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Shell integration

Mr Bitey

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Lightning UK - great to see you back!


Being the lazy bugger I am, does anyone else think a shell-integration 'brun' (context menu type thing) would be cool? - eg. ImgBurn remembers all your fav settings, so you can stick a blank dvd in, right click an ISO in windows explorer and pick 'burn' ?




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Nah, the problem is the weird way windows works!


Shell integration is identical to DVD Decrypters.


Take a look at HKCR\.iso in regedit.


You'll probably notice the '(Default)' string has some value.


Delete it and the 'HKCR\.iso\shell\Burn using ImgBurn' bits will come into play.


The 'open with' stuff will show up if you actually select ImgBurn from the 'Open With...' list - i.e. browse to it manually.


Since releasing, I've actually tweaked the file association stuff (because it's been annoying me too!), so that it checks that default value under the file type reg keys, and then put a 'shell\burn using ImgBurn' key under the redirected shell association key.


Hope that makes sense!


Basically if 'HKCR\.iso' - '(Default)' = "DiskImage", you browse to 'HKCR\DiskImage', and the 'shell' entries under that are what shows when you right click.

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I don't see this feature available either, even after a reboot.



Shame on you Wesociety!!!! Do I detect a competing burning product??? A bloated piece of shite from Behind A.G. =))



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