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for everyone having problems burning,


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alright guys. i got my xbox flashed about 2 months ago. and i always had a dual layer burner. so when i got my xbox flashed i got excited and wanted to start downloading games. so i did. and when i would burn them they would stop at 50% and say some bullsh!t error. well i have a solution to stop getting all those stupid errors. after 2 months of trying and wasting all kinds of verbatim dl expensive discs, i woke up and stopped being a sh!t kid and i realised that my burner just isnt gonna work no matter what speed i burn it at. so you know what i did? yesterday i woke up, got ready and went to bestbuy. and i bought myself and external dl burner for 60$. its an (LG GE20) . ever since then. i have 20 new games to my collection. and i am onnnn tooooooop!!!!!!!!!! stop being cheap. get a job and spend 60$ its 1 day of work and u never have to wonder if your burner will ever cause anymore errors. and also it burns in like 30 min tops. so those who choose to listen to me. and those who wanna continue being crappy poor kids enjoy getting your errors and wasting your dvds. ENJOY!!! if you got any questions. ill be glad to answer them. although this message should be clear to everyone. later guys. happy gaming.

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I find it incredible that you admit to doing something illegal. You know if anyone were nasty enough (and they are), they could summons us for your IP and you're a goner. You'll spend many times what you save in legal fees.


So, in your own words,

stop being cheap



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