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the time is wrong


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hi gang


i was using imgburn to make a cd.i made tracks from a cassette tape and from lps..after i seperste the tunes from the

cassette tape i tried to make a cd from them.then i noticed that sometimes the times arent saved correctly.most of th-

ese tracks are around 3 minates.this software has a problem with this....it doubles the time....so a 3 minate tunes will

be 6 minates doubleing the time.with lps,lps,45s,78s the time is perfact but not cassette tapes theres an issue with the

time...i had the same problem with nero 6 when i had it installed.just thought id share my experiance with you...



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ImgBurn gets the length from the DirectShow decoder(s), so you have either a buggy decoder or the files aren't being correctly generated by your recording program.

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