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    Curious Problem

    I am wondering if anyone has any explanations for a couple of problems: 1) I use AVS Disc Creator for multisession burning. When I erase and format a CD-RW, it will no longer shows up as having a disc in the machine when I check MY Computer. It still shows with the AVS program. If i write something to the disc, then it show up again in MY Computer. 2) I am working on an old box (about 1995 vintage) with a CD Rom. It will not show up CD-RW disc when placed in the machine. Any plausible explanations?
  2. Thanks for the information.
  3. I know that ImgBurn is the best burner. I am wondering what would be the second best burner for those job that ImgBurn cannot do eg multisession, audio, boot CD, etc. Or jobs that I cannot figure out on ImgBurn. I have available to me a full version of Nero 6.6. This is the older vision before the bloat. I think it is about a 30-40 mb installation. I have noticed that many people mention using Nero until new features are availble for ImgBurn. Is Nero considered the second best in the industry? or is there another app that is better. I am running W2K and only have a CD Burner so only burn CDs. Thoughts and advise will be appreciated
  4. I am wondering if anyone has any information on when the new version will be ready and released to the public. Thanks
  5. Thanks so much for the experienced suggestions. I have been doing some research and discovered Online Armor Personal Firewall free version which is suppose to be very effective and not slow the computer or internet. Has anyone had any experience with this app? I have been using Spyware Terminator, but looking for a replacement because it is now bundled with a tool bar and two other apps. If you do not allow the installation of the bundle it nags you with every update. So your suggestions for alternatives is appreciated. I found a good site for security info: www.wilderssecurity.com
  6. I have been impressed with the expertise in this forum so wondering if i could get your help on selecting freeware security software, ie antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, firewall, in the proper combination so they don't conflict. I am running Win2000. Your help will be appreciated.
  7. Yes, this is the reason I want to change my email address, I can't get the system to accept the new email address.
  8. hi, I am having a problem changing my email address for the forum. When I input the new email address, I get a message that the email address is already in your data base. This has to be an error since it is my email address and I have never registered for the forum in the past and only registered a few weeks ago. Is there a way this can be fixed so I can use the desired email address? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the kind replies and information/advice. Any idea when the new version will be out?
  10. corholio, you say "view files from explorer" in reference to ISO images---could you explain to me how i would go about this? thanks
  11. hi everyone, I just discovered ImgBurn this past week and actually haven't downloaded it yet. Read all the forums and it is clear that this is a superior burner. I'm not in urgent need for a burner immediately, so I'm wondering if i would be better off to wait for the new version when it is available: rather than downloading and installing the existing version and then having to uninstall it with a few weeks. When the new version comes out is there often a period when bugs are found that require upgrades? In this case, would the app have to be uninstalled or just updated? I am a novice at burning so will be relying on your help occassionally in the future and i will sure appreciate it. I am also considering DeepBurner or InfraRecorder for multisession burning occassionally. Does anyone have any experience with either of these? Which would be better, or do you have other recommendations?
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