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Italian Traslation


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Hi every body,

i have traslated language file from english to italian.

I used italian traslation file of Samuele Fontana for old entries and add new traslated entries.

For errors contant me and i replaced entries.


04/05/2009: Fixed some errors

05/05/2009: Fixed some errors

07/05/2009: Fixed some errors

09/05/2009: Fixed some errors

16/05/2009: Fixed some errors



Per qualsiasi errore di traduzione(ce ne saranno sicuramente) contattatemi e corregger


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Is it possible to upgrade the language to the latest changes (master = 1.0.8)?


And also could you propose to change


Files in File

Directory in Cartella


And change all text strings with only the first in Uppercase (except for owner name)?

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