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Ability to add files/folders to .iso file when burning to disk


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I often have a need to add an additional file or folder to a disk when burning an iso file.


The process I used to use was to burn the iso file, then copy the contents from the CD to my HD, add the new files or folder, then burn a new CD from the folder with the modified files, wasting a CD along the way.


Then I found virtual drive programs like Alcohol 120% that would allow me to view the contents of the iso file,

copy the files directly to my HD without burning a CD, add the new files/folders, then burn the CD.


Currently, it appears that Imgburn cannot burn the contents of an iso file directly to a folder on a HD, or allow a user to add any files/folders to an iso file.


This would be a great feature for individuals like myself who would like to add to or modify the contents of an iso file,

such as adding a readme file, adding a documentation folder, adding a serial number, etc. to the original contents without

having to waste a CD to do this.


Thanks...! :thumbup:

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What you're looking for is an ISO editor. Have you looked at UltraISO/MagicISO/PowerISO/etc?


ImgBurn is focused on burning discs, so I think this feature is unlikely to be implemented.

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As you said you know about Virtual Drive...

Why not do that:

Mount the ISO put ImgBurn in Build mode and just drag the content of ISO to Build window, you don't need to copy the hole contet to the HD, it is on your HD already, just it's in a container...

If you want to moddify some files/folders copy just those files/folders prior to a Temp directory and make your moddification

Add the modded files and the other files/folders that you want to be added and Burn to Disc

That way, not waste any disc. It's simple as that!


This is the way I do and no problems... Basicaly is just a Burn to Disc with various files/folders source

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