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  1. There is a lot of touchiness on this forum. I'm Canadian--we try to get along with each other. (I was once American, but got most of it out of my system)
  2. When are you expecting v. to be available?
  3. Thanks for the clarification.
  4. Informative discussion. Do CD-R or CD-RW ever have to be formated?
  5. I am wondering if the brand of media is equally important with CD-R and CD-RW as it is with DVD media. I have noticed lots of posts about DVD. Which are the best CD media?
  6. When this issue is fixed, will there be a new update issued with a new version number so i know when to download it?
  7. ah, yes, I just checked the website and it is free except for some more sophisticated features. Thanks for the correction.
  8. This would be very helpful even for a novice so one could learn what was incorrect in the original settings
  9. Aside from the issue of whether a multisession feature is needed, I am wondering if this feature is quite difficult to program into the app.
  10. Thanks for the kind reply. I'm relieved to know it is not something that I did wrong, although that is still a possibility. I'll experiment again with the new version when it is available. No rush.
  11. I am making a bootable WinXP CD with the method outlined in the link below: http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=346 I did it successfully with Nero So I applied the same settings to ImgBurn and used the same method but it did not work. I got a message that says something like "it appear you are making an operating system CD, but you have some conflicts in your settings so the CD may not work, do you want me the change the settings"--Once I answered Yes, and once I answered No---and neither worked. This is the first time that I have used Img Burn. I used the build mode, and the image file from the link above. I want to understand why this did not work and how to do this sort of thing with ImgBurn since I assume it has the capability.
  12. If you use a cue file with data, can you go back and add more data to the same disk? Would this be the multisession feature?
  13. greyowl

    Curious Problem

    Thank you for the instructions. I was able to execute the 107.hex utility. However, it failed on an error below: Check Vendor: Error: vendor ID Matshitacd-rom CR-5*** The CDROM is labeled as Creative, but the Device Manager identifies it as a Matshita CDROM CR583. Apparently, some Creative CDROM were made by Panasonic (ie Matshita). Any suggestions?
  14. greyowl

    Curious Problem

    No, I have not done this before. I am running W2K. I found the Command Prompt under assessories and executed the DWL.EXE file from the firmware download and got a black box with a prompt, then i got stuck.
  15. greyowl

    Curious Problem

    Thank you for the link to the CD-ROM firmware. I read the instructions, but I don't understand how to do the upgrade of the firmware. Can you direct me?
  16. greyowl

    Curious Problem

    So, the firmware could be old and affect its ability to recognize a CD-RW. The CD-ROM is a Matshita CR-583. Where would I find a firmware update? Also, the bios is Authentic AMD-K6 3D processor. Where would I find a bios update? Thanks again.
  17. I have tried both of these versions and they both work on my drive. Should I avoid the one that has the heavy memory cache?
  18. So, is it better to use Nero, rather than the, in order to avoid this issue?
  19. greyowl

    Curious Problem

    Thanks again for the analysis and help. I am wonder if problem 2, ie drive not recognizing a CD-RW, could be a firmware problem?
  20. Do you use any other burning software aside from ImgBurn, eg for multisession work?
  21. Is the ultracache a problem? Is v. a better version? more stable and effective and without bloat? Which version is preferred:
  22. to MMalves: Thanks for the link to the Nero 6 latest version. Do I need Nero on the computer first and then update with this version, or can i just clean install this version and put in my registration number?
  23. greyowl

    Curious Problem

    Good point. I am new to this burning. I just tried some new discs and they don't show up either. So i have just learned that CD Roms work different than floppy drives. So i understand that this is normal. I was expecting them to work like floppies---and get a nice empty window and drag items into it---but i guess that makes sense because Windows is the utility that writes to the floppy as well as reading it. So you get the empty window with the Burning Utility---i get it now. Thanks for the insight and patience with an early learner. You must get a laugh at some of the questions that are posed to you. What about the other issue? Is it just an old CD Rom that predates CD-RW discs?
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