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Minor Bug: GUI Shows 'unprintable chars' For Missing Imp ID


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Just a tiny thing - there's been a small and I guess unimportant regression in the GUI between and (I didn't ever try :


In 'write' mode, in the Label area of the left-hand pane of the main window, for CD ISO images built by 'mkisofs' the "Imp ID" field now shows up as a series of "






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It's actually because it ( reads info from somewhere in the ISO9660 / Joliet descriptor and sticks it in that field - it didn't do that before.


The area is used by the application that built the file system but its usage is undefined (according to the specs).


Generally speaking, if there's nothing useful in there then I'd expected the preparing app to have left it blank - in which case, ImgBurn correctly shows 'Unknown'.


mkisofs seems to fill this area with spaces (0x20) rather than zeroes (0x00) and for my Joliet descriptor handing code that meant the program tried to read a unicode string (2 bytes per character) - because the 'trimmed' (remove all leading/trailing spaces) ansi one (1 byte per character) came back empty.


Reading '0x20 0x20' as a single unicode character would of course produce odd results - and certainly not the ansi 'space' character it's supposed to be! I guess this is where the funny dagger symbol came from.


So anyway, it's all fixed now :)

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