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Question about files and burning DVD's


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First I wanted to say thanks for the burning software. If it ends up working for me then I will absolutely show my appreciation via PayPal. I currently have been using CloneDVD2 and anydvd for some time making back ups of my DVD collection. I am into a new venture now converting these files off of my hard drive wmv, avi, etc. I would like to burn these files to play on any Home DVD Player.


I browsed your forum breifly and I tested your software with one application before posting. I seen a recommendation using Dvd-Flick for converting these files for playback. This seems too complicated after reading the guides. Should I use CloneDvd2 for this? I was also assured that ImgBurn is used more as a burning software than an authoring program. Down to brass tax, I burned a avi. file on a dvd-r (media) following the instructions and inserted it into my home Dvd player and it is playing perfect. Let me be honest and say that I am totally green about the differences in files, converting files, etc. Am I wrong to assume that the reason it is playing in my home dvd recorder is because my recorder supports avi. files? I guess I have more questions than answers and I hope I wrote this post in the right sub-topic. Any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance.








btw, I just signed up as a member of your forum. I hope to be an active participant (smileys are cool) :thumbsup:

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altho this has nothing to do with ImgBurn....


For Video File(s) to DVD conversion, use ConvertXtoDVD....


it's just the Best!


You get what you pay for!


once you have it, look on YOUTUBE for "ConvertXtoDVD tutorial"... its really e-z

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Hi changeit and welcome to ImgBurn Forum.


I would like to burn these files to play on any Home DVD Player.

It does seem you want your AVIs to play on any DVD player, so if ithis is really the case, you'll need to convert them. There's lots of freeware and payware encoders. I wouldn't say ConvertXtoDVD is "just the best". You should experiment with some stuff. AVIDemux, DVD Flick (I know you said that you thought it was complicated), SUPER and payware products. This stuff ranges in price from freeware - some of which is very very good - to real high cost encoders (kinda like professional stuff), so pick something that you feel you can work with and suits your budget.


However, if your current player is sufficient for your needs (as you say), then do as LUK says and just keep burning the AVIs onto DVDs and play them thru that. However, you won't be able to play them on any player.


But, in any event, I'm sure you'll be fine with ImgBurn as your burning solution.



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