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Preview of Layer Break buggy

Neil Wilkes

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This has only started happening since the latest build was installed, as earlier builds all worked in this perfectly.


Image file (ISO) on HDD.

Go to "write image with IMGBurn from context menu.

Layer break option appears.

Try to preview the cell, and as soon as the image appears I get the "Preview has encountered an error & needs to close" message.

Why is this happening please - it never used to do this.


See attached screenshot for details.


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That's interesting as the file hasn't changed since May 2008.


Very strange!

The last time I used preview was about oh, a week ago on the older version.

What might be causing the problem - is there a system setting somewhere I need to look at, perhaps?

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Go to Tools -> Settings -> enable the option "Don't Use DirectDraw Overlays" and click OK. Now try previewing again. If it still crashes, do the same again but this time enable the "Don't Enable Sound" option. How does this work out?

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