they're going to give 36 million dollar cash to Mitsubishi to continue the process. CMC does have a bad rap, though that bad rap is filtered with a lot of bias. I never heard of any business that was in business to not have any business if that makes any sense. If it was trash all the time CMC would have been out of business a long long time ago. It's just like with jvc's rebranding of the taiyo yudens. They wouldn't of went ahead and made that acquisition if they themselves weren't going to make a profit. You shouldn't have any problem with the Blu-ray disc that's a whole different kind of Technology and there's really little room for total catastrophe there.
  19. Damn! I just read up on the whole thing! 32 million cash? That's cheap! They must of been losing money somehow. I mean with storage so cheap now discs are not a prime choice. Well, they should have Stock left over, so maybe snatching some now wouldn't be a bad idea. Well we could just hope they keep the manufacturing process the same. Thanks for this info.
  20. That and the email I received from one of the inside persons also describing how he has Financial issues at the moment is a lot of information right now. Dvdstyler which is a free open gnl software has a 64-bit version so I'm pretty sure he could put it together. it's not a different application they both more or less do the same thing. He was going through a divorce and probably taking him to the cleaners. They should of stayed on top of all this from the get go. What I liked about vso is that they brought out individual apps for everything that was needed at the time and didn't come out with an all-in-one solution as DVD Fab did. Those don't really work out that great all the time and you're constantly having to fix things up as opposed to having individual apps and already knowing what's going on specifically within each one. That's my input into that situation.
  21. Is it on their forum etc...? They're not doing anything with ConvertXtoVideo either. I wish them well. They're a stand up act compared to most vendors.
  22. I'm using the Video Disc Option on Power2Go 12 to create a DVD. Only way to encode .srt is to already have it embedded in the source. Nice and pretty quick too!
  23. You're correct. Everything to avoid blame! So what's new? I'm about finished condensing everything to HEVC. I see no need for discs unless I have some nice private collection, as the hard drives are sufficient for backup. I had an incident yesterday removing my lost cellphone from Amazon. First you have to go online. 2nd you have to choose what was actually using the phone, like Kindle etc... which is stupid because you should just have to delete the device and by default everything associated with it. It was so frustrating tstl. As the instructions never mentioned any of that. Also if you get an Amazon app phone, it doesn't use the Amazon store for updates, which doesn't make any sense whatsoever. So you don't know who's updating the Amazon app whether it's the Android Marketplace or whether it's Amazon and then they put it in the marketplace. Why waste time updating it and putting it in the Android Marketplace if people who use Amazon are right there already and can just swipe up any app and update it through your app store?
  24. They've been talking for a long time about getting rid of the Postal Service it's actually runs on losing money every year which I read somewhere or that the postal worker told me so. It's subsidized by the federal government somehow to keep it running also I heard I may be wrong. But then privatizing it out to UPS would make sense but they would have to take over the whole post office and I don't think those guys that are messing around with packages or maybe some of them might like it reducing the load to just throwing letters in the mailbox. Post office not to knock them has gotten a little bit better in recent years. Yes that's happened to me also with the bills and and other stuff I always check online on my phone for what I owe and what's due. Lost my backup cellphone on vacation. I'll be looking for another one. It's vital to me.
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