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Was ok in on all systems some hundred burns,

Installing broke these.


Installed over

Kept existing settings.


Checked on two systems, similar results:

1.:Dell XPS M1710 running WinXPPro SP2,

External Drive AD7173 via Firewire 1394.

AnyDVDHD autostarted, but not active.


2.:Toshiba Satellite 5200-801 running WinXPPro SP3,

External Drive ND-3520 via Firewire 1394.

AnyDVDHD autostarted, but not active.


Mode: Build to Drive

DVD-Video VIDEO_TS folder

on Verbatim DVD-R blanks No.43533 (MCC03RG20).


Burning starts as usual...Filling buffer.

Writing Lead-In.

Drive seems to write Lead-In but never returns.

ImgBurn is stuck there.

Manual Abort request after a minute acknowledged,

but drive won't react and ImgBurn is again stuck there.


Have to disconnect firewire drive connection manually to make Imgburn return and close with an error.

Power-down external drive. Power-up. Open tray.

The disc contains a burned track of 2mm width.


Checked this first with my customised favourite settings.

Then with default settings.


No power-down.

Installing back to

Reloading my settings from previously exported regkey.

Now Failure again in Dell !

OK in Toshiba after power-down/power-up.


AnyDVDHD was autostarted on these systems, but not activated.

Next I will try Dell with AnyDVDHD not autostarted,

Imgburn uninstall, PC PowerDown, PowerUp.


Reporting later...


and after system powerdown/powerup

ImgBurn is running ok as before.


So seems to bring something in here...

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I have no problem burning to a firewire drive.


Besides, the interface a drive uses to connect to the PC makes no difference to ImgBurn. It simply doesn't work at a level where that matters.


I 13:39:19 ImgBurn Version Beta started!

I 13:39:19 Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition (6.0, Build 6002 : Service Pack 2)

I 13:39:19 Total Physical Memory: 3,405,392 KB - Available: 1,309,436 KB

I 13:39:20 Initialising SPTI...

I 13:39:20 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...

I 13:39:21 Found 1 DVD

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Oops. More than I expected to have.

I remembered 2 Uppers and 2 Lowers in the beginning of using ImgBurn back in 2006.


Good idea !



Filter Driver Load Order - ImgBurn v2.4.2.0



Upper Device Filter: redbook

Upper Class Filter: SiRemFil

Device: CD/DVD-ROM Device

Lower Class Filter: cdrblock

Lower Class Filter: clbstor

Lower Class Filter: cdrbsdrv

Lower Class Filter: PxHelp20

Lower Class Filter: AnyDVD

Lower Device Filter: imapi


Filter Name: redbook

File Name: C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\redbook.sys

File Version: 5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)

File Description: Redbook-Audiofiltertreiber

Product Name: Betriebssystem Microsoft

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Upper Class Filter: SiRemFil

Lower Class Filter: cdrblock

Lower Class Filter: clbstor

Lower Class Filter: cdrbsdrv


You could probably ditch pxhelp20 too. If anything needs it, just reinstall that app (latest version) so you get the most recent version of it.


Are you SP2 or SP3 of XP? It looks like SP2. Is there a specific reason for this?

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Many thanks for the fast response !


I will remove all 3 Lowers first,

I don't need nor want my authoring apps to write discs, better leave this to ImgBurn;-)


On Dell I kept SP2 for fear reasons...


Many expensive pieces of video and authoring apps.

Yes, I really bought this stuff, and it takes 2 weeks to rebuild and fine-tune that system if something giggles.

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After backinstalling to on Dell (no removing of filters yet)

4 burns went fine, the fifth stalled as described.


In removed 3 Lower Class Filters


cdrblock(Canopus from Edius 4.61),

clbstor(Cyberlink from PowerDirector7),

cdrbsdrv(B's Recorder from TAW4).


SiRemFil I will still need for connecting BD-Writer via eSATA.

PxHelp20 I may need for direct BD-Writing from DVDitProHD


Then installed over, kept settings, checked filters,

filter settings were correctly taken over from


Start Burn, Writing Lead-in ok. Writing sectors ok.


Seems solved, now using !

Again, Many thanks for a fast and really professional solution !

My donation was not in vain.


(If I compare this to the non-existent support from heavy payware companies

like Adobe, Sony, Sonic...better keep my mouth shut.)


BTW, the 2nd system (Toshiba) does not have any of these authoring and writing apps installed,

only AnyDVDHD, but was the first system I found that issue on, will check this later...

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After another short session of burns the error was still there with, Dell and AD7173A ,

but intermittent.


The purged filter driver load order seemed to help, but not completely.


In the end this occurrence seemed to be limited only to the AD 7173 A,

which is sitting in a Plextor External DriveBox, connected via Firewire 1394.

(Controller chipset: Initio INIC-1530L A112P, Agere FW802B)


(Here I replaced the original Plextor PX-740A drive with the AD7173 A

years ago and only used this drive for reading.

By chance a week ago I seem to have changed my mind

and started to use this drive for burning DVD+R DL,

because it would allow to burn MKM-001 (2.4x) at 8x)

The ND3520 drives do work properly now with

These are sitting in 2 Mapower Boxes MAP H51C1P

(Controller chipset: Prolific PL-3507, Agere L-FW802C)

connected via Firewire 1394.


When I searched for a firmware update for the AD 7173 A(mine is 1.01)

I found that 1.04 is the current one and decided to update firmware.

Trying to flash via firewire failed.


cdfraks report that flashing may not be successful while using Firewire connection

because of commands that are unsupported within a 1394 connection.


Maybe this could be a hint to the developers and betatesters,

maybe there is a command used

which in coincidence with a firewire connection to this particular chipset may lead to a failure.

Maybe the drive is fishy, not sure yet. At least reading is fast and reliable.


I will have to build the drive into a friend's TowerPC to flash up to 1.04

and will report back in a few days.

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If the external case is dual eg usb2 and 1394 try usb it is a little more cpu hungry but on all of mine it's not a problem


Try your external on a few computers, your mates pc's for example that may use different 1394 chipsets at mobo side.

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